[Shattered] Ice 23

Chapter Twenty-Three: Secret Liaison

The Turtles Paradise Bar was the pride and joy of the city of Wutai. It was a large establishment located at the best spot, and it had been advertised all over the world, attracting many tourists. Nearly any alcoholic beverage a person could possibly dream was found there. And it was well known for being a favorite vacation spot for the illustrious Turks.

The door to this building opened, and a young looking man with dark hair and a beard stepped through. He was dressed in a tailored dark-blue suit that went very well with him, and he looked very distinguished. The man paused as he crossed the threshold, amber eyes scanning the room. He immediately located his targets, three darkly clad people sitting at the far wall, one with a head of red, one with a head of blond, and the last without any hair at all.

With his suspicions confirmed, the man continued into the bar, allowing the door to shut behind him. Reeve Tuesti took a seat at a near table with his back to the bar and pulled out his PHS, contemplating the device for just a moment.

“Can I help you, sir?” questioned the pretty and rather young waitress. Truthfully, she didn’t seem old enough to be working in a bar. Hell, Yuffie looked to be older.

Reeve glanced up and smiled. “I’m meeting someone, so I will wait until they arrive before I order.”

She positively beamed at him, her attempts at flirtation sadly misguided. “Sure, I’ll come back later then.”

And she sauntered away with a sashay to her hips, a thing that Reeve promptly ignored. Had it been five… no, six years before, he might have actually looked with interest. But now, his eyes belonged to one person and one person alone.

Shaking his head, the executive returned his attentions to his phone, and he began inputting the text that he planned to send. What fortunate luck it was for them to arrive in Wutai around the same time as the Turks’ vacation. The prospect of seeing Reno, if even for a short time, was enough for Reeve to sneak from the Highwind and make his way to the capital city the moment that Cloud, Yuffie, and Nanaki had disappeared into Dead Man’s Cave. It was the only reason he had even deigned to support Yuffie’s suggestion.

The executive finished typing the message and sent it, the phone beeping at him softly to indicate a successful mail-out. He waited a few minutes more for the message to reach its intended target before rising from his table and walking out of the bar. His destination was the local inn, where he had already reserved a room under another name. It was sad that he was so used to this: the sneaking around and hiding just to be with his lover.

It was an unfortunate necessity, especially since Reeve was now considered a traitor.

The executive realized that the other Turks knew about the two of them… as did Heidegger, which was an inadvertent happenstance. However, with the world in its present state, it was still best that they tried to hide the truth of the matter. For even in Wutai, ShinRa soldiers were still everywhere.

Still, it was a common occurrence for him to long to have their relationship out in the open. He wanted to be able to freely walk around and call his love whenever he chose, rather than at a carefully pre-chosen time. He desired the ability to tell the world what he already knew in his heart: that he was in love with Reno. He never thought that he would ever find himself, once a person completely infatuated with women, in love with another man. However, there was something about Reno, and from first day that Reeve saw him, it couldn’t be denied.

Yet, it was worse for them now than it was ever before. Standing on opposite sides of a battlefield with neither side knowing the true story, Reeve feared the day he would actually be forced to fight against his lover. He would never be able to hurt Reno, but then, that would mean again betraying those whose trust he had just barely gained. It was a tough decision, one that had been weighing on both his heart and mind, often causing sleepless nights and an aching head.

It had been a long time since he had been able to actually see Reno, talk to him, or just touch him. The last he had laid eyes on his lover had been during their attempts to take back the Huge Materia from the Junon reactor. It had been painful pretending that Reno had not set his heart to stirring. He had tried to convince them of the importance of the materia, but he had failed.

On opposite sides, there was a chasm between them now, and unless something was done, he may never get to see his love again.

Just thinking of that made Reeve’s chest ache. He couldn’t imagine actually living it.

The executive frowned as he walked, engrossed in his internal diatribe, and not even the cheerful decor of the western town could bring him out of his reverie. There weren’t many people milling about the streets as it was not tourist season just yet. Truthfully, after ShinRa had defeated the Wutaiians, many had been forced to leave their home country to find paying work. There was a mere fraction of the original population now, and only a small portion of that was due to deaths in the war.

Always ShinRa. Everything it seemed could be traced back to Rufus’ family and their mega corporation.

Suddenly, an arm shot out of the alley beside him, grabbing onto his sleeve and jerking him into the cool darkness before he could even react. Amber eyes widened in surprise before Reeve was pushed up against the side of a building, and lips were hungrily pressed to his own. However, he instantly recognized the familiar scent and taste, and Reeve eagerly returned the gesture.

A warm, wet tongue slid between his lips, twirling about his mouth and deepening their connection. One hand still clutched at his arm, and the other fisted in his suit. A warm body pressed against him, pinning Reeve to the side of the building. Only the need for air finally separated them, and the executive was able to look up into Mako eyes.

Reno simply grinned.

“How did you get-” the Turk questioned, but he was cut off before he could finish.

Reeve grabbed him, pulling the redhead close and kissing him again, and he put all of his pent up passions and fears into the single touch. He moved his lips desperately against Reno’s, as if to assure himself that the Turk was still alive.

“I’m happy to see you, too, yo,” Reno murmured against Reeve’s mouth.

The executive flushed, feeling his cheeks turn red as he pulled away from the almost violent and most definitely needy kiss. “We probably don’t have much time,” he responded.

Reno grinned. “I’ll take all the time I can get.” He affectionately squeezed his lover’s shoulder, but those aquamarine eyes were already darkening with lust and desire.

“I have a room at the inn,” Reeve whispered. “Let’s go.”

“Well, this is… cheerful,” Vincent commented dryly at first glance of the capital city of Wutai, which was conveniently also named Wutai. Although he wasn’t sure cheerful was quite the word he was going for. Yet, for the grinning blond’s sake, he would at least attempt some interest.

Cid smiled cheekily as he chewed on a toothpick he had procured at some location. It was probably his means of satisfying his mouth’s desire since he could not smoke since Vincent would not allow it.

“Better than being closed up on that airship,” the pilot added.

Vincent only nodded in response as they continued to traverse the streets of Wutai. There weren’t many residents out and about, but those they did see looked upon the eclectic pair with many assorted emotions: fear, interest, confusion, etc. The gunman could have sworn that last one was lust. Further, behind them, they were attracting a sizeable crowd of nosy children. He was certain that one in particular was tugging on his cloak every time a gust of wind would seize it.

It had done no good to tell them to leave or, as Cid so elegantly put it, “Scat, you little runts.” It seemed the children were fascinated by both them and their weapons: Cid’s gleaming spear and the glimpses of his own recently polished Winchester beneath his cloak. They also seemed strangely interested in the glowing balls of materia, plainly visible on each weapon and piece of armor.

One precocious female kept trying to grasp Vincent’s hair, but he had sternly glared at her. Now, she kept her distance as well. He found it odd that they kept trying to touch him but stayed away from Cid. Was his blustery manner enough to scare them away? Would Vincent have to resort to crude language and a loud voice as well, especially since his glare of death was certainly not making them leave him alone?

“Ya ever thought about having kids one day?” Cid asked with a query that came out of absolutely nowhere.

Still, it was probably founded, considering that Vincent had just glared at another itinerant child of the pack that was following them. In turn, the blond grinned as he looked over at his companion.

Vincent frowned in consideration. Thirty years in a coffin and being infested with this demonic body, he had never really thought beyond the battle with Sephiroth. He had never really thought past killing Hojo in revenge. When his beloved Lucrecia had still there, had he considered children then?

Cid laughed, disturbing his thought process. When the gunman cut his crimson eyes towards his companion in question, the pilot just waved it away.

“I was trying to imagine you as a kid,” he said with another laugh. “I kept picturing that you would probably be like Yuffie, especially since you’re so quiet now.”

“Highwind,” the ex-Turk warned in a quiet tone. “I should think you know me better.”

Cid shrugged. “Maybe. So, kids? I never really ever expected to have any, yanno? Figured I’d just spoil Shera’s kids when her and… uh, you know, get together. I kind of like ’em myself.”

He followed up this declaration with another round of “Scat, ya little runts; we don’t want a fucking train behind us.” They giggled and pretended to scatter, but when Cid turned his back, they slowly fell into line once more.

“I never really thought about it,” Vincent responded with an internal sigh. He hadn’t really considered anything of his future. At this point, he merely existed, not willing to forget about the past and completely uncertain of his future.

“Well, now’s the perfect time to start, wouldn’t you say?” the blond put in nonchalantly, his finger obviously twitching for a cigarette.

Vincent mused quietly on this. He wasn’t really fond of children as they were loud, demanding, and required him to give far too much attention and a part of himself he wasn’t sure he had. Then again, the thought of such unconditional love for someone made his heart warm. Children could be annoying, yes, but they were also honest in their own fashion. And they had big hearts.

A smile quirked at the corner of his lips at the thought.

“I suppose they aren’t too bad, all things considered,” he mused aloud as
Cid grinned at him. His next thought was on what the pilot was probably like as a child. He had most likely always grinned with dreams of flying in the clouds and soaring to the stars.

It was at that moment that Vincent realized he and Cid knew nothing of each other. Much could be explained by the fact the gunman couldn’t remember anything, but still, the questions hadn’t been asked.

He furrowed his brow in puzzlement.

Lost in thought, Vincent almost missed something out of the corner of his eye. He recognized a dark-blue suit, black hair, and a person who appeared to be Reeve Tuesti being pulled into an alley. The former Turk frowned, trying to peer into the darkened corridor just across the street.

What was Reeve doing in Wutai, if indeed that was him?

However, he could discern nothing in the darkness. Two forms maybe, but he couldn’t distinguish anything about them. Perhaps it was just his imagination.

“Hey, Vince, didn’t ya need something in here?” Cid interrupted, jerking a thumb towards the weapons shop.

The query stopped Vincent’s prior train of thought.

He had needed something. What was it again?

Oh, right.

The ex-Turk nodded. “Yes, ammunition for the Winchester,” he replied.

With that decided, the two entered the weapons shop, their entourage of children remaining outside and pressing their noses to the glass of the window. Cid shook his head at their antics, while Vincent walked straight to the counter, completely ignoring them. In turn, the blond amused himself by inspecting the spear polish. It was too high-priced for his tastes. Then again, he could really use some.

“Welcome to Wutai’s Wonderful Weapon Shop, good sirs!” the shopkeeper exclaimed with a bow, his bald head shining in the light of the store. “What can I help you with?”

Vincent reached for his gun, the gleam of his claw catching the merchant’s eyes. They widened as the ex-Turk placed the Winchester on the counter.

“I need three boxes of the strongest ammunition for this,” Vincent requested.

“That is some hand you have there, sir,” the shopkeeper commented as he inspected the weapon. “Is it real?”

Vincent gritted his teeth at the reminder of his deformity. “I would assume so.”

The Wutaiian man raised a brow, but noticing the storm gathering above
Vincent’s head, he wisely said nothing more. “I will be right back, sir,” he explained before turning away and heading to the storeroom, leaving the Winchester on the counter.

“Did he have what you needed?” the pilot asked, suddenly appearing at the gunman’s side.

Vincent nodded. “Yes, but I could have done without the inquisition.” His voice was bitter as he spoke, immediately alerting Cid that all was not well.

The blond’s eyes narrowed. “What’d he say? I’ll wring his scrawny neck,” Cid vowed, shaking his clenched fists to enunciate his point.

The corner of the gunman’s lip quirked once more. “Have you become my knight, then? Ready to save my honor?” he questioned, half-turning to face the Captain.

It was quite amusing to watch Cid flush red and fluster about, trying to find the right sort of words. Before he could embarrass the blushing man further, the merchant came out, carrying two boxes.

“I could only find two boxes, but they are both the Mad Fury edition. Will that suffice, sir?” the shopkeeper questioned. He was momentarily taken aback by the intense glare issuing from Cid’s sky-blue eyes. “I… I can order something stronger if you will be in town for a few days,” the man stuttered, feeling a small amount of fear.

Vincent inspected the boxes before he nodded, rather satisfied. “No, these will do fine,” the gunman responded, wondering why the merchant was suddenly stuttering. That was until he felt the anger radiating off Cid, which only seemed to make him smile slightly.

“How much?” he prompted.

“Sixteen… uh… thirteen thousand and five hundred Gil, sir” the shopkeeper said, visibly shaking under the never ceasing glare and anger that were radiating from Cid. He quickly changed the tune of his price under that stare as well.

Vincent counted out the money and placed it in the merchant’s hand before grabbing the boxes. He exhaled slowly, squaring his shoulders as he stepped to the door. He wasn’t really looking forward to being followed by the children once more.

“Tell me, Coupon,” (1) Cid questioned after checking the man’s nametag and leaning on the counter. “You have a back door to this place?”

The shopkeeper nodded, pointing to the door behind him. “It is through that door and out the other side, sir.”

“Thank you,” Cid intoned lazily. “C’mon, Vince, let’s avoid those kids.”

Vincent inclined his head, and the two moved for the back door, finally escaping the hordes of children. Nevertheless, the gunman did see Cid discreetly slip the trader some Gil to purchase those “little runts” some candy.

The man truly was a softie at heart.

The back door deposited them in a side street, the local inn just in sight. It was then that Vincent was reminded of the other reason that they had come to Wutai.

“I do believe you’ve promised me some hot springs,” the ex-Turk commented.

Cid grinned so widely that the mostly chewed toothpick slid from his mouth and tumbled to the ground. “That I did,” he said, eyes beginning to darken with the desire. It clearly involved the thought of a wet Vincent.

He jerked a thumb towards the inn. “C’mon, let’s go.”

The steam rising off the water wasn’t enough to obscure their vision, but it was enough to add a slightly romantic air to the atmosphere. Cid had dished out enough Gil to get them a private room with private access since he knew Vincent would not want others to see his scars.

This, in turn, found the two of them naked and relaxing in the pleasantly hot water. Vincent appeared to be in deep thought as he sat waist high, clawed arm propped up on the side and eyes closed with his head tilted to the side. He had a thoughtful expression on his face and was occasionally nibbling on his lip in an unusual gesture.

On the other hand, the pilot was focused, trying to figure out exactly how he was going to seduce Vincent. He leered openly at pale skin, glistening wetly, and damp, water-slicked hair. Vincent was appropriately muscled for a gunman, still possessing some softer lines. Not an ounce of fat was present on him, and the flat discs of his nipples were just begging to be licked and sucked.

Cid found himself getting hard just staring at him.

The ex-Turk, of course, knew he was being leered at. He was wondering why Cid hadn’t attacked him yet, which had also led to the realization that he was comfortable around the pilot. The blond was the only one who could make him feel… well, not necessarily alright, but more like himself. More like the person he should be, rather than what he was trying to be, if that even made sense.

Coming to Wutai had been a good idea. The hot springs felt good on his aching body and scars, and for a moment, the demons had quieted. All was good, it seemed, even if it was only temporary, and he was determined to take the minor break for what it was, a healing for his fractured sanity.

He felt the water swirl in the spring moments before warm lips pressed to his. In the same instant, an equally warm body settled onto his lap, and a hard cock poked him in the stomach, as if blaming him for its problem.

Vincent returned the languid kiss as he placed his flesh hand on Cid’s hip. The pilot’s ass was poised directly on his groin, the soft skin and warm heat causing him to stiffen with each passing second. One spear-calloused hand gripped his shoulder for balance, while the other began tracing a line of musculature.

A tongue slipped between the gunman’s parted lips as Cid began to move sensuously against him, rubbing Vincent’s cock along the cleft of his ass.
The ex-Turk shuddered with the feeling, sliding his tongue along the blond’s before exiting his mouth, only to nip and lick at the other man’s neck. The Captain tilted his head back so Vincent could have better access, and the former Turk began to shift his hips slowly until the two were rocking together in an easy motion that drove Cid crazy with want.

“Ungh,” he moaned as Vincent found a particularly erogenous zone on his neck. “Fuck me, Vin,” he requested without hesitation, arousal already curling his belly into a tight coil, begging for release.

It was at this point that Vincent decided he was going to tease the pilot. He released his hold on Cid’s hip and grasped his cock instead. However, the gunman was unwilling to completely submerge his claw, so he kept it propped up on the top. Meanwhile, he wrapped his fingers around Cid and stroked, sliding a thumb over the mushroomed head. He relished the sound of the blond’s gasp as the blond bucked into the teasing touch.

Vincent continued to slide his own aching cock along Cid’s cleft. “No,” he denied. “You don’t know my name,” he added when Cid made a strangled sound of protest. He accentuated each word with a strong stroke on the pilot’s shaft.

The pilot moaned in response, eyes fluttering open. “Awww, come on, Vince,” he pleaded. “You never minded before.”

The ex-Turk quirked an eyebrow as he held back, attempting to keep a solemn look on his face. “I think you’ve lost your memory, Highwind. I’ve always minded.”

Cid made a face as Vincent stroked him again. “Ah… ungh… but, Vince, don’t I have special… uh… privileges?” he gasped out, bucking forward into the touch that just wasn’t quite enough.

The gunman shook his head, eyes darkening with lust and a hint of playfulness. “No, I don’t play favorites.”

Cid attempted to pout, but it was lost as a warm tongue curled around his ear, right along an erogenous zone. For a moment, he was faced with a dilemma, but a hard cock poised at his entrance just then, the head teasing the opening and going no further. Vincent continued to languidly stroke his shaft. It was all very maddening.

“Alright, Vincent,” Cid finally conceded. “You win.”

The gunman sighed playfully as he released Cid’s cock, slipping his hand down until his index finger reached the puckered entrance. “I suppose that will have to suffice,” he commented as he easily slid it in and added a second, curling the digits to stroke along the pilot’s prostate.

Cid shuddered, nearly melting against him. His shaft jumped in response to the arousing touch.

Satisfied that he would not hurt the blond, Vincent pulled his hand back, and using the water as lube, he slowly pushed inside, his head slipping just past the entrance. Water wasn’t as good as oil or lotion, but it was definitely better than nothing. Cid moaned as the thick shaft began to fill him, and Vincent relished slipping into the tight heat, even warmer than the water surrounding them.

Finally, he was fully ensheathed. He waited a moment for the pilot to adjust before he began rocking with slow, easy movements that rubbed directly along the other man’s sensitive gland. In turn, Cid moaned, both hands now on Vincent’s shoulders.

The gunman’s hand wrapped around his cock once more, but this time, Cid was getting the stimulation he needed. He moaned loudly now, rocking his body on Vincent’s cock and enjoying every minute of it. The water lapped at them pleasantly, the heat adding to the pleasure and causing their skin to flush deeper.

The fire in Cid’s stomach curled, his cock leapt, and he gasped aloud, succumbing to the orgasm as he came. Vincent followed him over not a second later. Their bodies shuddered in unison as the ex-Turk pressed his lips to the blond’s, absorbing his last moan.

Cid collapsed against him, heart pattering wildly and his breath erratic. Vincent was in no better shape.

After a moment, the blond grinned. “You fuckin’ tease,” he commented with a slight punch to the gunman’s shoulder.

Vincent raised a brow as he gave another light squeeze to the pilot’s half hard cock. “Who said I was teasing?”

Cid shook his head. “You never cease ta amaze me, Vin. Now, let’s get out of the water; I’m turning pruny.” He made a move to get up, but Vincent had a firm hand on his hip. “What?”

The gunman gave a negative shake to his head with a grim expression to his face. “I don’t think so, Cid. It appears you haven’t learned your lesson.”

The Captain gaped at the devilish glint behind those crimson eyes. He knew he was certainly up for another round, and it appeared Vincent was as well. He wondered why the gunman was in such a good mood but figured he didn’t really care so long as Vincent was happy.

Cid could already feel him hardening again, and he squirmed about playfully.

“I like Vince better,” he commented with a half grin.

Vincent raised a brow. “Well, I’ll just have to show you different, won’t
I?” he questioned.

Cid could only grin in response.


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