[Misc] Punishment

“This is your fault.”

Gojyo rolls his eyes and leans back against the cold stone wall, tryign to get comfortable in a place that isn’t built for comfortable. “Ya know, Sanzo, ya keep saying that like I’m going to suddenly start spoutin’ apologies.”

He feels, more than sees, those vivid purple eyes aim a fiery glare at him. Chains rattle and Gojyo curses as Sanzo somehow manages to stretch across the space between them and thump him soundly in the side.

“All. Your. Fault,” the priest hisses, words forced past clenched teeth.

“For the record,” Gojyo says, annoyance growing with each passing moment of not-rescue. Where the hell are Goku and Hakkai anyway. “It’s not. If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s Hakkai’s.” Though Gojyo won’t be saying that to Hakkai any time soon. He knows better.

There’s a rustle, the sound of feet scraping across the barren floor. “Hakkai’s not here right now, kappa. So guess what? The blame’s on you.”

“Of course it is! When is it not?” Gojyo retorts with another roll of his eyes and a loud, echoing sigh. He jerks on his wrists, confined by shackles, and wishes wholeheartedly that he could reach that scrawny priest neck and throttle it. “Everything’s my fault!”

“I’m glad we agree,” Sanzo says, and though Gojyo can barely see the monk’s face in the dim light of their cell, he is certain that Sanzo is smirking. He’s always smirking, when he’s not scowling or looking pissed off anyway.

Gojyo knocks his head back against the cold wall, a growl building in his chest. “You’re damn unreasonable,” he gripes, rattling his chains some more. “And why the hell hasn’t that food-for-brains monkey shown up to save his master yet?” He adds, shouting it to the low ceiling that nearly throws the words back at him.

Sanzo mutters something under his breath, that Gojyo doesn’t catch. Another vein in his forehead ticks. “Care to repeat that Sanzo?”

“I said,” Sanzo repeats, through definitely clenched teeth and malice all but radiating from his equally chained body. “That you’re going to pay for this later, Gojyo. There’s got to be some other use for your mouth other than getting us locked up!”

Gojyo’s lips widen into his own gleeful smirk. “Is that a threat or a promise?”

Sanzo’s answering growl of irritation is almost music to Gojyo’s ears. Though he’ll be a hell of a lot happier once Hakkai and Goku finally show up.


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