[Misc] Patronize

“Ow!” Gojyo hisses, rubbing at his ear where the famous fan had whacked him sharply, enough to sting. “Damn it, Sanzo. That fuckin’ hurts!”

“That’s the point, kappa!” Sanzo snarls, looking fit to kill as he stalks toward Gojyo with murder in those near-purple eyes of his and anger twisting his face into something ugly. “If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be much of a punishment, now would it?”

Gojyo backs off another step. Not so much afraid of Sanzo as he is cautious and unwilling to actually damage the priest. Besides, should he leave a bruise on Sanzo, then the idiot monkey gets involved, and piss off the monkey enough, and the shiny piece of gold metal on his head snaps. Gojyo did not want to deal with Seiten Taisen.

His hands ball into fists at his side. “You don’t have the right to punish me!” Gojyo hisses in return. “I didn’t do anything!” Which sort of stomps all over his point. He doesn’t need to justify anything to Sanzo because hell, it’s not like Sanzo’s his father or anything. They aren’t even real lovers.

Just, every once in a while, Sanzo climbs into his bed and Gojyo obliges because, hell, he’d be a fool not to! Sanzo’s all kinds of hot and Gojyo’s never had a problem being free with his affections. So where does Sanzo get off being all possessive or something? He doesn’t have the right to be jealous!

Sanzo advances, that damn fan raised again, and if he hits Gojyo once more, Gojyo can’t be certain his battle reflexes won’t respond with violence. “Can’t keep your dick to yourself for one day, can you?” Sanzo demands, and really, Gojyo’s half-glad that Hakkai and Goku aren’t here, while another part of him wishes they were because if there’s one person who’s halfway decent at Sanzo-soothing, it’s Hakkai.

“Yeah? And what’s it to you?” Gojyo retorts, baring his teeth. “Last I checked, ya didn’t lower yourself to pair with a half-breed.”

Sanzo draws up short, an almost primal hiss escaping from his mouth. His fingers flex around his fan. “I assumed you were smart enough to realize it was implied!”

“Tcha! I can’t read your damned mind!” Gojyo slashes a hand through the air, infinitely glad that they’ve yet to attract an audience despite the volume of their argument.

The fan drops to the ground. “Then let me make it clear to you,” Sanzo snarls, and with speed that never fails to surprise Gojyo, crosses the distance between them, and snaps Gojyo up by a grip to his vest. “You’re mine.” His mouth slants over Gojyo, half-bite, half-kiss, an explosion of passion that makes Gojyo moan.

Well, if he puts it that way…


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