[FF8] Everything You Aren’t

He’s everything Squall isn’t, and nothing Squall is. Which sounds like a riddle and Seifer’s never been too fond of riddles, but something about Laguna Loire is simultaneously simple and ridiculously convoluted.

He says: “Welcome to Esthar, Seifer!” when he should be saying “Die, you Sorceress Knight, you!” He even greets Seifer with a hug, of all things, rather than a spray of gunfire to the gut or even a dirty scowl, like the one Seagill directs at Seifer.

Dirty scowls Seifer can deal with. He smirks, winks, and swaggers, doing more to annoy Seagill than to smooth over the situation. Full-bodied embraces, however, leave Seifer oddly touched and at the same moment, filled with the desperate urge to run in the opposite direction as quickly as he can.

Laguna is more like Selphie than he is like his son and that should scare Seifer, too. He gets the Ice Princess. He does not get the hyperactive bundle of sparkles and yellow.

Where Seagill tracks Seifer’s every move with suspicious eyes and one hand dangling near his waist where he used to carry the famous katal, Laguna slings an arm over Seifer’s shoulders and happily directs Seifer into his inner sanctum. Much to every one of the President’s personal bodyguards’ horror.

Laguna laughs them off, swears that Seifer will never hurt him – which is the one thing that he has in in common with his son. Squall still stupidly thinks that Seifer is harmless for all that he was that bitch’s willing servant. Seifer has the urge to do something really violent and stupid just to prove both of them wrong.

But he doesn’t. And Seifer’s not entirely sure why.

Laguna is an engima, wrapped in a mystery, covered in a conundrum, but he’s also so stupidly simple that Seifer feels like an idiot himself for being confused.

He says: “Join me for dinner, Seifer.” And Seifer does, without thinking, when he knows he should be sulking because he doesn’t want to make nice with Squally-boy’s father.

And Seifer sits down at the long-ass table, piled high with food which Laguna dives into with gusto all while talking animatedly. Seagill glares at him with suspicious eyes; Zabat never says a word, just looks at him, head tilted, as though Seifer’s the real puzzle here.

Laguna laughs, and Seifer doesn’t know if Squall sounds like that because he’s never heard the Princess laugh, but it does make Seifer want to smile just a bit, too. Except he stops because that’s stupid and then wonders if maybe that’s Laguna’s real talent: infecting people with stupid. Cause Seifer’s still here, he hasn’t run away yet, and if that’s not the most asinine thing right now, Seifer doesn’t know what is.


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