[Shattered] Refrain 14

Track Fourteen – Elena – Bad Reputation

“18 facts you didn’t know about Elena Elric”

  1. She was actually the third child of her parents, Alphonse and Riza Elric. Her older brother died in childbirth, leaving her with only a sister by the name of Maria, and they didn’t get along very well.

I don’t give a damn bout my reputation.

  1. Her father was a teacher at the ShinRa Military Academy; his subject was Sharpshooting. Her sister was a Turk who specialized in markmanship and only used guns as a weapon. Elena resents her sister for outdoing her in everything, especially when it came to their father’s love.

You’re living in the past; it’s a new generation.

  1. Elena originally despised the Turks and everything that went along with them, coinciding with her antipathy for Maria. It was when she met Tseng that she changed her mind. But it wasn’t until Reno was injured fighting AVALANCHE in Midgar that she was officially given her position.

A girl can do what she wants to do,

And that’s what I’m gonna do.

  1. She has a serious weakness for caramel ice cream. It is perhaps the only bribe tool that will work on her. Reno has taken advantage of this on many an occasion.

And I don’t give a damn bout my bad reputation.

  1. Elena once had a crush on Tseng, but it quickly changed to best friend status when she realized her commander was a homosexual. Even more so, she began to plan to help him when it came to light that he had had his eyes on Sephiroth for far longer than she had even known him.

Never said I wanted to improve my station.

  1. She thought Zack was attractive from the moment she first saw him and was actually quite amused with being able to get one over on him, though she suspected he was either holding back or only teasing. It still remains unclear to this day wither it was the former, the latter, or even neither.

And I’m only doing good when I’m havin’ fun.

  1. Her father died a couple of years after the Nibelheim incident, but her mother remains alive and well. It was an accident at the Military Academy. No one quite knows what happened. Riza once lived in Midgar, which is where Elena grew up above the plate after moving there, but given the events after Meteor, Riza thought it wiser to change locations. She now resides in Kalm, and Elena visits her on occasion.

And I don’t have to please no one.

  1. Blonde is her natural hair color, despite what some people might think. And she has had the same hairstyle for six years. Reno teases her that it might be time for a change, but she is rather rigid in her routine at times.

And I don’t give a damn bout my bad reputation.

  1. Her relationship with Zack began purely on impulse, one of the first spontaneous things she had ever done in her life. Since, she has resolved to be a bit spur-of-the-moment in the future. Zack has helped her with this declaration, cornering her just when she thinks she’s alone, not that Elena minds.

I’ve never been afraid of any deviation.

  1. Elena is a secret romantic, though she wouldn’t ever admit it aloud, and quietly, she hopes to one day be treated like the girls in the movies with flowers, chocolates, and sweet words. Though she hates being protected, she admits that having someone watch out for her out of love is quite quixotic, thus her admiration for Reno and Reeve’s relationship.

And I don’t really care if ya think I’m strange.
I aint gonna change.

  1. She shares her birthday, September 19, with Reis Tuesti, Reeve’s sister.

And I’m never gonna care bout my bad reputation.

  1. Despite her organized appearance, her apartment is actually in disarray. Between saving the world, looking after Tseng, and helping Reeve, she hasn’t really had time to keep it clean, not that she was particularly studious to begin with.

The worlds in trouble.
There’s no communication.

  1. When Elena was four, she told everyone in her family that she wanted to be a princess. And though she had matured since then, she has never forgotten her childhood dream and still recalls those old days in the form of reading trashy romance novels. Rude found out about this habit, and for her birthday last year, he gave her an entire box full of romances. It is unclear exactly how he procured them. Elena was delighted.

And everyone can say what they want to say.
It never gets better anyway.

  1. She is a closet science nerd and one of her friends is Sion from the Research and Development Department. Both of them worked together to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious chip found in the Torama-clone that she and Zack fought. But while she loves the laboratory, she loves being on the field even more.

So why should I care bout a bad reputation anyway?

  1. Because her weapon of choice is a gun, she does not train as physically as the others. For a workout, she both swims and runs and has taken classes in both hand-to-hand and a more complicated form of judo. However, she still prefers to take out enemies from afar.

You’re living in the past; it’s a new generation.

  1. Her handwriting is both atrocious and illegible, even more so than Reno’s. As such, she types up most of her reports and is always the first to hand them in, much to the chagrin of others, Rude especially, who at least tries to stay ahead of his partner.

And I only feel good when I got no pain.

  1. Other than her high school uniform, Elena has never actively chosen to wear a dress or skirt in her life. If the occasion calls for formal attire, she will wear a pair of black slacks and some type of silk shirt, regardless of what the others have to say. She cares very little for other women, and most of her friends are males.

And that’s how I’m gonna stay.
And I don’t give a damn ‘bout my bad reputation.

  1. It is a little known fact, but as the only high-level active female Turk, Elena has all of the males – Tseng, Rude, and even Reno – wrapped around her finger. Like her only two female friends, Aeris and Shera, she has them whipped.

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