[TIA] Clarity

Blurr startled online when he felt a sharp pinch in his side. He cycled his optics, confused. What in the name of Primus…?

He hissed air through his intakes after another sharp prick, this time drawing energon. He snatched at the source of his discomfort, his fingers wrapping around a hand.

It was Starscream.

That wasn’t unusual. Starscream had made a habit of latching onto Blurr during recharge. Blurr had gotten used to it as he’d learned there was little use in getting Starscream to drop his hold.

This, however, was new.

Starscream thrashed against his side. He was shaking and his plating was clamped tightly to his frame. So tight that he was trapping excess charge and heat beneath. Little distressed noises rose in his vocalizer, but he wasn’t awake.


Blur curled an arm around Starscream and rested a hand on the Seeker’s back, between his wing hinges. Starscream’s field lashed out at him, thick with fear and anxiety. It was the first time Blurr had ever felt something so clearly in his field.


A thin noise eked from Starscream’s vocalizer, like a trapped mechanimal. His claw curled tighter, drawing more energon from Blurr’s protoform. Blurr hissed and squeezed Starscream’s wrist, trying to get him to retract his claws.

Starscream’s vocalizer crackled, and he mumbled something that suspiciously sounded like Blurr’s name. He tugged against Blurr’s grip, his expression pinching and his wings fluttering.


Red optics snapped open and Starscream growled, lashing out as though on reflex. Blurr grabbed his other wrist and wrestled Starscream down. He used his body weight to pin Starscream in place. He might as well have tried to pin a triple-changer for all the success he was having. Starscream thrashed as though it was Overlord on top of him.

“Wake up, frag you!” Blurr shouted.

Starscream went rigid beneath him. His optics flared before holding steady. He looked up at Blurr with mingled shock and dread and no small amount of confusion.


“Well, who did you think I was? Megatron?” He cycled a ventilation, but didn’t yet slacken his grip. “That was some nightmare. You fully online now?”

Starscream twitched his wrists. “Yes, I…” He looked around and frowned. “You can let me go.”

“Should I?” He loosened his hold. “You’re shaking, Starscream.”

Starscream’s cooling fans rattled. “Because it’s too hot,” he muttered. “You’re blocking my vents.”

Blurr sighed and pulled back, releasing Starscream. He didn’t believe that excuse for a second. “Want to tell me what that was about then?”

Starscream sat up and rubbed a hand over his helm. “Not particularly.” His field remained sour, dull with despair. His armor clamped even tighter, which couldn’t have been comfortable, but he still wouldn’t meet Blurr’s gaze.

Damn complicated Seekers. At least Blurr knew a defense mechanism when he saw one. Jazz had acted a lot like this the one time Blurr caught him in a memory purge. Which, afterward, had called for a trip to the medcenter.

Speaking of which…

Blurr looked down at himself, frowning at the drips of energon leaking out from beneath his plating. They were negligible, but remained a testament. He needed to learn how to take care around thrashing warrior mechs.

“Yeah, sure,” Blurr said as he brushed at the drying drips. “No gratitude for the person who woke you from a memory purge. I see how it is.”

“It wasn’t a nightmare!” Starscream said.

Blurr arched an orbital ridge. “Sure looked like one to me.”

“Well, it wasn’t,” Starscream snapped, visibly defensive.

Blurr held up his hands. “Fine. Whatever.” He swung his pedes over the side of the berth, rolling his neck to ease a kinked cable.

“Where are you going?”

Blurr popped an orbital ridge. “To get some coolant. Didn’t you say you were overheating?”

Starscream stared at him. “Yes, but–”

“Then I’m going to get some.” Blurr hopped off the berth, stretching his arms over his helm.

His brief exit was twofold, because he also hoped it would give Starscream the moment he needed to recover. There was something altogether unsettling about seeing Starscream distressed, though Blurr couldn’t put a finger on why.

He headed out of the berthroom before Starscream could protest and invited himself into the storage room where Starscream kept his various fuels and fluids. He gathered up some coolant – Seeker grade and racer grade – and proceeded to dither around a bit more.

Two weeks of living here and Blurr still wasn’t used to calling it ‘home.’ He missed the terrible apartment he had over his bar. Frag, he missed his bar. They couldn’t even rebuild until Obsidian was caught, frag it.

He hated political nonsense.

Blurr sucked down his own coolant and tossed the empty container in the recycle bin. He returned to the berth room to find that Starscream’s optics had shifted back to their normal hue and he’d seemed to stop shaking. He still looked haunted, however.

Blurr offered Starscream the coolant and sat down next to him. The Seeker cracked the lid and took a large swig of it.

Well, at least he hadn’t been entirely lying about being overheated.

“Still don’t want to talk about it?” Blurr asked.

Starscream rolled his optics. “It was a long war, Blurr. We’ve all had our dark times.”

Blurr made a noise of agreement. He gave Starscream a longer look but when he didn’t offer anything further, Blurr flopped back into the comfort of the berth. It was way too early to be online and if he had to put up with Starscream, it was nice to get this berth in exchange. It was made of indulgence and comfort and was a thousand times better than the ragged thing Blurr had been recharging on.

He wriggled about to get comfortable and then looked at Starscream, who hadn’t moved. He’d let Starscream decide what came next. Though given that Starscream was in reach….

Blurr dragged a gentle finger down Starscream’s backstrut, tickling between his wing hinges, and provoking a shiver. Starscream tossed a glance over his shoulder and sucked down the rest of his coolant. The empty container was tossed in the direction of the recycle bin.

“Wast that an invitation?” he asked.

Blurr grinned. “Call it incentive. I’m exhausted.” This was way too early for a bartender to be online and they’d had a thorough workout before recharging earlier.

Starscream snorted. “What about a racer’s vaunted stamina?”

“You want endurance? Don’t wake me up in the middle of a defrag cycle.” Blurr shrugged and stretched out across the berth. He could already feel recharge tugging at him.

It was the wrong thing to say, apparently, because Starscream stiffened and his field flicked out with offense.

“Fine,” he snipped. “You get your rest.”

Blurr moved fast, snagging Starscream’s wrist before he could hop fully off the berth. “Stop pouting and get back on the berth, Star. You know you won’t sleep on that damned futon.”

Starscream sniffed. “Can’t you recharge without me?”

“Not when I don’t have to,” Blurr said, concealing his frown. Touching Starscream made the disquiet in the Seeker’s field all the more obvious.

He didn’t like it.

“I should have known.” Starscream turned back toward him and gestured with his free hand. “Then make some room.”

Abrasiveness, at least, was familiar. Blurr released his hold on Starscream’s wrist as the Seeker climbed back into the berth. He lay down next to Blurr, but there was a noticeable difference between their frames. Seriously? Blurr never recharged without Starscream in his personal space.

So Blurr sighed and made the conscious decision to shift closer to Starscream. Let the Seeker think it was because Blurr needed the comfort if that made him feel better. He knew good and well he’d online later buried under that heavy red frame with Starscream’s claws wrapped around his armor again.

He didn’t mind so much anymore.

“You have your own space you know,” Starscream grumbled, but, Blurr noticed he still angled himself so that Blurr could fit more comfortably next to him.

“Mm. There were a lot of things that used to be my own before you came along,” Blurr said with a snort. He threw a leg over Starscream’s and sent the command to dim the lights.

“Well, then maybe you should leave.”

“Can’t. Obsidian blew up my bar.”

“And that’s my fault?”

Blurr sighed and climbed over Starscream. “How about you don’t put words in my mouth and shut up and go back to recharge?” he asked as he settled half-on Starscream’s frame, well aware that he still outmassed the Seeker.

“This was my berth first,” Starscream muttered.

That was it.

Blurr grabbed hold of Starscream’s chestplate, hauled himself up, and kissed Starscream. One knee nudged between Starscream’s thighs, purely by accident, but if ‘facing also calmed Starscream down, then so help him Primus, Blurr would do it. He nipped at Starscream’s lips, teased out Starscream’s glossa, and sweetened the kiss.

A small noise rose in Starscream’s chassis and Blurr felt a hand cupping his helm as another wrapped over his shoulders. Starscream’s mouth opened to him, accepting the depth of the kiss. Starscream’s field purred, also, shifting from aggression to satisfaction.


Blurr nipped at Starscream’s bottom lip and then pulled back. “Now,” he said as Starscream’s glossa flicked over his lips. “Hush and recharge.”

“You think a little kiss like that is going to make me behave?” Starscream asked, but his vocals were husky.

“I was hoping it would encourage you to argue less, but I’ll settle for some quiet.” Blurr chuckled and pecked another kiss over Starscream’s lips before settling down on the Seeker’s side again. He threw a hand over Starscream, resting it on the center of Starscream’s chestplate. “Recharge. I mean it.”

Starscream audibly cycled a ventilation. “Fine,” he said, but it didn’t sound as irritated as Blurr would have expected. “But if I claw you again, I won’t be held responsible.”

Blurr bit back a nasty retort that would have only extended the back and forth nature of their conversation. “Noted. Good night, Starscream.”

An arm curled around his back as a hand stroked between his boosters. “Recharge well,” Starscream said.

Peace. At last.


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