[Shattered] Dreams 51

Chapter Fifty-One – Broken Mask

The steady continuous drone of the ringing was really beginning to worry him. Every time he dialed, his heart leapt in his throat and his body shook with nerves. But he received no answer, not even the machine picked up, even after two days. Frankly, Reeve was getting more than worried. Instead, something akin to fear was settling in him. Ever since Reno’s disappearance, he had become fiercely protective of anyone that held a special place in his heart.

His family was no different.

And for the past few days, he had yet to contact any of them, not since the minor demonic attack on Costa del Sol. Nor had they been willing to listen to his warnings. He couldn’t be sure whether they were simply avoiding his calls, or something had happened to them. He was certain that Reis, his younger sister, would have answered… unless she was being prevented from doing so.

All in all, it left him in a constant state of distress. With another sigh, Reeve hung up his home phone and sat back in his cushy couch, sinking wearily into the fabric. Reno had yet to come home, but he was certain the Turk would return soon enough.

It was partially because of his relationship with Reno that his parents and he had been slowly drifting apart. Of the wealthy Costa del Sol high class, his mother and father, both doctors, didn’t approve of his relationship with the redhead. They considered it just a phase. He hadn’t been able to tell them the truth… that he had been with Reno for more than five years. They thought it had begun after the Meteor incident and were just waiting for him to get back on track and get over “Rico.” They could never remember Reno’s name, a fact that irked him terribly.

His parents already disliked the fact that he didn’t follow in their footsteps, choosing architecture over medicine, and they thoroughly hated his decision to work for ShinRa. Joining the Intelligence section of the army and later working his way up to the Board of Directors hadn’t impressed them either. Still, he was still their first born son, and only male child at that, so they let his association with ShinRa slide. And things had been fine.

Until he had met Reno.

The only one he had been brave enough to speak the truth to was his sister. Reis was ten years younger but much more receptive. She accepted his attraction for Reno, even going so far as to say that she thought they were perfect for each other. Reis thought Reno to be the coolest person she had ever met… her words exactly. Truthfully, his younger sister was the only one who had met the Turk before the faithful “Reno meets the Family” episode about three weeks prior before their argument over the wedding, which Reeve suspected was much related to that event.

His parents thought of homosexuality as a sin, as being completely unnatural, but they hinged on listening to him because he was their only son. However, Reno was not only a man, but he was also from the slums of Midgar. Reno was not of their “kind” of people and way below what they considered proper for their son. He was uncouth, rough, worked for ShinRa, and had a foul mouth. He had never even met his mother, though he was certain she was a prostitute and most likely now deceased. He spoke his mind, and above all things, he was a Turk. Even if Reno had been a female, Reeve was certain they wouldn’t have accepted him.

When he had taken his lover to meet his family at their huge home in Costa del Sol, which was truthfully right up the street from Cid’s family, things had not gone well. His mother and father had been skeptical, despite Reis’ urgings, and Reno hadn’t made it any easier. It wasn’t long before his lover and his mother had gotten into a shouting match over his “homo-ness”, his status, his job… everything. Reno, not the type to sit quietly while someone insulted him, had quickly responded in his typical vulgar and loud way. It had not been pretty.

It was unnatural; it was wrong. Two men could not possibly love each other, could not possibly even be serious. Both parents had had loud outcries, the people he loved most staring each other down and causing his heart to break into fractured pieces. It was painful, gut-wrenching, and he could do nothing but sit and gape. If it hadn’t been for Reis, Reeve was certain there may have been bloodshed. Thank Kami for her, the only sensible one of their aristocratic family.

His mother had gone so far as to strike a low blow. She had whispered in his ear, using low tones that a fuming Reno couldn’t hear. She told him that since he was gay that their dreams for grandchildren and his own desire for having kids were shattered, just dust in the wind.

“I can’t believe it,” she had said in his ear. “You cannot even adopt. No one in their right mind would give two queers a child. Everyone knows that gay men are pedophiles.”

At the time, he had brushed her off, shaking his head at her hurtful words and left soon after, a fuming Reno preceding him. Still, it had been plainly obvious at that moment that they would never accept him or the decisions of his heart. Since then, a small rift had begun to build. They still spoke, but there was a bead of tension, a quietness in the topic that was never brought up. And always, they never spoke Reno’s name… unless it was to call him by the wrong one: “Rico”, “Rass”, “Rollo”… crazy names that didn’t even make sense. It was as if they were telling him how little they thought of his choice for a mate.

They had wanted him to marry a professional woman, someone intelligent and well-educated. Being the eldest and only son, they expected much from him: genius grandchildren, a great legacy, a name of which to be proud. Yet, it seemed he had failed them in many ways, becoming the “different” one of the Tuesti clan.

With a sigh, Reeve thrust himself up from the couch and started to pace the living room, a strange sort of restlessness infecting his thought patterns. It always seemed to be that way when he started worrying about his family and Reno… about what was right and what wasn’t. That had been the biggest hurtle for him, following the prescribed path of his parents or becoming his own person. Joining ShinRa had been his first step towards independence, and choosing architecture over medicine had been the first individual choice he had ever made.

Even Reis had gone into the family business. At the present moment, she was an intern in Costa del Sol.

It was odd to think of himself as the “black sheep” of the family, but truthfully, he was. He turned from medicine. He preferred to live in an apartment in Midgar. He fell in love with another man…

He shook his head. Only Reis understood. Of their entire family: cousins, aunts, uncles included, his sister was alone in supporting his decision. He loved her dearly, and they were close, despite the age difference. If not for her, he would have probably already been completely ostracized from their family. But Reis acted as a go-between, soothing ruffled feathers and managing somehow to keep them all together. It was a rough burden for the young woman, but she seemed to manage it with a smile. She was such a strong girl.

The pacing grew old rather quickly, and Reeve found himself ending it at the window, plopping down gracelessly onto the pillow of the window seat. He stared out at the disheartening view of the slowly dying city, feeling again that familiar depression creeping in on him again. Only this time, he didn’t have it in him to block it or even push it away. He let the melancholy seep into his heart.

His mother was right in some ways, even if she had used that coarse method against him. His entire life he had always wanted children. He loved them; they were so innocent and encouraging. He wanted to be a father, to impress his wisdom on the next generation, to be the hero of someone, to feel that unconditional love. But with Reno as his partner, he didn’t know if he would ever get to experience that. Taking care of Denzel and Marlene for only two hours had been bittersweet, and it had only reminded him of a joy he would never get to know.

That feeling, that intense weight on his chest, that all-encompassing dragging of his spirit became heavier. And he found himself succumbing without another thought. He wanted… no, needed, someone to understand. He needed to let it out before he broke apart. It was tearing him, clawing at his insides and prickling at the back of his eyes. When had things become so damn complicated?

He had only wanted to warn them, tell his family of the recent demon attacks. Yet, they had brushed him off, cutting the conversation short. Even Reis, who he was certain would have listened, had been unable to come to the phone. And now, unable to get in contact them, he had nothing to do but worry and fret. Guilt settled on him like a heavy blanket. If anything happened to them before amends could be made… he had only himself to blame.

A hand came up, pressed itself to the cool glass, as if reaching for an unattainable freedom. Perhaps in that one instance Reeve could sympathize with Balaam. Not all chains were visible, not all jail cells concrete. He teetered on the edge, heart torn in two, and Reeve was unable to find the glue that would mend it whole again.

He sighed, slumping against the window. He just… There was only so much strength; he was but one man. He just couldn’t do this anymore.

– – – –

Reno sighed as he rubbed the back of his sore neck, idly twisting and turning his head. It had been a long fucking day, and he was more than tired, ready to just crawl into bed next to Reeve and pass out. Perhaps he would sleep for the next two days, if he was lucky.

His booted feet clomped on the thick carpet beneath him as he walked down the hall towards their door, number seven on the eighth floor. It was very nearly the Penthouse, which his lover had refused to even consider. Still, it was nice… expensive, living that suited Reeve more than Reno, but the Turk wasn’t about to give it up. Hell no. He had lived in the slums for far too long to not appreciate it.

After dealing with Tseng and that resulting argument, Reno was just weary, his emotions on a thin edge and his strength stretched thin. As he arrived at the door, putting his key into the lock, he felt a large yawn attack him. The door thankfully clicked open on the first try, and he was admitted into his strangely quiet home. He didn’t think anything of it however, shutting the door behind him as he shrugged off his suit jacket and attempted to hang it on the hook near the door. It missed as usual, but he would get it later.

“I’m home, yo!” he called out, wondering if Reeve was already there. This was accompanied by a sleepy noise, but he wasn’t quite sure how to label it. He felt out of sorts, brain seemingly connected to a balloon, and his body infinitely tired. He received no response to his call, but that did not deter him, heading first for the living room. As he moved into it from the hall, the redhead stepped over the threshold and promptly stumbled, falling forward in surprise. A curse escaped from his lips. Apparently, he was far more exhausted than he had originally thought. He grabbed the doorjamb to steady himself, Reeve’s voice causing him to look up.

“Oh, so very graceful,” the President commented rather snarkily. There was something strange to his tone… almost resigned, flat. Reno wasn’t sure that he liked it.

In any case, he was in no mood for jokes and just shot him a look, one that explicitly said, ”I’m tired, I’m going to bed.” They had been together long enough, so words were often unnecessary. He shook off the strange timbre to Reeve’s voice and moved back towards the hall, intending to disappear into the bedroom.

“Oh, so you’re not talking to me now.” The executive’s voice carried easily over the length of the room causing Reno to pause in his movements. He frowned slightly and turned back, finding that Reeve had stood up from the window seat and was moving towards him. It was almost as if he was intentionally picking a fight, and for the life of him, the Turk could not understand why.

He shook his head and sighed. “Look, yo, not right now. I’m really tired.” With that, he shifted back towards the bedroom. They could fight another day if Reeve really wanted, but after having wrestled and argued with Tseng earlier, Reno did not have it in him for more emotional angst.

It seemed that his husband had other plans, however. Before Reno could get more than a few steps, a hand wrapped around his right arm, dragging him to a halt.

“Yes, right now,” the amber-eyed man insisted. “Don’t walk away from me.”

The Turk shrugged off the grip, though he did cease his movements, turning around to face Reeve, a definitively confused look on his face. “What’s up with you, yo?”

The executive shook his head. “Nothing,” he replied sharply, his voice defensive.

Reno crossed his arms over his chest, a disbelieving look in his aquamarine eyes. “Yes, you’ve been acting off for the past few days.” Reeve didn’t offer an explanation, and his gaze fell. There was a moment of silence before the redhead sighed and shook his head again, arms falling to his side. “Nevermind,” he continued, already turning back towards the bedroom. “Look, let’s just go to bed.” Going to sleep was sounding really good to his weary body, both physically and mentally. Until a sudden thought struck him.

“Oh, and by the way, I ran into Elena earlier. She wanted me to ask you about the requisitions for the medical supplies,” the Turk added in with a wave of his hand, not even noticing the subtle darkening of Reeve’s features.

Amber eyes turned in a torrent of emotion, fighting to break free, and rather than push it down, the executive released it, unable to restrain his pain any longer. “Of course she did,” Reeve replied in a bitter tone, frowning as he crossed his arms over his chest and stared at the ground, eyes narrowing. “On top of everything else I’ve had to do today, let’s just add one more to the damn list.”

Reno bit back a growl of irritation. “Well, that’s your job!” he snapped rather tiredly, probably more harshly than he meant as he whipped around to face the executive once more. “It’s what you do. You’re the damn President.”

Reeve sneered. “Look! I didn’t want to do this! I didn’t ask for this!” He gestured with his hand, frown deepening as his eyes flashed with irritation and anger. “I didn’t even have a choice! You can’t just tell me what to do and expect me to do it. I’m not your doormat!”

The redhead scowled, narrowing his eyes. “What /is/ up with you?” he questioned, feeling at a loss for words at his lover’s uncharacteristic behavior. “This isn’t like you,” the Turk stated, reaching for Reeve. To his surprise, the other man nearly jerked back.

“How can you be sure?” the executive snapped. “Maybe you don’t know me at all.” The words hung heavy between them, filling the air with a thick almost tangible tension.

At that moment, the phone suddenly rang with a familiar tone that signified the caller was trying to reach the President. Amber eyes darkened further as his gaze darted towards the phone, lip curling up into a snarl. He reached towards where it hung on the wall and grabbed, yanking the cord and tossing it to the side so that the annoying noise would cease.

Reno’s mouth dropped open as his eyes widened in surprise. “What is your fucking problem?” he demanded, blood rushing through his veins. He hadn’t wanted to fight. He definitely hadn’t wanted to argue. But now, it was here before him, and he couldn’t just walk away. It was far too late for that.

“I’ll tell you what my fucking problem is!” the executive all but snarled, voice rising and echoing loudly around their apartment. “My fucking problem,” he declared spitefully, putting emphasis on his words, “is you, yo!” He added the last mockingly, repeating the speech patterns of his mate.

The Turk’s face reddened with anger, his emotions quickly coming to an edge. He was now fiercely upset, and his body portrayed this, hands swinging about in wildly declarative emotions as he spat back even louder, “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

Reeve took a brief step forward, almost crowding in on Reno’s space as he was trapped against the doorway connecting the hall to the living room. “If it wasn’t for you, they would have been willing to listen when I tried to warn them about the attacks.”

The red-haired male blinked, head tilting to the side as his brow furrowed. The argument with Reeve’s mother briefly flashed in his mind, a sudden realization striking him.

“You’re still on about that?” he questioned harshly, breath beginning to come out in forceful pants. “And I bet you believe the rest of the crap she said, too!” Every cruel and demeaning word that woman had said reverberated inside Reno’s mind. He had thought they were past that. He had thought that Reeve had chosen to not listen, but perhaps he had been wrong.

“Maybe she was right,” the executive hissed. “Who would let two gay men adopt? It’s not like we can have them on our own.”

The truth of what the argument was really about hit Reno like a ton of bricks. All his insecurities about them struck him in the gut like a physical attack, and he reeled from the invisible blow, anger seeping out of his words to be replaced with vulnerability, an emotion he didn’t have much experience with. It was odd, out of the two of them, the Turk was the one most hesitant about their relationship. He always feared that one day he would lose the man he loved to a woman. After all, Reeve had been straight once. Perhaps he still was.

“Is that what this is really about? Do you still have regrets about being with me?” The question came out strained, quieter than he meant it to be. He noticed that he was trembling, and his hands clenched and unclenched at his sides as he searched Reeve’s eyes with an uncertain gaze. “We’re married now,” the Turk continued in an even softer voice. He felt vulnerable, completely exposed as he bit his lower lip. “It’s sort of late for regrets. I thought that meant we were beyond that.”

Reeve shook his head, exasperation evident in his tone as his shoulders sagged, all sense of fight seemingly gone from him. “Well, maybe that was a mistake, too.”

The already pale man went nearly bloodless, his face having gone strikingly white, and his breath hitched. “You can’t mean that,” Reno protested, almost pleading, begging for Reeve to take back his hurtful words. Unconsciously, a thumb ran over the wedding band on his finger, tracing the inscription on it.

However, the President had no response, his troubled gaze glancing away, seemingly concentrating on anything but the pained look of his lover. His hands laid limply at his sides, not even clenched as his shoulders sagged. His breath came out in little shallow pants, his face still flushed from his earlier yelling.

Reno froze, the strain of his emotions meeting the maximum and snapping. He turned away, unable to look at the other man any longer as he stared unseeing down the end of the hall, finding that his body was now shaking violently. It hurt so much, almost like someone had shot him, his whole body now cold, emotionless… dead. Warmth trickled down his cheeks as an unnatural silence filled the void between them, and it took him a moment to realize what it was.


Reno rarely, if ever, cried. He was strong, stronger than most people, having survived the worst the slums had to offer. Still, he wept now, a lump heavy in his chest as he struggled to breathe through the tears. His throat clamped up, and he couldn’t swallow, but the moisture still fell. He couldn’t even move to stop them, didn’t even have it in him to try.

It was agonizing, almost physically so. His heart beat raggedly in his chest, crushed and lacerated. All his fears about being alone, all his insecurities about having to do it again, having to try and survive on his own, came to life as the silence continued to build, seemingly taking on a life of its own. He couldn’t even run away, his legs all but concreted to the ground, fists clenched so tightly that the edges of the delicately crafted ring dug into the flesh of his fingers. Reno tried to blink away the moisture, but it was no use.

A hand landed on his right shoulder, gentle and unassuming. “Hey…” came Reeve’s soft voice, thick with regret and guilt. “Don’t cry.” But the Turk shrugged off the touch, unconsciously taking a step forward.

“I’m not crying,” he denied, his voice coming out thick, letting his husband know the opposite was true. He angrily scrubbed at his eyes with the back of his hand, attempting to cease his pained weeping.

Reeve snorted in disbelief as he shook his head, moving quickly to wrap his arms around Reno’s waist from behind. He laid his forehead on the redhead’s shoulder. The Turk made a half-hearted attempt at getting away but couldn’t work up the energy to do so. He sagged backwards into the executive’s hold, finding that some liquid still made a wet, salty trail down his cheekbones.

“I’m sorry,” Reeve said softly, his voice slightly muffled. “I didn’t mean it. I just…” he trailed off, pausing as he searched for the right words. Reno waited in silence, unsure if his slight feeling of relief was even warranted. “I just… don’t think I can do it anymore. I’m tired… worn thin… I wish this whole fucking war would be done and over with.” He sighed, a warm and heavy breath that was plainly felt through the thin fabric of the Turk’s dress shirt. “Or maybe I’m just an asshole.”

Reno let out a ragged inhalation, attempting a chuckle that didn’t quite make it, coming out as a choked almost drowned laugh. “Yeah, maybe.”

One arm tightened around his waist as the other dropped down, reaching for his hand, the one with their promise to one another. He could feel the warmth of the executive through the simple touch as their fingers threaded in a simple clasp.

“You know that I love you… right?” Reeve questioned, voice still muffled and thick, as if he were restraining his own tears.

Reno closed his eyes and leaned back into the touch, swallowing down a thick lump as he blinked away more moisture. “Sometimes… I wonder,” he admitted in a choked voice.

Reeve squeezed his hand tightly, a reassuring motion. “I do love you,” he said softly. “When you were missing and I didn’t know what to think: where you were, whether or not you were alive or dead, needing my help or not… All of me died. I thought…” He paused, a long shuddery sigh leaving his mouth as he attempted to rein in the pain, on the verge of crying but not quite there yet. “I’ve never loved anyone like I love you. I can’t lose you, Reno. I need you,” he claimed in a broken voice as he buried his face in his husband’s shoulder blade.

Without intending and not even attempting to stop himself, Reno started to cry again, gently falling tears that overwhelmed him. He never thought to hear words like those from Reeve, not when he felt so vulnerable in their relationship.

“Please don’t go,” the executive pleaded, pushing his face even further into the warmth of the thinner man’s shoulder.

The Turk swallowed thickly, voice coming out croaked. “I’m not going… anywhere, yo.”

Reeve was silent for a moment before speaking again, words that confused Reno at first. “It’s different for us. We’re not like Vincent or Aeris… I can’t say that we would be given a second chance.” If it were at all possible, his hand tightened in its grip on the Turk’s. “I mean, look what we’re fighting against… Do you honestly believe we will all make it? If any of us even do?”

The red-haired male shook his head. “No. No, I don’t.”

The arm around his waist became almost crushingly tight as Reeve pulled him even closer, holding him against the solidness of the executive’s body, as if he feared Reno were going to suddenly disappear. “Don’t leave me.”

Reno choked, eyes still thick with tears. “I promise.” He hesitated. “I won’t go anywhere, if you can say the same.” He managed with some difficulty to turn around in Reeve’s hold, reaching up with his one free hand to touch the side of his face, rubbing a thumb over the executive’s cheek.

His aquamarine eyes were so much brighter than normal and red-rimmed as well. Reeve had to swallow down the lump in his throat as he looked into the orbs that had captivated him from the moment he first laid eyes on the younger redhead.

“I promise.”

Reno nodded, a brief movement before he leaned down slightly, enveloping the executive in a chaste kiss. Their lips moved lightly against one another’s, a simple and soft touch. He pulled back slowly, their gazes locking before emotion flittered through amber eyes, the same reflecting in Reno’s as well. As one, they pressed their lips together, a kiss that was fiercer, bit more demanding. Tongues slid past slightly parted lips, tasting and reigniting fires, restoring lost sureties.

The Turk found he was being slowly pushed backwards, until his body gently collided with the wall behind him. Reeve’s right arm remained wrapped around his waist, but the other had rescinded its needy hold on his hand and snuck around his back, fingers tangling in scarlet strands and holding their heads together. Reno wove his free arm around Reeve until he was holding them close.

Their mouth separated slowly, the executive rubbing his fingers through the Turk’s hair as he looked deeply into his eyes. “I’m sorry,” he said once again, “for my harsh words. I just…” He clutched him tighter, closing his eyes for a moment and releasing a shuddery breath before opening them again. “Will you let me make love to you?” he questioned. “To speak with my body the words that won’t come out right?”

Reno could feel himself getting all choked up again, but he swallowed down the feeling. He bent his head down to kiss Reeve once more, a silent acquiescence to the President’s quiet question. Moments later found Reeve leading his lover down the hall towards the bedroom, neither one noticing a usually bouncy and giggly demi-goddess nod briefly to herself before flashing out of the living room.

Reeve and Reno now stood by their bed in the soft light of a single lamp. The executive reached up to undress his lover, unbuttoning what few buttons remained on the Turk’s shirt. Reno’s hands came up to help, but Reeve gently took them and moved them aside.

“Let me,” he insisted quietly. The scarlet-haired male nodded and closed his eyes as his clothing was slowly removed, the coolness of the room washing over him, only to be chased away by the soft warmth of Reeve’s lips as he kissed the bared skin. The scratchiness of Reeve’s beard against his flesh was a welcome and familiar feeling, even as a slow desire built up inside the Turk, a gentle arousal that washed over him rather than raged through. His clothes were now gone, quickly swept off, and then, Reeve was kissing him again, a soft press of the lips with a questing tongue that asked rather than demanded entrance. Reno faintly noticed the taste of his lover, like swirling magic, or the taste of an ether.

He could hear the rustle of cloth and knew that Reeve was removing his garments, the articles dropping to the ground without further regard. An unusual act for the executive, but it seemed he was putting his whole concentration and concern into pleasuring his lover, whose heart still ached from their fight. Reeve knew very well of Reno’s insecurities, and he was feeling extremely guilty for reminding the Turk of those emotions. He had never wanted Reno to wonder if his love was real.

Finally, the executive was unclothed, slowly pressing them backwards onto the bed. Reno lowered himself into a sitting position, edging himself until he was lying flat with Reeve hovering over him, looking solemnly into his eyes. The Turk could see the regret and the apology in the amber orbs, and with a silent acceptance and forgiveness, he gave a half-smile, just an echo of his usual cocksure grin and ran a hand down the President’s arm.

Reeve’s eyes darkened with lust as he lowered himself down to kiss Reno again, propped up on both arms over the Turk with his knees positioned between the other man’s legs. Their arousals brushed against one another, and slowly, gently, Reeve ground against his younger lover, a caring motion that caused the red-haired male to gasp against the kiss and clutch onto Reeve’s shoulders.

The dark-haired man broke away from their kiss, trailing his tongue along the edge of the Turk’s jaw and running it briefly over one cheek to clean away all traces of earlier tears. He nibbled gently along the soft flesh of an exposed neck, swirling a loving caress with his tongue over what he knew to be one of Reno’s erogenous zones. In response, the Turk moaned and thrust his hips up to grind deeply against him.

One of the executive’s hands went questing, searching underneath the pillow for the bottle of lube that he knew they usually kept there. Once his fingers finally wrapped around the small vial, he dragged his prize back out, securing the bottle against Reno’s side before trailing his lips down the Turk’s body. He latched onto a nipple, laving it with his tongue before pulling the distended flesh into his mouth, nibbling lightly.

“Ahh…” gasped Reno quietly. “Reeve…” The sound of his own name in that almost begging voice warmed the executive’s heart. He ran one hand down the side of his husband’s body, caressing the warm flesh as he slowly moved his lips downwards over a flat belly, dipping once into a belly button, and continuing on. Reno’s skin was slightly salty from his excursions of the day but still held the taste that was quintessentially Reno… a taste that Reeve was sure could never be replicated.

He moved then, dragging his tongue and teeth gently over the flesh of Reno’s inner thigh, nibbling tenderly before working his way upwards. His teeth grazed over the hollow at the juncture of leg and hip before he pulled back, centering his entire attention on the Turk’s slightly bobbing erection, already weeping with precum. He ran one hand down Reno’s hip, reaching behind him to cup the padding of flesh as he licked lightly at the crown of Reno’s shaft. Immediately, the Turk buried one hand in his hair as he bucked up into the touch, another strangled gasp escaping from his throat.

Reeve took the entire length into his mouth, the slight musky scent of Reno filling his nostrils. It had taken a while to get used to the altogether different smell of a male compared to a female, but Reeve found he actually quite liked the change. So long as it was Reno. He didn’t seem to find any other man attractive.

As he worked his mouth over the Turk’s weeping shaft, running his tongue along the underside where a particular sensitive spot was and nearly managing to deep throat him, he continued to glide one hand over Reno’s body, using the other to keep propped up. Reno was gasping and undulating beneath him, nearly shaking with the force of the pleasure.

“Please,” the Turk whispered in a voice thick with desire. “I want you inside me, Reeve.”

The President couldn’t ignore such an impassioned plea, not when his first concern for the night was making sure that Reno knew he was loved. He swirled the swollen shaft in his mouth one final time before releasing it, pressing a gentle kiss to the leaking tip. He crawled back up the Turk’s body, enveloping him in another kiss as he reached beside the scarlet-haired man’s belly and grabbed the bottle of oil he had put there a few minutes earlier. His own erection was throbbing painfully, but he ignored it for now.

He kissed Reno slowly, sweetly, as he thumbed the vial open, pouring some of the oil onto his hand before clicking it shut again. He rubbed the slick fluid around on his fingers before dragging the well-lubed hand down Reno’s body, aiming for the hidden entrance. His fingers ghosted over the younger man’s aching flesh before diving between his legs where it was the warmest and circling one digit around the ring of puckered muscle.

It was a teasing touch, meant to loosen before he pressed slowly inside, effectively coating the muscle with the slick oil. Reno moaned against the kiss, unconsciously pushing himself down on the pleasurable intrusion. Reeve took this to mean he was ready for the second finger and obliged, sliding in the next digit with slight ease.

It wasn’t until he got to the third that he had to wait for Reno to adjust, moving the three fingers out slowly and carefully stretching the puckered ring. He reluctantly left his plundering of the younger male’s mouth to dip his tongue into the hollow of Reno’s neck and across his collar bone. Reeve curled the oil-slick fingers, pressing deeper inside the clenching cavern until his touch brushed across the redhead’s prostate. The Turk arched into the touch.

Reno made a purring sound deep in his throat. “Reeve…” he moaned in a long, drawn out plea. He bucked up into the touch, moving restlessly beneath the executive. The President smiled faintly, giving one more definitive brush across his prostrate before withdrawing his fingers and reaching for the oil once more. He sat up, pulling back a little to sit on his knees, his gaze roaming over the form of his younger lover.

As he slickened the oil over his aching erection, resisting the urge to buck into his own touch, he couldn’t help but remark to himself about how beautiful Reno could be at times with his brightly shining aquamarine eyes and scarlet hair against pale skin. And now his cheeks were flushed with arousal, body slightly trembling from restrained arousal and an obvious need for Reeve echoing in the blue depths.

“You’re beautiful,” the dark-haired man whispered softly as he leaned back over the Turk, hitching Reno’s right leg around his waist and setting himself up for penetration. “I don’t think I tell you that enough,” he went on, nuzzling his face into the younger man’s neck.

Reno made a sound in the back of his throat. “It’s the hair, remember?” responded the Turk as he wrapped his arms around Reeve and pulled him closer. He could feel the blunt head of the executive’s erection poised at his entrance and was just waiting for him to take the final plunge.

Reeve chuckled lightly. “And the eyes… and the grin… but I’ll stop before I cross the point of no return.” He ran a hand down a pale thigh. “Ready?”

The Turk laughed softly. “I was ready ten minutes ago, Reeve. You don’t have to be that gentle.”

Reeve shook his head, running his tongue along the younger male’s throat. “I want to be different. I don’t want to be a reminder–”

Reno bit his lip, suppressing the fresh bout of tears that threatened to crop up. There were times that the executive could be so sweet, almost in an unexpected way, not that he was necessarily demanding and rough any other time. But with them both being men, sometimes sweet words and poetic actions were few and far between.

He nodded. “Alright, then,” he replied quietly. “I’m ready.”

He could almost feel Reeve’s smile against his throat as the executive slowly pushed inside, gently filling him with his thick arousal. His breath hitched at the tender care, not even a moment of discomfort or pain, only pure pleasure. Reeve slid inside him, until he could go no further. He paused to give Reno a moment of respite, but the Turk made an irritated noise and thrust down on the intrusion, encouraging the executive to continue.

A faint chuckle escaped Reeve’s lips as he moved upwards to envelop Reno in another sweet kiss, beginning to move unhurriedly and steadily inside the Turk. He pulled out completely, only to push in agonizingly slow, his shaft brushing across that spot deep inside the Turk. The scarlet-haired man moaned and clutched at him closer, flush spreading further across his cheeks as he breath came out in quick pants.

Pleasure echoed through him, a slow and enduring throb of heat that spread from the twisting of arousal deep in his stomach, all the way through his body. Reeve plundered the Turk’s mouth with abandon, making a claim and proving his love through his movements as gradually he increased the pace until it became a grasping and clinging movement, both struggling to reach the pinnacle of pleasure. He released his hold on Reno’s thigh, reaching instead for the Turk’s neglected arousal and wrapping his fingers around the flushed shaft. He stroked Reno with firm and even movements, enjoying the pants of arousal that his mate emitted.

He kissed him more firmly, moving his lips diligently against the Turks, only momentarily pulling back to whisper “I love you” before sliding his tongue inside Reno’s mouth again. Their pace increased, the redhead undulating beneath him, sweat dotting his form. The heat in the room had risen, and Reeve could feel his own orgasm creeping up on him, but he wanted his younger lover to come first.

He shifted his hips, changing the angle of penetration slightly so that with every thrust he slid along Reno’s prostate. Reno arched into the thrusts, fingers nearly digging into Reeve’s shoulders. Unable to keep up the breath stealing kisses, he buried his face in the crook of the Turk’s neck. It took only two or three more strokes with his hand for Reno to come with a loud cry that was absorbed by Reeve’s mouth, spilling himself into the executive’s hand. Already on the verge and feeling the Turks tight walls spasming around him, Reeve quickly followed him over, emptying himself deep inside Reno.

Their bodies trembled as Reeve gently collapsed on top of the Turk, rolling over slightly so that his heavier weight did not crush the younger man. He was panting heavily, sweat coating both of them. Reno had not relinquished his tight hold, and neither had Reeve extricated himself from the scarlet-haired man’s grasp.

There was a moment of silence as the both of them tried to catch their breath, their positions eventually shifting about until Reno was spooned within Reeve’s arms, lying on the bed among the sticky and sweaty sheets. Neither man felt inclined to get up and bathe or change the bedding, not just yet anyways.

“I’m sorry,” Reeve murmured again, voice softly carrying across the room.

“Stop apologizing. I’ve already forgiven you,” Reno responded, relishing the warm feeling of Reeve behind him and spooned up against him. “It’s understandable, in a way,” he went on. “Everyone’s being stretched thin… falling apart…” he trailed off.

Reeve subconsciously tightened his grip on Reno. “I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.”

The Turk smiled faintly, reaching to grab Reeve’s hand slung across him and threading their fingers together. “I love you,” he replied softly. “That’s not going to change because of one fight. I’m in this til the end, Reeve.” He yawned faintly, the fatigue of the day settling on his weary body.

The executive smiled faintly, burying his face into the scarlet hair in front of him. “Let’s just go to sleep, ne?”

Reno nodded. “Did you set the alarm?”

“No… I’ll just go in late.” He paused. “I want to spend my morning with you for once and not have to rush out of bed.”

Reno squeezed his grip on Reeve’s hand. “Alright,” he responded. “That sounds good to me.”

It had been a long day, tiring, emotionally draining. His insecurities dragged out until they became a stream of falling pain down his face, his every worry about losing Reeve, something he hadn’t previously wanted to face being dragged into the light. But now it seemed all was fine.

Some things had yet to be solved, some topics that had been argued. But they were best saved for the morning… when their heads were clear and they were more relaxed. With that in mind, Reno gave himself up to the comforting touch of his lover and slowly began to drift into sleep, the sound of Reeve’s familiar breathing a calming lull.


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