[CtE] Safeword

“Look at how hungry you are,” Grimlock growled as he crouched over Starscream, the tip of his spike lingering at the rim of Starscream’s valve, teasing him with the idea of penetration. “Your frame is begging for mine.”

Starscream’s wings fluttered, tapping against Grimlock’s chestplate. “Is not,” he gasped out, even as his hips rolled back, desperately trying to capture Grimlock’s spike, and failing.

Grimlock chuckled, nuzzling into the side of Starscream’s intake, ex-venting heat onto the sensitive cables. He had one arm wrapped around the Seeker’s midsection, keeping their lower halves pinned together. The other arm wrapped over Starscream’s right shoulder, his hand planted against Starscream’s chest, right over his spark chamber.

“Such a liar,” Grimlock purred. He thrust forward a bare inch, the head of his spike enveloped by tight heat that rippled around him. “Lying to me and yourself, aren’t you, pet?”

“I’m not!” Starscream cried, but it came on the tail end of a moan and completely belied his denial.

Grimlock chuckled. His hand slid up Starscream’s chestplate, until it rested at the base of his intake. He rolled his hips, sinking in another few inches. He wasn’t even halfway inside Starscream and already he had to fight to keep himself under control.

“Of course you are.” He pressed his head against Starscream’s, tilting it to the side. He tightened his grip around Starscream’s waist, dragging him tighter against Grimlock’s lower half. “Bet I can make you beg.”

Starscream bit off a moan.

“Won’t you?” Grimlock asked, his hand sliding further up until his fingers touched Starscream’s chin. “If I kept you like this, you’d beg for it so sweetly.”

Starscream stilled beneath him, and said nothing, not even a moan. A ripple went through his armor, but it was over so quickly, Grimlock almost thought he imagined it. Starscream’s valve continued to grip him, as if trying to draw him deeper.

Grimlock stroked Starscream’s jaw, purring right into his audial. “I can’t hear you,” he murmured. “You need to speak up if you want something, pet.”

Nothing. Starscream shivered, making a dull sound at the base of his vocalizer. His aft pushed back as if in indication he was eager, but his field didn’t match.

“Starscream,” Grimlock said, dropping the growl from his voice. When he didn’t get an immediate response, he decided enough was enough. “Starscream, stop.” It was easier to keep it simple.

Stop meant stop.

“Stop?” Starscream repeated, and he sounded honestly confused. “Are you getting a comm?”

“No. We just need to stop.” Grimlock gently drew back, careful to keep his field entwined with Starscream’s, but easing his spike from Starscream’s valve, and easing his grip on Starscream to something gentler as well. “You’re uncomfortable.”

“What? I am not!” Starscream sounded indignant, his wings going rigid and slapping against Grimlock’s front.

Grimlock sat back on the berth just as Starscream squirmed out of his arms and whipped around to face him, the color in his face not entirely arousal. There was surprise there, too. Surprise and indignation.

“And even if I was, I’ll get over it,” he muttered, folding his arms over his cockpit, a failed attempt at looking outraged.

“Getting over it is not the point,” Grimlock said with a soft ex-vent. “I’m only going to have fun with this if you are. And you were fine up until a point. What was it?”

Starscream suddenly found the opposite wall very interesting. “It doesn’t matter.”

Grimlock scooted closer, grabbing a pillow to put it over his lap. Starscream’s own equipment had stowed itself, further proof that he’d been uncomfortable.

“It does to me.” He reached for Starscream and felt relieved when Starscream reached back, at least with one hand. “I want to know how not to hurt you again.”

Starscream’s frown flattened. “You didn’t hurt me.”

“Making you uncomfortable counts.” Grimlock’s thumb rubbed his palm.

Starscream sighed and scraped his free hand down his face. “You’re not going to let this go, are you?”

“No. If you don’t want to talk about it now, that’s fine. But it’s gonna come up before we try any of this again.” Grimlock would insist on it.

Starscream might think he was supposed to push through it, but Grimlock refused to accept it.

They would both have the time of their life, or none at all.

“Fine. But not now,” Starscream grumbled, and let Grimlock pull him into an embrace. “Let’s just get cleaned up.”

“That I can do.” Grimlock pressed his mouthplate to Starscream’s head.

He would never be like any of the others. He absolutely refused.


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