[FF8] New Leadership

“Okay, troops!” Selphie paced back and forth in front of the squad Squall had assigned to her, with her serious face on. “We’ve got a dangerous mission today and our Commander has entrusted us to make sure it’s carried out quickly, accurately, and without a single injury. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to disappoint.” Beaming, she looked over her squad once again.

The half-dozen SEED candidates stared back at her, standing rigid in their formal stance. Only one of them dared raise a hand, and even that was hesitant, as though asking a mere question were frowned upon.

Selphie paused, hand on her hip, pointing to the SEED. “I see a question! What is it, cadet?”

“If you don’t mind, Instructor Tilmitt. What exactly is our mission?”

Oh, yes. She supposed they would need to know that, wouldn’t they? She grinned. “Simple. But enough of a challenge to make things interesting.” She pointed behind her, to the gaping maw in the cliffside where a dark cavern looked entirely uninviting. “Legend says that there’s a GF in there and we aim to recruit.”

“A GF?” Another one of the cadets – Silvers if she remembered correctly – repeated. “Are we ready for that kind of battle?”

“Of course we are!” Selphie drew up straight, puffing out her chest. “We’re SEEDs aren’t we? Ready to show our stuff. You! What’s your skill?” She pointed to another of her squad, someone named Beck.

“Ammunitions!” he barked, and then smirked. “I like to make things go boom.”

Selphie grinned. “Then you and me have something in common.” She whirled toward the next cadets – Rhydon and Brass. “You and you. What about your skills?”


“Bladed weapons!”

Selphie turned back toward Silvers. “See? And that’s only half of us. We’re more than ready to take on this Kjata. Don’t you think?”

Silver snapped to attention. “Sir, yes, ma’am.”

Selphie laughed and whipped out her nunchucks, slinging them over her shoulder. “That’s what I thought. Now let’s get us a GF!” Rousing cheers echoed behind her.


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