[Shattered] Ice 24

Chapter Twenty-Four: All in a Day’s Work

The Turtles Paradise was a favorite hangout of the Turks for many reasons, but mainly, it was because the alcohol was cheap and the owner easily intimidated. It was for this reason that no one bothered either Rude or Elena. It was a much needed break for them after Cloud and company had beaten their asses so many times. Some days, it just didn’t pay to work for ShinRa, especially when they ordered you to lose in battle.

“You ever wonder why we keep doing this?” Elena questioned as she leaned on the counter, still nursing the same Mideelian red wine the bartender had poured for her three hours earlier.

Rude was silent behind his dark glasses as he downed another shot of the rich and dark Nibelheim whiskey. What was it all the good alcohol came from that Kamiforsaken town?

His lack of answer did not dissuade his associate in the least, however.

“I mean, we risk our lives everyday, not that the pay is that bad, and we’re probably on the wrong side in all this. Our boss is laid up in a hospital, and our employer won’t let us do a thing to heal him! He even all but forced us away from Tseng with this impromptu vacation, which isn’t really much of a holiday since we had to take it!” she exclaimed in outrage.

When Rude did not reply, she turned to look at him.

“Are you even listening to me?”



“It’s just a job, Elena,” the bald man commented. “Get used to it.”

She sighed and slumped back in her chair. “Yeah, you’re right,” she mumbled. “You’re always right,” she added bitterly.

Rude raised a brow but didn’t say anything further, instead signaling the bartender for another drink. It wasn’t that he hated his job… or even liked it. Being a Turk was just a job, nothing more or nothing less. Besides, he faced his own dilemmas, such as being unable to be with the woman he cared about.

“Humph,” Elena muttered. “It’s like drinking with a brick wall. At least, Reno would be more entertaining.” She sniffed at her drink, eyeing it cautiously before taking a sip. “Where’s he anyway?”

Rude shrugged. “He said he had something important to take care of. Leave it alone, Elena.”

The female Turk humphed but fell silent, taking a gulp of the sweet, red wine.

The bartender had not lied when she had said it was a good year.

The pair managed to sit in a companionable silence until the door to the Turtles Paradise flew open. A SOLDIER 3rd class stepped inside, scanning the establishment before setting eyes on the Turks at the bar. Two seconds later, he was standing behind them at full attention and barking out the message he had been given.

“Don Corneo’s been sighted in Wutai, sirs,” he commented. “Orders are to capture and contain.”

Elena immediately jumped up from her seat, drink forgotten when she heard the news. Rude, however, remained seated. The blonde woman gaped at him for a moment before regaining her composure.

“C’mon, Rude, we have to go,” she urged.

He shook his head, calmly downing another shot. Curse the $#&! mako that made alcohol useless except in the greatest of quantities.

“B- but, it’s orders,” she spluttered. “It’s our job.”


“But you said-”

“I’m on vacation, Elena,” interrupted Rude. “Corneo is a weasel. We can always get him another time.”

The woman was flabbergasted before she became indignant. “Fine,” she huffed as she slapped some gil down on the table. “You can lose your job if you want; I don’t care. I can handle this on my own.”

With that final declaration, she stormed from the bar, the SOLDIER 3rd class on her heels.

Rude merely signaled the bartender for another shot and settled deeper into his chair. He was on vacation, after all.

“$#&! ninja,” Cloud swore, beginning to sound an awful lot like Cid.

Yuffie had slipped from their grasp yet another time. They had searched Wutai high and low, from top to bottom, but still, they had been unable to locate the slippery thief.

At first, she had led them on a wild goose chase, playing hide and seek around all of Wutai, and her father had been of no help in locating her. Then, when they had finally caught up to her, the sneaky devil had trapped them in a cage and had disappeared.

At this point, Cloud had considered her life forfeit.

After chasing her across a continent and around the city of Wutai, Nanaki was inclined to agree.

There was only one place they had yet to check, the Turtles Paradise Bar. It was there that they headed next. In fact, it was the only place she could be. They had exhausted all other options.

And so it was with aggravation and annoyed heavy steps, they trudged to the bar.

As they walked, something caught the blond’s eye. He turned his head to see, believing he caught a glimpse of crimson, red fabric. However, it was gone from his vision faster than he had noticed. That was one thing that confused the two of them. The crewmember on the Highwind had said that Cid and Vincent were in Wutai, but they hadn’t run into either of them.

Upon first entering the Turtles Paradise, the one thing they immediately noticed was the singular Turk sitting at the bar. Cloud was surprised to find that Rude was by himself and wondered where the other two were. Immediately, his nerves went on edge, and he mentally prepared himself for a battle in case he and Nanaki got jumped from behind by Reno and Elena.

The blond wondered, for only the briefest of moments, why they had never had to fight Tseng. Knowing their luck, he was probably wicked strong and a nine on the Sephiroth scale of power.

Of course, it wasn’t like that it mattered now, not since the Turk Commander was dead.

Nanaki exchanged glances with the blond swordsman before the two walked straight up to the bar, flanking Rude on either sides. A single sweep of the room had informed them that Yuffie was nowhere in sight. There was only the female bartender, two waitresses, and a handful of patrons, most of them looking to be tourists.

Regardless, perhaps the Turk knew where she could be found.

After all, it was common knowledge that Yuffie traveled with their eclectic crew, and Cloud wouldn’t put it past the organization to hold the itinerant ninja in order to draw them out.

As such, Cloud and Nanaki pulled up a barstool, Rude barely sparing them a glance. The blond raised a finger to get the bartender’s attention as he turned to face the bald man.

Rude just slammed back a shot and signaled for another.

“Where is she?” the ex-SOLDIER questioned, cutting right to the point.

Rude raised a brow. “I don’t know what you are talking about,” the bald man responded.

Cloud scoffed. “I think you do.”

The bartender showed up just then with another shot in his hand for the Turk and a question on her face as she glanced at Cloud.

“A Gongagan scotch twist,” he said automatically, too focused on Rude to really care.

The woman nodded in understanding before disappearing to create the drink.

The demi-human rolled his eyes and tried another approach. “Our companion, the ninja Yuffie, is missing. Have you seen her?”

“I’m on vacation,” the bald man muttered. “Why don’t you go bother someone else?”

“This is getting us nowhere,” the swordsman mumbled as he took the alcohol that the bartender had just brought him and gulped it down in one swig. “Kami forbid, I ever get my hands on that thief,” he muttered under his breath with a sigh and tapped his hand on the table.

Just then, someone’s PHS rang. A strong and steady beat. Iron Man.

Both AVALANCHE members raised their eyebrows as Rude calmly shifted in his seat, pulling the phone out of his pocket and flipping the device open. He placed the receiver near his ear.

“Rude, here.”

There was a crackle of static before a recognizable voice came through the noise. “Rude? Look, I know you’re own vacation and everything, but I really think-”

The dark-skinned man sighed. “Elena, you said you could handle it.”

“Yes, but-” Her voice was cut off.

The sound of a struggle could be heard through the receiver. The phone bumped and crashed for a moment as noises of yelling and muffled cursing could be heard. Then, it righted itself, another voice speaking into the PHS.

“Whoo hoo! Lookee here! I got me two chicks now! And one’s a Turk. Now, which one will be my bride?” came the familiar high-pitched, leering tone of Don Corneo.

In the background, a male yelped and cursed as the sound of a scuffle became apparent again.

“Touch me again, and I’ll rip your $#&! hands off, bastard!” a voice, which sounded suspiciously like Elena’s, screamed.

It was followed by another female one. “Ya damn bastards! Get yer stinkin’ paws off me! I ain’t marryin’ no fat slob! The great ninja Yuffie won’t stand for this!”

Nanaki’s eyes widened in surprise. “And there would be our missing thief,” he commented.

“Whoo hoo! Too bad for you!” Don Corneo cackled as the line went dead in Rude’s hands, leaving an annoying dial tone behind that was far easier on the ears than Corneo’s high-pitched whine.

Rude looked to his PHS in disgust before quickly hitting another number for speed dial. He calmly tapped a finger on the table as he considered ordering another shot before he went to rescue the rookie. If only he could reach his partner, but the phone was only ringing and ringing… as he had figured it would.

For a man whose subordinate had just been kidnapped, he was acting surprisingly stoic.

Meanwhile, Nanaki and Cloud exchanged glances, wondering where it was that Don Corneo could possibly be.

He was, after all, holding all their materia in his grasp, even if he didn’t know it. It wasn’t that they minded if he married Yuffie… well, perhaps Nanaki did, but they did want their materia back. They needed it to defeat Sephiroth.

Yuffie was an unfortunate but necessary sacrifice.

“We’ve got to find Corneo before he makes off with our only link to the materia,” Cloud stated with a firm grip on his sword.

The demi-human nodded before his eyes narrowed in thought. “And yet, where?” he inquired, the two of them simply talking over Rude, as if he weren’t even there. “We have searched everywhere in this tourist town.”

It was then that the bald man sighed, clapping his phone shut and slipping the device into his pocket. He slowly rose to his feet, throwing a few Gil down onto the table.

“I think I might know,” he said stoically, “and since I cannot reach Reno, I have drafted you two into a truce.” A ghost of a smile crossed his face. “Well, then, let’s go.”

Cloud’s jaw gaped in amazement. “You did what?”

Nanaki chuckled. “I believe that is the most words I ever heard you say. A truce?” He rubbed his chin. “I believe that will suffice, so long as we do not have to worry about fighting the Turks during the search for our missing ninja.”

“Wait a minute!” the swordsman declared, holding up a hand. “How is it that you know where they are?” he demanded, sliding down from the barstool and looking up at the taller man.

Rude sighed, gazing down at Cloud over the top of his glasses. “I have always known that Corneo has been hiding in Wutai. Did you think that just because Reno is the second and not me that I don’t know what is going on?”

It was Nanaki’s turn for his jaw to drop. “That one is the second? But you’re so much… smarter!”

A smirk quirked at the corner of Rude’s mouth. “You don’t give him enough credit.” He chuckled to himself. “Are we going or not? Corneo is a slippery bastard.”

The blond eyed him cautiously before sticking out a hand as if to shake. However, the Turk merely gazed at him, and he slowly lowered it.

“Fine,” Cloud responded coldly. “But after this, I’m kicking your ass!”

Rude simply inclined his head. “If you wish.”

The incessant ringing of Reno’s phone was stoically ignored as he pushed his older lover to the bed, already having divested him of most of his clothing. They didn’t really have time for anything slow, drawn out, and loving, but he would do the best he could.

Their lips pressed together violently, hungrily as they tried to instill their passion and feelings as best they could. They wanted enough to last them until the next stolen moment.

As sad as it was, that was all they could have together.

Reno’s hands ran over Reeve, pulling off clothing and tossing it this way and that. A white shirt hit a lamp as a tie tangled around a coat hanger way off to the side, and his briefs were quickly shucked off and thrown aside, too.

The executive was no less busy as he pushed his tongue into his younger lover’s mouth and swirled about. He simply wanted to remind himself of what it felt like to kiss Reno.

Luckily for him, Reno was a fast undresser and was already naked.

Their bare skin rubbed together, sparking shocks of electric arousal that had much to do with the neediness of the situation. Their bodies reacted with the return of someone long gone, as if nothing had changed.

Reno attacked his love’s neck with his mouth, licking and nipping but not enough to leave marks. He saved those for the attention he paid further south, pulling up a large hickey on the man’s collarbone. As Reeve moaned under the attention, his body unconsciously undulating against the man above him, Reno gasped and lightly bit down on the tender flesh. His teeth made an imprint in Reeve’s skin, not that the older man seemed to notice.

The executive was completely unperturbed, only making a louder groan. Nevertheless, his hand slipped between their bodies, grabbing the younger man’s cock and stroking firmly.

In response, the Turk’s lips wrapped around a nipple and pulled, swirling his tongue around the hardened flesh.

Another hand stroked along the redhead’s back, short nails dragging along the skin. It was a hand that was once smooth with white-collar work, now calloused from many battles.

One of Reno’s free hands worked its way upwards, tangling in black hair. He pulled a head back so that he could reach the tender skin of Reeve’s neck, swirling his tongue around a particularly erogenous spot.

Reeve gasped and shifted his hips upward, rubbing his aching arousal along the skin of his lover. He left a stream of precum behind in his wake.

“Missed you,” the Turk whispered against Reeve’s flesh as his tongue continued to leave a trail of hot and wet licks in his wake. “Missed this.”

“Mmm,” Reeve moaned. “Worried for you.” His thumb scraped over a leaking head, eliciting a passion filled groan from Reno’s mouth.

The Turk’s free hand groped about in the covers for the oil he was sure he had thrown somewhere amongst the now rumpled sheet. He ghosted his teeth over an abdomen beginning to harden with earlier unseen musculature and bit into a still present bit of flesh on the executive’s side.

Reeve was unable to keep his hold on Reno’s cock because of his movements and reluctantly released him. Instead, he tangled his hand in red hair, running his fingers through the slightly spiky locks.

“I can take care of… myself,” the Turk muttered moments before he lapped at a bead of precum on the executive’s penis. His tongue traced the contours of the hardened flesh before he took in the entire shaft in one gulp.

Reeve gasped and had to consciously hold back from thrusting upwards into the warm mouth before he choked the Turk. He knew Reno could handle it, but still, he refrained from doing so. He didn’t want any bad memories to crop up.

A hand clutched at the rumpling covers as the redhead finally found the bottle he had been searching for. With triumph, he uncapped the stuff one-handed and poured some into a free hand, finally having let go of Reeve’s own hair a while back.

As he swirled the hardened flesh of the executive around in his mouth, easily taking the entire shaft into his throat, he coated two fingers in the oil. Reeve knew what was coming, his legs shifting so that Reno could reach between them. One slickened finger pressed to a puckered entrance, meeting some hindrance.

It had been quite some time.

The executive moaned as the digit slowly slipped past the resisting muscle, moving in and out in a thrusting fashion to slowly prepare him for something much larger. He pushed down on the intrusion, signaling that he was ready for more.

Reno added another finger at the same time that he pulled back his mouth to lave his tongue around the executive’s swollen head. The resulting noises that Reeve made were very encouraging. As the Turk scissored his fingers to stretch the puckered flesh, he felt hands tangling in his hair, rubbing his scalp in a move that literally made him melt.

It was a highly guarded secret that Reno loved to have his head massaged, among other things. It made him feel boneless and cared for… and damn if Reeve hadn’t found out that little tidbit of information. He could literally feel the stress and worry that had been creeping up on him fade away.

Reeve brushed red bangs out of Reno’s face as the Turk lifted his head, fingers still inside him, and slowly moved back upwards. He dotted sensual nibbles along the way, dragging his teeth over bared and sweat-slicked skin, and the redhead carefully added a third finger. Reeve shifted faintly with the barely present feeling of discomfort, but that all faded away when Reno curled his fingers, brushing with intention against the spot that made his lover see stars.

He gasped, but the sound was absorbed by Reno’s mouth as their lips pressed together in another hungry kiss. Reeve sucked the questing tongue as he sinuously rubbed his body against the one above him, muscles clenching around the fingers on purpose, as if reminding him of what was to come. Just the feel of the gripping heat was enough to make Reno moan.

Finally, he felt that Reeve was sufficiently prepared. As he continued to kiss the other man, he groped about for the oil. He found the bottle tucked under the edge of Reeve’s hip and removed it with triumph, pouring the slippery liquid into his hand before he slicked it over his aching cock. He nibbled on Reeve’s lip as he tossed the oil in some random direction and positioned himself. He propped himself up on his arms as he faced Reeve, amber meeting aquamarine.

“I know you can,” Reeve responded, referring to the Turk’s last statement, “but that doesn’t mean I can’t worry.” He brushed a hand over his lover’s cheek, eyes very bright.

The look on Reno’s face was serious, something unusual for him. “Let’s just find our way out of all this alive, eh?” He leaned into the caress. “Please,” he added with a hoarse whisper.

Something flickered across the executive’s face, an emotion that passed so quickly Reno did not recognize it. Still, before he could even ask, Reeve had grasped his head pulling him down for another kiss as he moved impatiently at the cock poised just at his entrance.

The Turk understood his meaning quite clearly.

Without further ado, he slowly began to press inside. He met some resistance at first as he knew he would, but Reno continued on, finally slipping past that first ring of muscle. From then on, it was as if he were swallowed by the gripping heat until he was completely ensheathed, tight walls clenching around him and sending sparks of arousal along his spine. Reeve gasped against his mouth as he began to move, slight rocking motions aimed more at pleasuring the other man than himself.

Legs wrapped around his waist, changing the angle of his movements as Reeve moved with him. One hand clutched at his shoulder as the other remained on the back of his head, pushing their mouths together. It seemed that Reeve couldn’t get enough of kissing his lover, trying to memorize his taste and the feel of his lips.

However, Reeve was quickly becoming impatient with the slow and loving shift of Reno’s hips. He was ready for the man to move. As such, he made a noise in the back of his throat, a requesting whimper as he pushed down on the intrusion, tightening his hold on Reno’s shoulder.

The Turk interpreted all of this correctly as he slowly withdrew from the executive’s entrance before thrusting back in again, building a motion that rubbed along his prostate. Reeve moaned in appreciation and moved with him, shifting downward to meet every thrust. He broke away from the lengthy kiss, moving his lips to Reno’s neck. There, he returned earlier favors, grazing his teeth and tongue over the sweat-sheened flesh.

Reno moaned as tingles spread through his skin. His body heated with arousal, and he increased the pace of his thrusts, knowing that was what Reeve wanted. The executive showed his appreciation by dragging his mouth lower, wrapping his lips upon the bare skin of a collarbone and biting down hard enough to leave a faint imprint in the Turk’s skin.

That was another one of those secrets Reeve had discovered about his lover, but very few others knew. Reno had a biting fetish: to be bitten, to bite, either way it aroused him. The Turk shuddered as Reeve’s teeth caressed his flesh, his cock swelling to even larger proportions inside his lover, if that were at all possible.

The older man tilted his head, mouth trailing lower. He sank his teeth into the flesh just above the Turk’s hardened nipple before flicking the tip of his tongue over the nubbed flesh. Reno moaned, shifting down to his elbow and making Reeve pull back and return his attentions to the his neck. The redhead reached between their bodies and grasped the executive’s aching shaft, which was straining for attention. He began to stroke it deftly.

The dark-haired male arched into the touch, His toes curled, and his body trembled with every pass of Reno’s cock over his prostate. His entire form thrummed with the pleasure, and even the Turk seemed lost to the feeling. He was thrusting with abandon now, his every inch tensing,

All at once, it became too much, and Reeve lost all control. His back arched as his hand scrabbled at Reno’s back. His mouth opened, letting out a savage moan, and he came with a deep shudder. An incoherent jumble of words tumbled out after the first breathy sound when he attempted to clamp his clenching muscles down on the Turk’s cock.

That was all it took.

Reno bent down and absorbed his older lover in a passionate kiss as he came, spilling himself inside Reeve with a muffled groan. He collapsed on top of him, breath coming in quick gasps and body still trembling, and Reeve clung to him as they tried to calm their erratic heartbeats. They shared another kiss, a much slower one, before the redhead rolled over so that he wasn’t crushing Reeve beneath his weight. The executive turned, wrapping an arm around his sweat-slicked lover and nuzzling affectionately into the younger man’s neck. Reno grinned, playfully patting the dark-haired man on the head much like he would a child.

“You’ve made me sticky, old man,” he teased.

Reeve raised a brow, dragging his teeth over the soft skin just below Reno’s jaw line. “Old man?” he questioned. “I do believe this is entirely your fault,” he replied, taking a hand and trailing it down the pale flesh.

The redhead laughed as he turned his head to kiss his older lover once more. “That just means we’re gonna have to take a shower, yo.” He moaned when the executive’s hand dipped lower, trailing through auburn curls and caressing his half-hard flesh. “We still have time.”

“Umm hmm,” Reeve replied already distracted as he ran his tongue around the shell of Reno’s ear. He rubbed his body, wakening once more, along the side of Reno’s. There was something about the Turk that always had him ready.

He curled his fingers around the rapidly hardening flesh, stroking the Turk with languid, easy movements. Reno made a whimpering sound in the back of his throat as he began to shift his hips into the executive’s grasp. Reeve smirked before running his tongue over the bared throat and nibbling gently.

“We’re never going to… ah… make it to the… uhhh.” Reno paused, moaning as Reeve increased the pressure of his hand, rubbing a thumb over the leaking head. “Shower… if you keep… mmm.”

Any protest died as Reeve flung a leg over his younger lover’s hardening shaft, rubbing against the outside of the Turk’s thigh.

“If I keep what?” Reeve murmured, sliding his knee up and down.

Their skin slid together as he increased the pace, rhythmically pumping the Turk into a frenzy. Reno moaned and reached out with his hand, pulling the executive in for a kiss. He brushed his lips over Reeve’s jaw before tracing the contours with his tongue. Then, he delved into the sweet cavern. The executive made a noise of appreciation in the back of his throat before he swung his leg completely over Reno’s body, releasing his fully erect shaft in the same moment.

He perched himself over the Turk’s body and sank down onto the willing flesh, relishing the familiar feeling of being filled once more. He pulled back from the kiss as he started to raise and lower his body, the Turk’s hands automatically going to his hips to balance him. The younger man moaned and pumped upwards, thrusting into the still warm and slick cavern.

Reeve took his own aching hardness into his hand and began to pump, pulling his lip between his teeth. It was a reaction that Reno found most arousing, and he took one hand off the executive’s hip and wrapped it around both Reeve’s hand and his cock, helping him to stroke.

Despite the fact that he had just orgasmed a few minutes ago, the redhead could feel another creeping up on him. Reeve’s ministrations and then subsequent decision to just jump him was a major turn on. To see his lover moving on top of him like that, tanned skin slick with sweat and face furrowed in concentration, made his skin thrum.

Reeve gasped as a hot fire began to creep up the back of his spine, his shaft leaking copious amounts of precum over both Reno’s and his combined hands. He could feel aquamarine eyes trailing over his body, and it made him shudder with arousal.

It was Reno who shuddered with pleasure first, his hips pumping into the executive’s with one vicious thrust as his body wracked, and he came for the second time that day. A bottom lip was dragged sexily between teeth as Reeve cried out, quickly following his younger lover over. The creamy, white fluid spilled out onto their combined hands, splashing onto Reno’s bare stomach.

Reeve leaned forward on Reno’s body, gasping as he tried to regain his breath. His entire body thrummed with the after effects of his orgasm.

Reno wrapped his hands around his older lover, running them up and down his back before settling them on his hips.

“I wonder what ever happened to that shower,” the Turk murmured, pressing a kiss to the nearest bit of Reeve’s flesh.

“Mnh.” The older man merely made a tired noise, not really responding or anything.

Reno chuckled as he ran his hands down and cupped Reeve’s buttocks, squeezing the shapely flesh with his fingers. The other man made a noise and a half-snoring sound, as if he had fallen asleep. The Turk sniggered before giving a great heave, turning their bodies over and pulling the executive towards him so that they spooned together.

“We really don’t have much time,” Reeve admitted with a sigh.

“I know,” Reno responded, “but we have enough. ”

He left it at that.


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