[IDW] Here and Now

Sitting in the dark moping was the least of things he needed to do. But there was comfort in the dim and silence. It was as though time stood still, trapping him in the shadows.

Until the door opened, revealing Rodimus in the entry, hall lights gleaming off his dented armor.

“I said I didn’t want to be disturbed,” Megatron growled.

Rodimus said nothing, a first. Instead, he came inside, the door closing behind him, enclosing them in the dark. Rodimus’ biolights flickered, offering the only illumination, save for Megatron’s own.

Megatron’s engine dully rumbled. “Now is not the time for one of your speeches,” he hissed as Rodimus came closer. “I don’t have–”

“Shh.” Rodimus rose up on his pedes and pressed a finger to Megatron’s lips, his field muted and solemn like it had never been before. “Don’t talk.”

Megatron’s optics narrowed. “Why not?” he asked, behind the gentle press of the finger as it lingered.

“Because we don’t have time for words. Not anymore.” Rodimus shrugged, but it was far from dismissive. “I was never good with those anyway.”

Megatron cycled a ventilation. “Rodimus, if this is–”

“Megatron,” Rodimus interrupted again, only this time it was to grab Megatron’s helm in both of his hands, pulling him down. “Hush.”

He rose to the tips of his pedes, dragging Megatron down to him, and Megatron allowed it, his spark throbbing at the gentle brush of their lips.


“Don’t talk,” Rodimus murmured against his lips, before kissing him again, more firmly this time, intent in every flicker of his field.

Megatron shuddered and wrapped an arm around Rodimus’ narrow waist. He crushed his co-captain against him, their fields clashing, remarkably in sync. Rodimus’ legs wrapped around his waist, hips rolling urgently, demanding. Megatron’s other hand cupped his aft, supporting his weight.

No words. Just this moment. Was that easier? Megatron didn’t know. There wasn’t time to debate. There was just this, here and now.

So be it.

Megatron gave himself to the kiss, to the quiet noises Rodimus made, and the warm embrace of his co-captain’s field. If this was all he had, from now until the end, it would be enough.

Rodimus was enough.


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