[CtE] Higher

Bumblebee shivered as Rumble’s mouth traced a searing path up Bumblebee’s backstrut, leaving fluttery kisses in his wake. Every brush of his lips was a static shock to Bumblebee’s sensory net.

He moaned into the berth, his frame aching with need and charge spilling from beneath his armor. His dermal net was eager, sensitivity heightened by each delicate press of Rumble’s mouth.

Blue hands slid into Bumblebee’s seams and Bee flexed his armor, allowing easier access. Rumble chuckled against the back of his shoulder.

“You hot already, Bee?”

“Of course I am! You’ve been teasing me all night.”

Rumble’s denta scraped at the back of his neck and Bumblebee moaned.

“Ain’t teasin’,” Rumble countered. “Just takin’ my time. Learnin’ all the new bits of ya.”

Bumblebee fisted the berth cover. His cooling fans rattled as heat pumped through his lines. “I won’t complain if you feel like hurrying up,” he offered.

Rumble nibbled at his neck cables, glossa flicking against them. He pinched a main line between his denta with steadily increasing pressure.

Bumblebee keened, arousal slamming into him. He tilted his helm, silently begging for more.

Rumble chuckled and bit down harder, enough to leave a dent behind and sending another zip of charge down Bumblebee’s backstrut.

“Knew you’d like that,” Rumble purred.

“Course I do! So you better not stop!” Bumblebee gasped. Need knotted tighter in his abdomen.

“Never,” Rumble murmured and his mouth descended again, more denta than gloss, and the perfect pressure to drive Bumblebee higher.


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