[Shattered] Ice 15

Chapter Fifteen – Reconciliation

Cid Highwind was a man who wholly believed in taking risks, jumping when others feared and stayed behind. He wasn’t the type to hide behind his fears or be afraid of making mistakes. It was for that reason alone that he gave into his desires and took what was being offered, what he had wanted for so long and thought he would never have again.

Looking at the raven-haired man before him, one who began as an enemy and then became an awkward friend, lover, then nothing at all in the space of a couple of weeks, Cid knew what he desired. And the gunman was offering it to him on a silver platter. Who was he to say no?

In front of him, the gunman stirred, clearly uneasy and feeling like he was being rejected. “I can leave now,” Vincent offered, breaking through the silence. “I will walk out the door if you want me to.” It would be as much as he deserved for the way that he had treated Cid the first time.

“No,” the pilot mumbled slowly as he shook his head. Vincent looked at him, wondering which question he was answering. “No,” Cid repeated, locking eyes with the gunman. “Stay,” he quietly commanded before leaning in to lock the ex-Turk in a scorching kiss, searing with the heat of desire.

He pushed into Vincent’s mouth with his tongue, eagerly seeking out the gunman’s spicy and unique flavor. Meanwhile, his hands found themselves hurriedly unclasping the other man’s cloak, eager to feel skin on skin.

The gunman accepted Cid’s kiss as he gently pulled the pilot forward with his human hand, unbuttoning his pants with the other. It became of race of frantic desperation to remove unnecessary articles of clothing. He broke away from the kiss, quieting the blond’s protests when he started nipping gently on the pilot’s neck, slightly sharpened canines scraping sensuously across tanned skin.

“Fuck, Vince…” Cid moaned, tendrils of desire beginning to curl in his belly. “I want you so bad. “

Vincent didn’t reply, instead choosing to pull away and standing swiftly. Stunned by the sudden loss of contact, Cid blinked up at him, rather confused. His brain was still somewhat muddled by the sudden turn of events. The gunman began to shed his clothes, not wasting any time as he tore them off and threw them to the floor.

The pilot blinked in sudden understanding as he fumbled to remove pants as well. Heat pooled in his belly as pale skin was exposed, muscles shifting gracefully beneath flesh. His mouth went dry, blood filling his cock instantly.

Finally, the other man crawled back onto the bed and up Cid’s body until he was face to face with the pilot, propped up on his elbows. Vincent locked eyes with Cid as their cocks brushed against each other.

“You’re in my head,” Vincent commented as he shifted his weight to his left arm, trailing his right hand down the other man’s bared chest, ghosting his fingers over the skin and pebbling a dusky nipple. Cid shivered visibly beneath his touch, instantly aroused by that barely there touch. “I don’t understand it.”

Cid grinned in response, clearly pleased by Vincent’s admission. “And I ain’t leavin’ anytime soon,” he teased, reaching up and brushing some of the other man’s long hair out of his face, and Vincent closed his eyes at the simple yet caring touch.

Cid moved his hand to cup the side of the ex-Turk’s face, but the gunman had other plans. He turned his head slightly, drawing Cid’s fingers into his mouth. Vincent sucked on them lightly, rolling the appendages around his tongue and nipping gently. The blond felt like there was a direct line from his fingers to his groin as he felt his erection hardening even more, if that was at all possible.

The gunman’s right hand crept up Cid’s chest, neatly tweaking a nipple as it instantly peaked under his ministrations. He rolled the pebbled flesh between his fingers as Cid arched beneath him. The pilot groaned, the sensations unbelievably arousing. And by the feeling of Vincent’s erect cock pressed into his inner thigh, he knew that the gunman was not unaffected either.

While Vincent sucked on his fingers, Cid allowed himself to explore the former Turk’s body with his free hand. His calloused fingers wandered over a smooth pale chest, tracing scars as he lightly pinched one of Vincent’s nipples, eliciting a moan from the gunman. He trailed his hand over the rest of ivory flesh with light, almost feather-soft touches.

Vincent undulated his hips, causing their cocks to rub together and creating a buzz of arousal that spread through both of them. The pilot gasped, fingers curling inside the gunman’s mouth as his other thumb rubbed across a peaked nipple.

Vincent chuckled softly as he sensuously released Cid’s fingers from his mouth, only to bend down and latch onto one dusky nipple. Hands wound themselves in his long hair as he nibbled on pebbled flesh, tongue laving tanned skin.

“Uhnn…” Cid moaned beneath his touch as Vincent lightly bit and sucked his way down the pilot’s body, leaving small red marks that would surely fade by morning. However, the blond found he didn’t want them to. He wanted Vincent to mark him; he wanted to feel as if he was owned.

The ex-Turk finally found himself at his desired destination, mouth centered directly over Cid’s straining erection. He admired the pilot’s length for a moment before gently taking it in his warm hand and stroking him slowly. Cid shivered at his touch.

Smiling softly to himself, Vincent leaned forward and just barely breathed a puff of warm air over the head of the Captain’s cock following it with a gentle lick, tasting the small drop of precum already leaking out. Cid moaned aloud as he thrust up towards Vincent’s mouth, eager to feel the warmth there. He unconsciously spread his legs a bit more, allowing the other man the access that he desired.

Vincent took the pilot’s length in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the mushroomed tip as precum slid down his throat. He traced the underside, along the vein, taking Cid as deeply as he could manage without gagging as he bobbed his head up and down. He lightly held down the blond’s hips with his claw as whimpers of arousal escaped from Cid’s throat. When the blond began to move restlessly beneath him, Vincent released his cock with a slight pop, looking up at the flushed face of the blond.

“Huh?” Cid questioned on a sexual high. He opened his eyes and lifted an eyebrow.

“Do you have anything?” Vincent asked breathlessly, looking around the room. His fingers curled around the pilot’s scrotum, massaging and causing Cid’s eyes to flutter.

The pilot groaned, attempting to think somewhat straight. “In the nightstand, top drawer,” he stuttered out.

The gunman nodded and swiftly rose. He rustled around inside the small drawer, finally pulling out a small vial of oil. He opened up the cap as he moved back towards the bed, giving it a gentle sniff. It smelled like vanilla.

“Vanilla?” Vincent asked with a raised eyebrow as he knelt between legs dusted with blond hair. Cid accommodated him quickly, arousal burning through his body as the gunman poured oil into his hand and covered his fingers with the slippery liquid.

“I can’t help it,” Cid answered with a cheeky grin. “It reminds me of cookies.”

Vincent shook his head, leaning over to kiss the pilot, pressing his lips to Cid’s as he reached down between the blond’s legs and gently began to press one slicked finger into Cid’s puckered entrance. The pilot hissed, a mixture of pain and pleasure, as Vincent slowly pressed into him, inch by agonizing inch. The dark-haired man moaned when his lover reached up to tweak at his nipples, sending sharp flashes of arousal down his spine.

Vincent moved the finger around inside the blond, stretching him. He continued, adding another and then a third. He wriggled them around, searching for the one spot that would make Cid scream with pleasure as he continued to gently kiss the pilot, sucking on his tongue.

“Uhhnnn,” Cid moaned aloud, his body arching up off the bed, and Vincent knew he had found his lover’s prostate. Moving his fingers in and out of the blond’s entrance, being sure to stroke the pleasure spot, the gunman slowly and languorously kissed him, memorizing his flavor.

“Please…” Cid muttered when Vincent pulled away from the kiss to nibble at the pilot’s neck. “I won’t last much longer.” Already, the blond could feel that his length couldn’t get any harder. His entire body was on fire, and Vincent was taking far too long for his libido to handle the strain.

Vincent sat back on his heels, removing his fingers from Cid and gazing down at his pilot. “Begging now?” he asked, tips twitching. He reached out with his right hand and gently stroked him once. Cid’s hips thrust up off the bed into his hand as he exclaimed with unintelligible words.

Cid growled, sky blue eyes narrowing, already dark slate with lust. “Just fuck me, ya bastard.”

“Only because you asked so nicely.”

The gunman reached for the discarded oil, slicking up his cock with the sweet smelling liquid. Once he felt he was sufficiently covered, he tossed the bottle to the side. Vincent positioned himself at Cid’s entrance as he slowly and gently began to push inside, giving the blond enough time to adjust to the penetration. The pilot unconsciously lifted up his legs, wrapping them around Vincent’s waist, pulling the gunman deeper inside him.

Vincent bit his lip as he felt himself completely ensheathed with Cid’s tight and hot passage. There was no feeling in the world at all like this, and he found himself wishing that it would never end. Those memories, the hated feelings of self-revile and disgust, seemed to wash away. For a moment, the former Turk remained in position with Cid’s legs wrapped around his waist and the pilot’s tight wet heat wrapped around him. He closed his eyes and lost himself to the feeling.

Until Cid bucked up restlessly beneath him, letting him know that his lover was more than ready for him to move.

Vincent smiled slightly, opening his eyes to look down at his pilot. “Feeling a little impatient?”

The blond grunted as he shifted his hips and squeezed Vincent’s length within him. “Move already dammit!”

The gunman complied, pulling out almost completely before thrusting back in again. He set up a slow and steady rhythm, being sure to hit the same bundle of nerves each time. Cid writhed beneath him, hips rising unconsciously to meet each thrust. Their bodies were covered in a thin sheen of sweat, a testament to their lovemaking, glistening in the dim light of the room.

Cid’s arousal jutted up impatiently from his body. The Captain could feel his release building up within him and longed to feel the bliss associated with orgasm. Vincent felt so good inside of him, almost as if he belonged. The pilot looked up at the man above him, ivory skin nearly glowing with arousal, black hair sticking to his face, even as it settled around his shoulders, and crimson eyes glowing. He was…

“…so fuckin’ beautiful,” Cid commented aloud, shooting the gunman a meaningful look.

Vincent didn’t comment, only stepping up the pace a little. Cid bit his lip, even though whimpers of delight still managed to escape from his throat. He couldn’t take it anymore. He reached down with one hand, intent on taking his own length and finishing the job. That was until Vincent swatted his hand away.

“No,” he said simply, red eyes locking onto sky blue one’s. “I’m in charge.”

“Then do something dammit!” the pilot cursed in frustration. “I’m dyin’ here!”

Vincent rolled his eyes at the Captain’s exaggeration but took pity on him. He sped up his pace as he reached down and wrapped his warm hand around Cid’s erection. He began to stroke the pilot to the tempo of their thrusts, matching him move for move. Leaning forward, he balanced on his claw, trying not to rip the sheets as he kissed along Cid’s neck, canines grazing tanned skin. He could feel the pulse of Cid’s heartbeat against his lips, the smell of sex and vanilla permeating the air.

It became all too real then, what he had been avoiding for so long, everything that Cid had to offer for him and what he could give in return. Tight warm walls clenched around him; warm skin pressed to his. There was no music but the sound of their own moans and grunts, and an unshaved chin scraped across his shoulder. Every little detail became crystal clear as fire raced down his spine.

Vincent rubbed a thumb over the head of his lover’s cock, tightening his hold as Cid arched his back, one calloused hand gripping tightly onto the sheets.

“Uhnnn… Vince!!” the pilot exclaimed on a loud breathy groan as he spasmed around Vincent’s cock, his semen splashing on himself and his lover.

That was all it took for Vincent. The blond squeezed him from the inside with the sound of his name on the pilot’s lips, and he was gone, spurting eagerly inside Cid. It felt so good it nearly hurt. He screamed, something wordless torn from his throat, sounding more guttural than anything else.

Vincent collapsed on top of Cid’s chest tiredly, slipping out of him carefully as the pilot slowly unwound his legs from the gunman’s waist to stretch them out more comfortably on the bed. The blond wrapped his arms around the ex-Turk and held him closely. Their legs tangled together and for a moment, only their echoed breaths and the beating of their hearts could be heard.

Vincent closed his eyes and settled comfortably on Cid. His right hand found itself cradled on the pilot’s broad and well-muscled chest, even as his left had unconsciously thrust itself over the side of the bed. The blond wrapped his arms around him, unconsciously stroking his back, fingers tracing the scars.

“Will you be here in the morning?” Cid asked in a quiet voice.

Vincent’s eyes snapped open at that question. He moved his hand slightly, tracing odd symbols on his lover’s chest, just delighting in the feel of his skin.

“Unless you want me to leave,” he answered softly. He hoped that Cid wouldn’t turn him away, although he knew he deserved it.

Cid shifted his weight so that they laid on their sides and the gunman was no longer crushing him. “Are you going to run?”

“Not this time,” Vincent answered truthfully, making a split-second decision. “I want to be here for whatever happens.”

Cid understood what the other man meant. “I only hope that you don’t have to. I don’t want that anymore.” He pulled Vincent in closer to him, nuzzling into the gunman’s hair, inhaling its scent.

Vincent sighed, admitting the truth when it was easier to do so, not looking his lover in the eye. Yes, that was what they were: lovers now, not just friends.

“I am still afraid, Cid, for many reasons you will never understand.”

“Will you ever tell me?”

“When I learn to believe in man again and I can afford to trust… perhaps.” Vincent sighed, closing his eyes in exhaustion. It felt wonderful to be close to his pilot, like he belonged there. “Or maybe sooner. I just don’t know because I don’t understand myself. I can’t explain it but–“

Cid hushed him, interrupting what was probably going to be a lengthy monologue on all of his faults and mistakes. They would talk more later. Right now, he just wanted to take the moment for what it was.

“Jes sleep.”

– – –

“Has anyone seen Vincent?” Nanaki asked as he strolled into the common room that housed a few vending machines and a couple tables. It was for the crew to hang out on their breaks or generally get to know each other. Right now, it was mostly deserted, only Yuffie and Reeve present.

“Why?” Reeve asked as he sipped on a fizzy drink, something called Kalm Kola.

The fire-wolf padded over, leaping up into a chair at the table that both Reeve and Yuffie occupied. “I have to ask him something.” He unconsciously leaned his head toward the ninja, receiving a pat and a head scratch for his troubles.

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him since we came back from North Corel,” Reeve answered, shrugging his shoulders.

“I think I know,” Yuffie answered slyly. She unwrapped the plastic from around the chocolate confection she was currently consuming and shoved the rest of it in her mouth, chewing happily. Little flecks of dark chocolate stuck out jauntily on her chin.

Nanaki raised a brow. “Please tell me, Yuffie. I’ve been searching for a while now,” he responded, flicking her gently with his tail. “He wasn’t in his room or on the deck, and I cannot think where else he could be.” There were very few places that Vincent chose to hide, so when someone actually sought him out, he was usually easy to find. As if he really was a vampire, Vincent preferred dark and solitary locations where he could brood in solitude. Yet, if you asked him, he wouldn’t admit to the brooding.

“Did you check Cid’s room?” the little ninja asked mischievously, catching the lion-wolf’s tail. Her brown eyes sparkled with secretive naughtiness.

The two males gave her confused and startled looks. “Why on Gaia would he search there?” Reeve asked with bewilderment.

Yuffie shrugged innocently, running her fingers through Nanaki’s tail fur. “An hour or so ago I saw Mr. Dark and Scary standing outside Highwind’s room. As far as I know, he hasn’t left yet.” She grinned, winking at the both of them.

The ex-ShinRa’s eyes widened in surprise, while Nanaki seemed unaffected by the news.

“What?” The ninja pouted looking at the fire-lion unhappily. “You aren’t surprised?”

“I had already guessed,” Nanaki answered smugly, a wolfish smile on his face. He pulled his tail free and again flicked the ninja.

“Ah, damn!” she cursed. “I thought only I knew.”

The ex-executive, gaping like a fish, managed to pull a collective coherent thought. “Are they together?” he asked with surprise.

The ninja and Nanaki shrugged in unison. “Can’t say for sure, but it looks that way to me.” Yuffie grinned, attempting to catch the pesky tail once more.

“How… interesting…” Reeve mused as he slumped back in his chair, Kalm Kola completely forgotten. Perhaps his relationship would not be as looked down upon as he had thought. Strange, he never really took Valentine for the type to be interested in men. Then again, stranger things had happened. Take himself for instance.

Nanaki asked innocently, “What of you, Reeve?” His tail batted Yuffie in the face before darting away, and the ninja mock-snarled.

Amber eyes blinked. “Huh?”

“Well, you know…” Yuffie continued for the lion-wolf, her game with his tail forgotten as she attempted nonchalance. It appeared that the two mischievous friends were preparing to gang up on poor Reeve. “Cid lives with Shera. Barret was married at one time. Vincent did have Lucrecia, though that’s in the past. Cloud had something going on with Tifa or Aeris… or maybe both.” She suddenly smirked. “What about you?”

Reeve reddened faintly as his mind instantly brought him images of a redhead with laughing aquamarine eyes. “I have never been married,” he deftly answered with a smile.

The fire-lion and Yuffie exchanged a glance, and something unspoken passed between them.

Golden eyes sparkled as Nanaki propped his forelimbs on the table, resting his head on them and eyeing Reeve intently. “That is not entirely what we asked.”

“You got a special someone, Kitty?” the ninja inquired, pushing the subject.

Reeve groaned, slapping a hand to his forehead as he slumped in his chair. “Why do you insist on calling me ‘Kitty?’”

Yuffie laughed, clearly amused by his discomfort. “You’re changing the subject, Reeve,” she declared, shaking a finger at him.

“Besides, isn’t it obvious,” the lion-wolf snorted, interrupting them. He glanced at Reeve, whose face was still burning with embarrassment. He knew what the man was trying to hide but still thought it fun to tease him. It was not often that Nanaki acted his “human” age, but Yuffie tended to bring it out in him more than most.

The former ShinRa shook his head. “No, it’s not.”

“Cait’s a cat, isn’t he?” the ninja asked.

“Yeah… but…”

“Well, if you look close enough, you do kinda look alike.” Yuffie giggled again.

“What!” the ex-ShinRa yelled indignantly. His entire face flushed as he considered finding a mirror. He didn’t look like a cartoon cat… did he?

Yuffie laughed, waving her hand at him as tears of mirth filled her eyes. Even Nanaki chuckled beside her. Reeve huffed with righteous anger that lasted for all of two seconds before his younger companions exchanged mischievous glances.

“So, about your lover…” Nanaki began, locking eyes with the ex-executive.
”What? I never said–“

Yuffie interrupted smoothly, flustering Reeve completely. “Is there?”

Blinking, Reeve scrambled for something appropriate to say. “Well…” he began slowly, stalling for time. “There is someone–”

But they latched onto his slow admission like a fish onto dangling bait. “Who is it?” Yuffie pressed, attempting a look of pure innocence. She leaned forward on the table, putting her chin in her hands. “Someone we know?”

Reeve blushed again, his face darkening even more, if that was at all possible. He appeared to be searching for a way to answer that question without revealing too much.

“Oh, Vincent!!” he exclaimed suddenly, eyes widening as he looked past Nanaki and Yuffie. Both turned their backs on the ex-executive expecting to see the gunman in the doorway. And the ex-ShinRa took this chance to escape, darting from the common room before they could notice.

“There’s no one there,” Yuffie complained aloud as she turned back around. “I think you’re– He’s gone!” she exclaimed, brown eyes wide with confusion.

“He is a sneaky one,” Nanaki commented, eyes twinkling with merriment. “I cannot believe we fell for that.”

Yuffie pouted. “I was having fun teasing him. He gets flustered so easily.” She sighed before smiling impishly, holding up one hand. “At least, I got this for my trouble.”

Golden eyes widened before Nanaki chuckled. “He has probably given it up as a lost cause.”

The ninja fluttered her eyes at him innocently. “Well, he shouldn’t have run away. We could have had a lot more fun.” She shook her head. “Wait until he finds out we already know.”

Nanaki nodded. “Until then, let him believe he has his secrets.” He raised an eyebrow at her. “So was Vincent really standing outside Cid’s door?”

“Yep!” Yuffie responded cheerily, bounding out of her chair to get another chocolate bar from the vending machine, not that she needed any more energy. “But he had a really scary look on his face. Almost like he was arguing with himself.” She frowned in thought, caramel or crunch, before she giggled again. “He even had his hand raised to knock, and it was just kinda hanging there.” She mimicked the ex-Turk’s actions eliciting another giggle.

“Hmm,” the fire-wolf responded thoughtfully. “Caramel,” he suggested, knowing that she was having trouble deciding. There was a blip and a thunk as the candy dropped down before Yuffie bounced back to her seat, unwrapping the chocolate with a very hungry look on her face. “You know, some humans would be bothered by a homosexual relationship.”

Yuffie shrugged, already biting into the gooey candy. “I guess I should be,” she answered thoughtfully. “It’s one of those super taboo things by Dao-Chao, but then again, so is stealing.” She giggled. “I don’t really follow any of my father’s rules, so why would I with this one?” she answered around a mouthful of gooey caramel.

Nanaki shrugged. “I do not know. Humans think rather strangely.”

“Besides,” continued Yuffie. “Vinnie’s all gloom and doom, and the old man needs a break. If you ask me, they’re perfect for each other.” She scrunched her nose then. “Maybe Vin can get Cid to quit smoking.”

Nanaki laughed. “Push them together for your own selfish gain, hmm?” he questioned.
”It is a nasty habit,” she retorted indignantly, sitting up straighter in her chair before peering at him. “Do you mind them together?”

The lion-wolf snorted. “What do I care what humans do in their private time?” he asked rhetorically before his voice turned solemn. “The only one I can see making a big deal is Barret. He seems to turn irrational at the slightest irregularity.”

“He’ll get over it,” the ninja answered, stuffing the last bit of the chocolate bar in her mouth, crinkling the wrapping in one fist. “And if he doesn’t, I’ll kick his ass and–”

“Steal all his materia,” Nanaki finished for her, shooting the ninja a wolfish grin. “Your priorities are certainly clear.”

She pouted before changing the topic to something a bit more serious. “You think Cloud’s going to be all right?”

Nanaki frowned as he sighed. “I do not know, Yuffie. I can’t even begin to guess.”

– – –

Vincent sneezed, barely managing to cover up the impromptu reaction before another one struck him with enough force to shake the bed. It was rather odd; he never really took ill now that the demons infested his body. Brushing a few strands of hair out of his face, he glanced down at his lover, hoping that the sneezes hadn’t woken Cid.

“You know, if you sneeze twice that means someone’s talking about ya,” the pilot commented in a somewhat groggy voice.

Crimson eyes rolled as Vincent stared into the darkness, not even remembering when or who had gotten up to turn off the light. “That’s an old wives’ tale,” he retorted, shifting his position to get more comfortable. Cid was like a damn furnace, so he ended up pushing off the covers, allowing himself room to breathe. It was warm enough that sweat clung to his pale body.

Cid grunted but didn’t make a verbal response, tightening his arms around Vincent’s body so that his lover couldn’t escape. Not that the gunman particularly wanted to, but Cid wasn’t taking any chances. He wasn’t allowing Vincent to leave without a proper discussion.

After a moment of silence and listening to the steady thrum of his lover’s heartbeat, Vincent broke the quiet. “Cid?” he questioned tentatively, half-expecting the pilot to have fallen back asleep that quickly.

“Hmm?” Cid responded sleepily, not even moving at all. The sound reverberated in his chest.

Vincent took a deep breath. “What are we now?”

The pilot grunted, one calloused finger beginning to draw tiny circles across Vincent’s scarred back. “What d’you want us ta be?”

The gunman fell silent, fully considering the question. It was difficult. There was a thick line between what he wanted and what he could have. To accept being with Cid was like abandoning everything he had ever felt for Lucrecia, almost as if he was betraying her. Could he add that to his conscience on top of everything else?

He had failed her. Who was to say he wouldn’t do the same again? Was he just making the same mistakes?

“Cause I won’t settle for anything less than you being mine,” added in Cid, cutting through Vincent’s inner thoughts. “Ya can’t back out this time, Vince. It ain’t that easy.”

The gunman chewed his lip in indecision, knowing what it was Cid wanted him to say. Although it had been his original question, he wasn’t exactly certain what it was he wanted anymore. He wanted Cid. He wanted revenge. He couldn’t forget about Lucrecia. He wanted his memories.

Somehow, it all seemed counterproductive. Was his love so fickle that he could forget about her so quickly in the face of one cursing, smoking, gruff pilot?

Needing more time to think and hating being put on the spot, Vincent quickly sought to change the subject. “I think that we should visit, Cloud,” he murmured quietly, internally berating himself for his own cowardice. He ignored the amused chuckles of the demons, pushing them down and building up his mental blocks once more.

Cid mentally sighed, figuring it would take a while yet to crack his vampire all the way through. He took the topic change for the distraction it was and cracked open one blue eye, craning his neck to look down into crimson eyes.


Vincent shrugged. “It might make you feel better,” he suggested, shifting his body and pulling up the dangling claw arm. He shoved it beneath a pillow where it wouldn’t do any damage.

“Or worse…” Cid mumbled closing his eye again and sighing. He settled back into the bed and proceeded to attempt a return to sleep. He was tired, both bodily and mentally.

“Well?” Vincent prompted after a moment of hesitation.

The pilot mumbled something under his breath before sliding one leg over the gunman’s, entrapping him completely. “We’ll go tomorrow,” he grumbled. “Now, go to sleep; it ain’t even morning yet.”

Despite himself, the gunman smiled as he closed his eyes and drifted off, daring to hope for a night without nightmares.


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