[Shattered] Children 07

Interlude Two: And Baby Makes Three

It was very quiet in their apartment right now, Reeve remarked to himself from where he stood at the huge, floor-length windows facing Junon’s harbor. He could hear the faint sounds of the water running in the bathroom – Reno taking a shower – and the distant rumble of the aged refrigerator. But other than that, it was mostly quiet. Peaceful, he supposed. Not that he minded. It was just a reminder that things wouldn’t remain that way for long.

In a month’s time, give or take a few days, he would have a daughter creating enough noise for both he and Reno. It was definitely something to look forward to. But right now, Reeve relished in the hushed calm. He lifted his hand, sipping at the glass of wine he had poured for himself and simply enjoyed the view. He pushed the thoughts of the meeting he would have to attend soon from his mind.

Below him, Junon itself was asleep, most of the residents tucked away in their homes considering that it was nearly three in the morning. He could just make out the scars from the Chaos War on the cities walls and streets, harsh reminders that things weren’t always peaceful. They were still in the process of rebuilding, bit by bit. The entire planet had suffered a crushing blow.

He heard the sound of the showers shut off behind him before turning his attentions back to his musings, idly running a free hand over his own shower damp hair. He wondered if it was too selfish of him to want to take a vacation before he lost his chance. Between the WRO, providing support to the entire planet, and dealing with a pregnant Reis – moody didn’t even begin to describe her behavior – he was more than ready to take one. He wouldn’t have time for luxury after Revan’s birth.

The door creaked open behind him, prompting him to turn and look over his shoulder. Reno emerged, a cloud of steam following him as he stepped naked into the main room. He rubbed a towel over his hair, leaving the long red strands in disarray, the streaked tattoos on his face bright against his skin. He was likely dripping all over the fabric. Reno never could dry off completely and Reeve could never figure out why.

“Thinkin’ again?” Reno asked, lifting his head once he noticed his husband practically leering at him. He dropped his hands, leaving the towel to drape over his head as he moved across the floor and stood beside his husband.

Amber eyes regarded him with amusement. “Your penchant for exhibitionism never ceases to amaze me,” he commented, lifting his glass again and taking a sip.

A red eyebrow lifted. “You sayin’ you don’t like the view, yo?”

Reeve smiled and turned towards the window, gesturing towards the darkness of the sea just visible beyond the thick glass. “No. The ocean is rather lovely at night.” He couldn’t quite hide the teasing grin pulling at his lips.

His husband rolled his eyes. “Very funny,” Reno retorted, idly scratching at his belly as he looked out the window. He had to admit, it was a great view, though he was more interested in the sight beside him at the moment.

A hand slipped out, smooth and silent as Turk should be, and grabbed hold of the sash of Reeve’s thigh-length robe. Before the President could even protest, he was suddenly dragged towards his husband, locked in his hold. He dropped his wine glass to the floor in surprise. It struck with a bounce, spilling the alcohol all over the carpet but thankfully not shattering.


His cry of protest was swallowed by a kiss as his slightly taller lover wrapped his arms around Reeve’s robed waist and kissed him gently. Not one to lose an opportunity when presented to him, Reeve was all too willing to return the embrace, enjoying the slow and gentle kiss.

“Oi, in a month we won’t have this luxury,” Reno murmured, his nude form still warm and slick-soft from the shower. “We’ll be all too busy at the beck and call of an infant,” he added, meshing their lips together once more.

Well used to his husband’s habit of ravishing behavior, Reeve merely sighed into the kiss and returned it. He slid one hand up Reno’s back, resting just at the beginning of the younger man’s spine. A few trickles of water streamed down the pale skin, likely from his hair.

“I know. Aren’t you excited?” Reeve returned, tugging on the towel so that it settled around Reno’s shoulders and he could finally see easily into his lover’s bright eyes. Amusingly, the red hair was flattened against Reno’s head, giving him a faintly drowned appearance. It was cute.

Aquamarine eyes cut to the side. “Excited is one word I could use,” he admitted, deft fingers tracing arousing motions on Reeve’s robed back. “Apprehensive and scared shitless are two others you could try, yo.”

Reeve laughed, shaking his head. “I know. I feel the same way. But then, I’m pretty certain we’ll be fine.” He paused, a thought occurring to him. “We’ve plenty of teachers after all.”

The Turk made a face, an amusing mix of terror and annoyance, as he thought of the instructions Aeris and the others had been pounding into his head. “Unfortunately.”

To chase away all approaching and slightly terrifying memories, he lifted a hand, tugging on Reeve’s sash once more. The loose knot came undone easily, letting the robe fall open and grant him the access he had wanted from the beginning. His hand snaked in faster than Reeve could protest, not that he entirely wanted, and fingers splayed across skin a few shades darker than his own.

The President shivered. “Insatiable,” he teased, glancing briefly towards the window. “And we don’t have tinted glass.”

“Let ’em look.” Reno tipped his head to kiss Reeve once more, dragging their bodies roughly together, bare skin to bare skin.

A surge of desire spiked through the older man. The slow and sensual slide of their lips ignited him, a simmering burn of want and need. One of the Turk’s hands pulled off his robe, letting the cotton fabric drop to the floor as the other moved to cup the back of Reeve’s neck, fingers trailing in short, dark strands.

“You know I can’t see you in this robe without havin’ to take it off, yo,” Reno murmured, moving his lips to Reeve’s ear and suckling on the lobe.

The President sucked in a sharp breath. “That’s your excuse every time,” he responded, his own hands no less busy.

They roamed all over his husband’s body, mapping out contours he had already memorized in their many years of being together. Still, sometimes he thought he found something new, something unrealized. One of his palms ghosted over Reno’s flat nipples, watching as they pebbled slightly in the chill air. His fingers scraped across Reno’s back, sure enough, finding more lingering water droplets.

“I know. I think you wear it just so I can use that excuse,” Reno countered, hungrily taking his lips to Reeve’s throat. “You taste clean.”

The older male grinned. “Bathing tends to do that,” he responded dryly, gasping when a hand wrapped around him, quickly stroking his half-arousal to life. Heat began to pool in his groin, every touch an inspiring whisper.

Reno chuckled against his husband’s skin, suckling on the darker flesh and leaving a mark behind. He knew it would irritate Reeve but couldn’t seem to help himself.

The air was soon filled with the sound of their kisses, the soft slide of fingers against skin. Passions rose, bodies moving together in a well-understood rhythm. A towel was tossed to the ground, quickly forgotten in the moment as they reveled in the temporary peace.

“Hey,” Reno began after a moment, fingers dancing a heated trail up his older lover’s spine as he breathed hotly in Reeve’s ear. “Indulge me.”

The President knew where his husband was heading without even having to guess. Reno’s kinks were not only well-known to him, but often his own. “We’re on the fifteenth floor, Reno,” he said, thinking he ought to remind the adventurous man.


“I’m the President. This isn’t exactly something that’s smiled upon.” Even as he protested, however, Reeve knew he was going to give in. Just the mere thought was sending shocks of arousal through his entire body. Damn if his husband didn’t know how to push all of his buttons.

Reno wasn’t willing to give up just yet. “And?” he repeated, sensing he was wearing down on his husband’s resistance. “Who’s going to see? The seagull? Can’t little Reeve…” he paused long enough to give a knee-shaking stroke to Reeve’s arousal, “.. perform under pressure?”

The President groaned, a shiver racing down his spine from the heated pants right on his ear. “I hate it when you do that.”

“Give it nicknames?”

“No. Tempt me.”

Reno grinned, that same salacious grin that Reeve had come to both love and hate over the years. “So you’ll do it?”

He wasn’t entirely certain he had the option to say no. Besides, there was a point in it all. Oftentimes, Reno had double-meanings in the stuff he did.

The President sighed in acquiescence. “Honestly, you’ll be the death of me someday.”

Reno’s grin widened. “I love you, baby,” he announced, dipping his head to kiss his husband senseless once more.

“You’d better,” Reeve replied laconically before continuing, a faint red flush staining his cheeks. “How do you want me?”

He was too old to be blushing like that but Reno still thought it was the cutest damn thing in the world. Hunger rose up in him strongly and he pulled back, suddenly whirling his husband around so that he faced the window.

“Hands on the glass,” he whispered in a seductive tone, licking around the shell of Reeve’s ear. “I’ll be right back.”

The heat of his body abruptly disappeared, leaving Reeve feeling somewhat bereft as the Turk padded away, likely to get the lube. The President shook his head, trying to ignore the arousal threading through his veins as he turned his attention to the window. He could see nothing but the dark sway of the ocean and the shadows of Junon, the majority of the lights extinguished.

It was pretty late/early, most of the town asleep. And they were on the fifteenth floor. The chance of them scarring some innocent bystander for life were very, very slim. Reno was right after all. The birth of their daughter meant long, sleepless nights. Meant little time for intimacy and play. But he wouldn’t miss it for anything.

Behind him, the lights of the main room flicked off before a body pressed against his back, familiar and warm. “Miss me?” Reno asked, voice having dropped into a low and sensual purr.

“Not for a second,” Reeve joked, turning his head to the side to give those plundering lips access to his flesh.

Reno’s tongue flicked across his skin as he heard the sound of a bottle pop open. Reeve shivered, body tightening in anticipation, long conditioned to that sound.

“Liar,” Reno accused affectionately, raining kisses across the back of Reeve’s shoulder as he dumped the oil onto his fingers.

The President hummed in appreciation. “Mmm, you’re right. I was just thinking that we won’t have time for this in the future. You know what they say…”

Reno snorted. “We’ll make time,” he stated with determination, sliding one around around Reeve’s waist as he nudged two slick fingers inside his older lover, quickly prepping him. He licked the back of Reeve’s ear.

“You’re right,” the President responded on the end of a gasp, his body trying to go boneless as thinking became a true difficulty. “We will.”

The Turk hummed in agreement, curling his fingers and causing his husband to shudder. Reeve panted, sucking his lip between his teeth as his nails scraped against the glass.


He had never been able to say no to the sound of his name in that tone. “As you wish.”

He removed his fingers, disregarding Reeve’s moue of disappointment, and quickly slicked up his own arousal. He pressed himself against Reeve’s back, his fingers rubbing smoothly over the man’s belly. The President arched towards him encouragingly, though he didn’t move from the window. That was all it took for Reno to slide inside of him with ease and familiarity, coaxing a soft sigh from his older lover.

The Turk began an unhurried and steady pace, a deliberate rocking in and out. He leaned his slimmer body against Reeve’s, reaching forward and placing his palm over Reeve’s on the window, entangling their fingers together. Each thrust rasped through the President, making him moan as his body slickened with sweat. It was both incredibly dirty and incredibly erotic as slim, Turk-skilled fingers dragged across his abdomen teasingly before cupping his arousal, lazily stroking him.

“It’s turning you on,” Reno whispered in his husband’s ear, lifting his eyes to watch Reeve’s expression in the reflection of the window. The reason he had turned the lights off except for the small lamp just behind him. Amber eyes were closed, obviously lingering in the swell of emotions and pleasures.

Reno’s hips continued their steady rocking motion. “Admit it,” he urged. “You like thinking someone might be watching, my kinky president.”

The President groaned, somewhat embarrassed as that flush spread across his face. “You’re impossible.”

Reno chuckled, nipping at his ear. “Open your eyes, Reeve,” he commanded, lifting his eyes as well.

Amber eyes shuttered open and their gazes immediately met in the reflection. But what made it more arousing was that if he concentrated, Reeve could see just beyond to the sea. Romance and erotica intertwined in that moment making his arousal spike again. Reno chose that moment to take up the pace, his hand moving in a faster rhythm.

A moan slid from the president’s mouth as he arched into each thrust, his nerves tingling with need. Their bodies surged in tandem then, soft gasps filling the room and sweat beading on their skin. Reno’s gaze was drawn by the flex and stretch of his husband’s muscles as he held onto the window. Reeve himself felt incredibly possessed, and overwhelming feel of love sweeping through him.

There was no where else he would rather be at the moment.

Reno buried his face in Reeve’s neck, breathing in his husband’s familiar scent as he reveled in the emotions of belonging. He could feel his end approaching, washing over him with the force of a tsunami. Reeve clenched around him, obviously on the precipice as well.

“I love you,” Reno whispered, warm breath ghosting over his husband’s ear. He knew it was the sort of thing that turned romantic Reeve on the most.

Sure enough. Reeve moaned, eyes falling closed as he let his head slip back to rest on his husband’s shoulder. He gave in to the need racketing his body, shuddering and spilling into Reno’s hand. The Turk followed not long after, drawn in by the abandon on Reeve’s face and the clenching heat of his body.

The married couple panted as they slumped together in front of the window, Reno’s hand dropping to join the other at his lover’s belly. Reeve’s hands settled on top, intermingling their fingers, though sticky a few were as they shared a lazy, postsex kiss.

“I love it when you do that,” Reeve murmured, having completely forgotten about their current location.

A smug grin curled at Reno’s lips. “I know.” He lazily slid his tongue into his husband’s mouth, initiating another steamy and slow kiss.

“We’ll need another shower,” Reeve mused aloud after a moment, opening his eyes once more and gazing out the window.

“Mmmm.” Reno didn’t seem that inclined to move, making a non-committal sound in his throat.

They simply stood together a few instants more, bodies slowly coolly until Reeve broke the quiet.

“You stained my carpet,” he stated, glancing briefly down at the wine splashed on the floor.

Reno barked out laughter, knocking his forehead against Reeve’s shoulder. “If I promise to scrub out the wine stain later, can we move to a bed now?”

“What happened to the shower?”

The Turk leered, rocking his hips forward illustratively. “Why bother cleaning up when we’re just goin’ to get dirty again, yo?”

Reeve shook his head. “What am I going to do with you?”

“I’m sure you can think of something,” Reno began seductively, grinding gently against his husband’s rather attractive backside.

“Hmm? What was that?” Reeve responded, pretending as if he hadn’t been listening. “Sorry. I was too busy imagining you on your hands and knees.”

The Turk couldn’t but laugh as he bit down on Reeve’s shoulder playfully and pulled apart from him, leaning to swipe the towel off the floor. “I’ve corrupted you,” he commented with some measure of glee, wiping his fingers off on the damp cloth.

Reeve turned, eyes dark pools in the dimness of the the room. “The same could be said of you,” he countered as Reno rubbed the towel over his belly. “Marriage. Kids. Why, you’re becoming a regular joe.”

The damp cloth was thrown to the floor, Reno deftly avoiding Reeve’s look of reproach. “Yell later. Right now, we’ve better things to do.”

“I have a meeting in five hours.”

“Plenty of time.”

Reno’s hand shot out and snagged his husband, dragging him in for another steamy and heated kiss, though it was more slow and languid. A gentle exploration. “Remember. In a month, we won’t have all this free time.”

“Mmm. But she’ll be worth it. My perfect family.” Reeve smiled warmly, something in his heart feeling fit to burst. “You, me…”

The Turk shook his head. “… and baby makes three, I know.”

“I’m scared of how well you understand me.”

“Comes with the territory, yo. S’price you pay for loving me.”

Reeve vaguely and briefly wondered sometimes if he were being punished. “Can I get a refund?” he jokingly replied, raking a hand through his hair as he headed towards the bedroom. He knew Reno would follow him.

“Sorry. No returns allowed.”


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