[TiA] Snuggles

Blurr had fallen into recharge the same way he spent most of the afternoon and evening – alone. He hadn’t woken until he felt the berth jostle, and the annoyed spike of an energy field.

Blurr’s optics snapped online as he caught Starscream slipping from the berth – far less elegantly than he’d apparently slid into it. Now that just wasn’t fair. Blurr had gone to recharge alone, and now he was expected to online from it the same?

No. Absolutely not.

He rolled onto his front and snagged Starscream’s wrist before the Seeker could get too far from the berth. “Excuse me, no,” Blurr said, trying to shake off the sleepiness. “You are coming back to this berth, Star. You owe me.”

Starscream blinked down at him. “Beg pardon?” His wings hiked upward. “I have work to do, Blurr. I can’t lounge about in the berth all morning.”

“And apparently you can’t come to the berth at a decent hour either,” Blurr retorted, tightening his grip. “No. This is my time right now.”

Starscream turned into his grip, which brought him closer to the berth, and loosed a short huff. “Yes, because I can cancel this meeting with the excuse that my lover needs a cuddle. That won’t lose me any credibility at all.”

Blurr’s frown deepened. “You never schedule a meeting in the morning. Which means you have time to get back in this berth.” He hated to whine, but honestly, this was the truth. “C’mon, Star. I haven’t seen you in days.”

Starscream gnawed on his bottom lip and then cycled a ventilation. “Don’t do the face,” he said. “You know I can’t resist the face.”

Blurr bit back a grin. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said, even as he rounded his optics and gave Starscream’s wrist a squeeze. “Is it really too much to ask for my partner to spend a few minutes with me? Especially since I’m going to be gone for the next few cycles?”

“I suppose you have a point,” Starscream said, and let Blurr pull him back toward and onto the berth, where Starscream was more than willing to flop right on top of Blurr, snuggling against his front. “But I only have an hour.”

“Wow. Try not to sound too excited about it,” Blurr muttered as he reached for a wing and started to pet it.

If he could get Starscream to purr, he knew he could convince the overworking Seeker to linger for more than an hour.

“Mm. Don’t start. You already used the face.” Starscream tangled their legs together and buried his face in Blurr’s throat, lips and denta grazing over his intake cables. “You can only guilt-trip me once in an argument. That was the agreement.”

Blurr chuckled. “That hardly counts as an argument.”

“Oh?” Starscream curled an arm around Blurr’s back and he felt the tickle of talons against his boosters. “Then I guess we don’t get to have any make up interfacing.”

Blurr wriggled beneath Starscream. “Did I say that? I don’t remember saying that. I only remember saying that you owed me. A lot.”

Starscream bit at his intake and Blurr shivered. He pinched Starscream’s wingtip in revenge, and heard Starscream’s engine rev.

“Well,” Starscream purred, his lips dragging back up to Blurr’s mouth. “I guess I’d better get started then. I do hate to have too many debts on my conscience.” His optics gleamed with mischief.

Blurr’s free hand curved around the back of Starscream’s helm. He pulled Starscream’s lips to his, chasing away all banter with a heated kiss. Cause if he didn’t, they could have gone on all morning, and Blurr had better things in mind.

Fortunately, the happy noise Starscream made in his intake meant that he fully agreed.


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