[IDW] Things That Are Owed

“Have I told ya how glad I am that yer back?”

Optimus chuckled and stroked his hand down Jazz’s back, his former third arching beneath the touch not unlike an Earth feline. “Once or twice since this morning.”

“Oh, is that all?” Jazz grinned down at him. He had his hands folded under his chin, braced as they were on Optimus’ windshields. “Mebbe I should tell ya a few more times. So ya know not to go gallivanting off and leave me by my lonesome again.”

Optimus folded his free arm behind his helm, propping himself up so that he could see Jazz better. “It was something of a necessity.”

“Nah, just somethin’ ya told yerself was necessary,” Jazz retorted and then rolled his shoulders. “I ain’t mad atcha. I know probably better than most of them out there how much ya were startin’ to ache.”

“Not mad, no, but you were hurt.” Optimus let his hand rest on Jazz’s backstrut. “I would apologize for that, but mere words are not enough to suffice.”

“Only if ya don’t mean them. Kinda hard to say sometimes.” Jazz’s visor flashed at him, even as he wriggled. “Things been crazy here. You left me followin’ Starscream, you know. How ya gonna make up for that?”

A conundrum indeed.

Optimus’ hand shifted down to Jazz’s aft, giving it a light pat. “I assumed you would tell me exactly how you intended for me to apologize.”

The aft beneath his hand twitched. “Right there’s a good start.”

Optimus chuckled. “However did I guess?”

There were certain benefits to being nearly twice the size of your lover. The ability to pick him up easily was one of them. Optimus leveraged himself upright, sliding Jazz into his lap with ease, with the added bonus of teasing a surprised ‘eep’ from Jazz in the process.

“Now that’s just unfair,” Jazz said as wrapped his legs around Optimus’ waist, grinding his closed array against Optimus’ in the process. “You know how much I love it when ya toss me around like that.”

“All is fair in love and war, is that not what you told me once?” Optimus asked as he curled a hand around Jazz’s helm, thumb sweeping across Jazz’s lips. “I learned from the best.”

“Mm. That you did.” Jazz pulled Optimus’ thumb into his mouth, pressing it briefly between his denta. “You gotta lot of overloads to make up for, OP. I expect good ones.”

Optimus leaned down, replacing his thumb with his lips. Jazz made a muffled sound of delight, diving into the kiss as though no time had passed between them at all.

“As many as I can manage and more,” Optimus promised against Jazz’s lips before he deepened the kiss, heat already winnowing its way through his lines.

Jazz grabbed his helm, keeping him in place, the kiss turning deep and biting. His grip was tight, unrelenting, as if to say ‘you’d better not leave this time.’

Fortunately, Optimus had learned where he belonged. He had no intention of doing so again.

He held Jazz closer, gentling the kiss as much as he was able. Wherever he went in the future, he would make sure that he did not leave Jazz behind again.

He owed him that, and so much more.


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