[Shattered] Refrain 03

Track Three – Yuffie Kisaragi – Watch Me Shine

I am not your average type of girl. You should have known this just from looking at me. I am something special and unique, the great ninja Yuffie Kisaragi. Sure, my hands are a bit sticky, and they find their way into your pockets more often than not. We all have our little habits. I just happen to find materia very alluring.

I can see the doubt in your eyes. You don’t believe I’m anything more than what you see. Well, I’m going to show the world the strength in me. It’s something that you just can’t see. I may be young, but don’t let that fool you. I was training to be a ninja before I learned to walk, and I will have you know that I am supposed to be heir of Wutai. Eventually. When I get around to it. For the moment, I just don’t want to be locked up inside of a palace.

There is too much to see and do.

So watch and see. I am about to switch my style. This immature brat is more than you would have ever expected. Take a step back because I’m warning you now; things may get wild soon. I’m not holding back any punches; I will prove that I can conquer anything.

My dad might think he can manage what I do, choosing my husband for me and how I will live. But he’s about to get a slap from reality. Because from my head to my toes, I’m taking full control. I’m going to make it on my own this time. I don’t need him to protect me anymore. I don’t need anyone to watch over me. You better recognize this and watch me shine.

Dad can’t see that my heart does what it wants, that it can’t be categorized and changed or led into the path he would rather it tread. If I want to stay single, I will. If I want to marry, Nanaki, I’m going to. You hear me?

You better watch out because I’m going for the knockout. And I will not stop until I hit the top.

And who knows?

Maybe there’s even something further. I won’t know until I try.

You’re probably wondering why my mother lets me be this way. Well, I’m sure she would be proud of me if she was looking right now. She would smile in that usual way of hers and pat me on the head. My mom was strong, stronger than most men in Wutai. You could say she’s my hero. I was devastated when she died, but I know that she never really left me. She is still here, watching over me and smiling. Always smiling.

So I’m not going to give up until I get what’s mine. I don’t really know where it’s all going, but I assure you, I’ll definitely break all expectations. I’m not some teenager anymore, and I’m not a little kid. I can kick more ass than anyone you know except maybe Cloud… and Vincent… and well, Sephiroth.

Okay, so there’re a few people that can kick my ass. Still, there are others I’m stronger than! I beat dad after all, and now, I’m the Lord, or actually the Lady, of the Pagoda. And when I get the materia that Cloud promised me, Wutai will prosper again. Just like I planned.

Uryuu Douwe can kiss my ass because that’s about as close to me and the throne as he’s going to get. Like I would fall for a simpering idiot like him. He’s just this side of useless and boring.

Now, Nanaki, that’s a man a girl could love. Or well, sort of man. He’s actually more like a demi-human. Claws, tail, fangs, the works… but I think it’s sexy. You might not, but I don’t really think your opinion matters that much, now does it? You better step back because I’m taking over. Prepare to watch me shine.

I’m not your typical princess. I can’t wear a dress to save my life, and I don’t remember a day when I ever managed to hold a teacup properly. I prefer to be out battling the bad guys and hunting for materia, instead of getting into deep discussions about the state of internal affairs.

I want adventure. I want my life.

Get ready because here I come. Until the job is done, I have no time to waste. Try as you might, but there is nothing stopping me.

I am tired of people telling me that I am too young or that I’m just a girl. I am as strong as I want to be. I can do anything I want to do. I will be with who I want to be. If I want to love Nanaki, then by Dao Chao, I’m going to love him. My heart speaks honestly, and frankly, I will follow it first before I listen to any close-minded people. But you don’t seem to hear what I’m saying, so now, I’m just going to show you. I will prove that I am going to be the best that I can be.

With my mind, body, and soul, I am taking full control this time. There won’t be anything to stop me or stand in my way. And by Dao Chao, I’m going to get that materia. Cloud owes me. He doesn’t remember it, but he did sign a contract.

I know you see me laughing. That’s because I can be quite devious if I need to be.

I’ll bet you don’t think I can take it. But my mind and body are strong. It won’t take me long at all. So just sit back. Watch me shine.


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