[Shattered] Boundaries 09

Part Nine – Your Arms Are My Castle

The buzz of his phone on the nightstand was an annoying sound that Reeve couldn’t ignore, especially since it had woken him from nearly a dead sleep. He muttered nonsense syllables in his throat as his hand snaked out from beneath his nest of covers and groped blindly for the irritating buzz. When his fingers encountered the vibrating device, he lazily scooped it up and dragged into his cocoon. He didn’t even open his eyes as he flipped it open and pressed it to his ear, his head buried beneath a pillow as opposed to atop it.

“H’llo?” he answered sleepily, half-contemplating on just hanging up on the caller and returning to sleep.

For once, he was tired, his body weary and sapped of energy. Thirty years was too old for a marathon sex session, especially one involving various sorts of ice cream toppings and lasting until the wee hours of the morning. Lucky for him, it was a day off, mandatory because of the stress, and he had nowhere to be for the next few days. He was certain that his new secretary/assistant, Archer, could handle things just fine.

A teasing giggle greeted his ears after he finished his drawled greeting. “It’s three in the afternoon on a Wednesday, Reeve. Why are you still asleep?” the voice asked, her tone distinctly amused. “Are you not too old for this sort of laziness?”

“Three?” he repeated blankly.

Brain function was not yet optimal. He left his phone laying on his ear as he reached up and pulled off his pillow, wincing when bright light flooded his vision. Still, bleary eyes sought out his alarm clock. He blinked in surprise. Sure enough, the voice that was currently chuckling at him was right.

“So it is,” he added with a slight groan, flopping his pillow back onto his head and wriggling about beneath the soft sheets of his rather comfortable bed.

“You sound like my fellow students after a night of binge-drinking,” she teased before her voice suddenly grew serious as if recalling something. “Reeve, you didn’t–”

He sighed, cutting her off. “No, Reis, not this time. It’s been six months.”

He was referring to the “night of tequila and purple elephants.” His sister hadn’t known why he had done it, only that he had mostly because Reeve was terrible at lying. And she could ferret out a secret better than most torturers, which begged the question as to how she hadn’t yet learned of Reno.

“I simply have a few days vacation, and I was up late,” he explained, finally deciding to roll on his back and contemplate getting up.

The pillow tumbled to the floor as he stared up at his white ceiling and the fan that rotated lazily above him. At least, something was doing its job.

Reis’ voice was a welcome sound. He always enjoyed speaking with his sister.

“And just what does a man your age do ‘up late?’”

“I’m not that old, Reis. Give me some credit.”

She laughed. “You’re older than me, and according to my fellow students, that makes you ancient.” She paused and he heard the rustling of papers before she continued, changing the subject. “If you’re off work, then you weren’t up finishing a late schematic. Tell me then, who was she?” She had a distinct air of deviousness, and he could just imagine the knowing sparkle in her eyes.

He groaned as he sat up in the bed, swinging his legs over the side. “I’m not talking about this with you,” he informed her, shooting a longing glance towards the empty side of his bed.

Reno had gotten a call after only a few hours sleep for a brief mission. Reeve didn’t know how his lover could stand let alone function.

“So it was a woman.” Reis sounded both knowing and amused, and he had to stifle the urge to shake his head at her. She was always more curious than he would have liked.

“No, it was not,” he corrected honestly, yawning as he stretched before searching the floor for some pants to throw on over his nakedness.

At least, that much wasn’t a lie.

She hummed thoughtfully. “I don’t know, Reeve. Mother tells me you and Cameron have called it off. Either that’s a recent development, or you have someone else. I distinctly remember you telling me just last week that you were involved and not to set you up with any young, college friends.” Her voice was cheery, but she sounded like a hunter on the trail of her prey.

Thus, the reason he never lied to her; other than the fact he wasn’t any good at it. His sister was far more understanding than their parents and wasn’t always nagging him. Reeve’s one regret was leaving her behind.

“You mean you didn’t call me just because you wanted to hear my voice?” he teased, stalling for time as he slipped out of his room and padded down the silent hallway towards the kitchen. He couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t just come out and tell her.

His sister clucked her tongue. “Mother may have been curious, but you know I won’t push for it. Either way, I am curious myself. Should I be greeting a sister-in-law soon?”

“No,” he answered honestly, absentmindedly getting his coffeepot prepared so that it would start brewing his favorite drink. Otherwise, his mind wouldn’t wake up properly, and he would be left in a daze for the rest of the day, or what was left of it.

“It’s not serious then?”

He tried being vague. It wasn’t the same as lying, and honestly, a part of him really wanted to tell her.

“No, it is serious.”

Reis sighed. “You’re not making much sense, brother. Clarify… or I’m coming to Midgar to throttle it out of you.”

Reeve grinned at her threat as he leaned against the counter, crossing one foot over the other. He took a deep breath.

“We’re not getting married, but I’m fairly certain we are serious.” He paused, tone becoming more sober as he wrapped his other arm around his bare mid-section. “I’m positive they are the one.”

“That’s great!” she exclaimed, obviously enthused for his budding love life. “Are you going to tell me who then? Why all the cloak and dagger, Reeve?” She lowered her voice. “Mother and Father wouldn’t approve?”

“That’s a large part of it.” Reeve sighed, rubbing a hand across his forehead.

This was the moment. He could lie and continue hiding Reno from his closest and dearest family member. Or he could take the plunge and risk losing her love and admiration. He loved Reno; he was certain of it. And a part of him despised the secrecy, hated being unable to show the world that he had finally found someone who could make him smile and feel alive.

Honestly, if he was going to spill his secrets, Reis was the best person to start with. Of their family, she was the most open-minded and guarded her own secrets tenaciously.

“What if I wanted to tell you about the person I loved the most, but was afraid you would hate me for it?” he finally asked, suddenly feeling very weary.

The coffee pot dripped behind him, and its normal scent was a small comfort. Yet, it felt as if everything was hinging on a moment for him, and his heart thudded loudly in his ear.

She was silent as she mulled before a small chuckle escaped her. “If my place in your heart has been usurped by someone else, they must be special. I can honestly say I would be happy for you,” Reis replied softly. “You’ve always been alone, brother, and you never really seemed to be happy, not even with any of the others. It was like you were always searching for something else. Besides, I could never hate you, Reeve. You’re my one and only big brother.”

Embarrassingly, a lump developed in the executive’s throat. “I love you, too, Reis,” he replied in return. His hand tightened unconsciously around his phone. “And you haven’t been usurped; you two will just have to share.”

Reeve could practically see her smile through the phone. “Great! That’s a relief. Now, what’s her name?”

His eyes closed. “He,” Reeve corrected quietly. “His name is Reno.”

The words fell like a dropped bomb, and he winced as he waited for the explosion. They hung in the air, and he desperately panicked that he had lost his dear sibling, so much that his breath caught in his chest and refused to release.

Until what could only be described as a fangirl screech echoed through his receiver, causing him to jerk the phone away before he permanently lost his hearing. His eyes widened in shock as his mouth dropped.

“Seriously?” Reis gushed, for once managing to sound her age. “No wonder you’ve been so secretive. Mother and Father would have heart attacks, but did you really think I would hate you, Reeve?” Her tone turned reprimanding as she clucked her tongue at him. “I thought you knew me better than that.”

He finally felt as if he could breathe again and heaved a huge sigh of relief, something inside of him loosening in that moment. It felt like a constricting band around his heart had eased.

“I should have known, Reis. Nothing fazes you.”

“Nope!” she chirped cheerily. He heard more papers rustle. She must have been pretending to do her homework when she called.

“Tell me about him then. What’s he like? How did you meet and how long, you little liar? How long have you been hiding him from me?”

“Shouldn’t you be doing your school work?” he teased.

She blew a very unladylike raspberry at him. “This is more interesting than calculus and biochemistry,” she informed him. “So spill.”

Instantly lightening, Reeve turned towards his coffee and began pouring himself a cup. He was not too worried about her reaction to any of Reno’s other quirks. Reis didn’t think like the rest of the wealthy class, and at least, Reno was legal now. He stirred cream and sugar into his coffee as he finally began to tell someone else in his life about Reno.

“Three years,” he admitted, and when she gasped, Reeve smiled. “I saw him for the first time three years ago, and I was captivated by his eyes.”

“Really? What color are they?”

His own eyes brightened as he sipped on his coffee and moved into his living room. “Aquamarine, and they glow with mako. He grew up in Midgar, down in the slums. Though he hasn’t said it, I’m pretty certain it was around one of my reactors.” He paused for a moment, joy dimming as he thought of his creation. “I’m not so certain they are such a good idea anymore, Reis. Those I intended to help are only suffering further.”

“Give it time,” she soothed. “Press the President for more and don’t give up, Reeve. Now, tell me more about Reno. We can have a serious talk later.”

He sank down into his couch, eying his television. The thing never seemed to be off, despite the fact that no one was ever really watching it.

“Very well,” Reeve responded. “Other than the fact that he is a Turk, Reno is also young. In fact, he is only two years older than you.”

She laughed. “A younger man? You do live dangerously. When do I get to meet him?”

He blinked. “I don’t know. I never really thought about it.”

Honestly, he hadn’t. He was still dealing with his whole loss of heterosexualism. Reeve hadn’t thought farther than simply surviving day to day without their relationship being discovered.

Reis sighed, and he almost believed she was wagging a finger at him. “Were you going to hide him for the rest of your lives then? That’s a little irrational and impossible, brother.”

“I know. I was just taking things as they come. I honestly love him; I know that much.”

“You sound happy… happier than I’ve ever heard you, Reeve. You don’t know how excited I am for you,” she murmured before suddenly laughing, her tone turning evil. “Is he good in bed?” she asked mischievously.

At the tender age of thirty, Reeve blushed like a high school virgin. “Reis!” he exclaimed. “I’m not talking about this with you.”

“Why not?” she wheedled, attempting to sound innocent. “I’m a mature adult. And it’s a perfectly legitimate conversation topic,” she continued with a breezy and logical tone. “So who’s on top?”

A wave of embarrassed heat assaulted Reeve’s cheekbones in a matter of seconds as he began to splutter furiously. His groin immediately tightened at the reminder when his manly side, silent for so long, suddenly saw fit to remind him just who took whom and that it had been a long time since he’d been… well, male. Not since Cameron.

“You’re not supposed to know about such things,” he stammered. “And I would prefer it if you never did. I’m not going to discuss it with you either.”

Reis was so bold. It was hard to believe that their parents considered her the angelic child, but she was even better at putting on a face for them than ever was. Reis had them wrapped around her little finger.

She laughed at him. “Fine, fine, I won’t make you kiss and tell. Anyway, talk to me, brother. I haven’t heard from you in a while.”

Reeve groaned and scraped a hand over his forehead. She was as devious as Reno; he was certain of it! However, her words still lingered in his mind, and he continued their conversation with only half an ear.

It wasn’t so much that he didn’t enjoy sex with Reno because that would be a lie. All Reno had to do was look at him, and Reeve started to get horny. In the beginning, having no experience in the methods of homosexual relations, he had relented to Reno’s guidance and hadn’t really felt a need to assert his dominance. Especially since it felt so damn good.

Now that the idea was there, however, it would not leave, constantly nagging at the back of his mind. His usually silent and almost nonexistent masculine pride was whispering words into his heart, and the images would not fade. He saw himself taking Reno, watching his pale skin flush with arousal or taking him from behind and admiring the contrast of his hair against his back. Long legs wrapped around his waist, sweat dotting his forehead…

He wanted to make Reno moan and gasp his name, to see the younger man become undone beneath him. The visions flashed through his mind with such vividness that he nearly gasped out loud. His cock twitched in his pants. Clearly, this was something he did not want to be denied.

Unless that wasn’t how gay sex worked. Was one man automatically designated the woman? Even from the beginning?

And suddenly, Reeve’s eyes widened and a strangled gasp escaped his throat. Was he the woman?

His masculine pride ranted and raved at the indignity. Now, that just wasn’t fair. If anything, Reno was far prettier than any woman, so technically, it should be him. Or something like that.

The thought nagged at him for the rest of the day. Even hours after he had hung up with Reis, he was still mulling over his place in his and Reno’s relationship. Something began boiling beneath the surface; some deeply seeded dominant side of him that had been buried beneath years of cultured upbringing.

A man was polite. A man was courteous. A man always asked and used the proper spoon or fork and walked with grace and dressed with dignity. He did not draw blood. He did not argue. And he did not display his emotion. Years of training had been ruining him all along, and now, he was the bottom. The bottom!

His masculine pride had died a frilly death a long time ago.

He made his decision then and there. With visions of a gasping, panting Reno flashing through his mind, he chose to make his desires known as soon as possible… like that night.

Inside, there was a ragged and weary cheer of hope.

Except, when Reno stumbled in at about ten that night, his resolved faltered. The Turk looked tired and blood that Reeve didn’t even want to know about dotted his suit jacket. Even his normally jaunty, bright hair looked dim and bedraggled.

Reeve’s shoulders slumped as Reno managed to lift his head and give him a tired smile. “Hey, babe; ya miss me?” he joked, kicking off his shoes into a haphazard pile.

His resolve crumbled like a sand castle on the beach, and his masculine pride ranted and railed at him not to fall for it. But his kind heart was sunk.

Reeve stepped forward to greet his lover, grabbing the younger man and pressing their lips together. Reno’s mouth opened eagerly beneath his, emitting a small and pleased groan of approval from his throat as his hand snaked around the executive’s back, jerking him closer. Reno, having had his final growth spurt, now stood slightly taller than the older man and angled his head so that he could deepen the kiss.

Reeve felt his back hit the wall behind him as Reno pressed forward, just inches away from a landscape that he never really liked too much, not that he minded. The redhead’s lips were eager, and his hand was hot like a brand against Reeve’s bare skin. He wrapped his arms around his lover, half-wondering if Reno was too tired for a continuation of the events of the night previous. Teeth nipped at his bottom lip before Reno ended the kiss, laying his forehead against Reeve’s and smiling.

“That’s the best reception I’ve got today, yo,” he murmured, his calloused thumb rubbing over the small of Reeve’s back.

The executive couldn’t help but shiver. “Long day?” he asked.

Reno shrugged. “No more than usual. A little torture, a little murder, so on and so forth.”

Reeve winced. “You can spare me the details. I’d rather not think of how much danger you’re in.”

The other man laughed before stretching his neck, making several of his vertebra crack and pop. “Man, I need a shower,” he admitted.

“Go do that,” Reeve insisted, pushing his lover away from him and down the hall.

“Will you join me?” Reno asked, a hopeful note to his voice as he peered over his shoulder.

Perhaps he wasn’t so tired, after all. His masculine pride perked up then.

“See?” it said. “He’s not too tired. Now’s the moment!”

He ignored it for the moment. Reeve flicked his hands at Reno as he moved to pick up the mess the other man made in the hallway as usual.

“I might. Get in there.”

Reno grinned and disappeared down the hall, dropping clothes as he did so and leaving a trail of laundry behind him… as usual. Reeve would have grumbled, but really, it didn’t bother him half so much. He just picked them up and tossed them into his washing bin, only half-noticing that more and more of Reno’s stuff had been finding its way to his apartment, and really, the Turk didn’t spend any time at his own place. Maybe it was time he just moved in, officially to them. But unofficially, he would still keep his own place, just never be there.

It was strange how easily that thought crept in and how much it just fit for the two of them. He didn’t even think twice about it, already confirming it in his mind to ask Reno. After all, he had told Reis he loved Reno; that hadn’t been a lie. He wanted Reno to live with him.

“Oy, Reeve. You’re out of toothpaste, yo.”

The words floated down the hall.

And with dirty clothes in his hands, recently arranged shoes in the hallway, and a masculine pride screaming at him to take his stand, his vision instantly went red with anger. Irrational perhaps, but not much made sense to him anymore.

“It’s okay though,” Reno continued, popping his head out of the bathroom and giving him a toothpaste-flecked grin with his toothbrush, which had been hogging the space on Reeve’s counter for the past two months, sticking out of his mouth. “I’ll buy some more tomorrow, kay?”

Reeve rolled his eyes. “If you didn’t use so damn much of it, I wouldn’t be out of it by now,” he snapped back, swiping the last few dirty socks off the floor and shoving them into the hamper. How he found three socks when Reno only had two feet was a mystery unto itself.

Blue-green eyes blinked. “Umm, sorry?” he ventured, quite confused. “I’ll buy two more then. Alright?” he suggested, already dipping back into the hallway.

The older man sniffed. “No. You always buy the wrong kind, and my teeth are sensitive.”

“Fine, you buy it then.” The words floated back out as the sound of running water joined his voice, the shower having been started. There was a screech as the shower curtain was pulled across, shielding the spray from the floor.

“You used it all,” Reeve countered, stepping to the door of the bathroom and glaring heatedly at his lover. “It’s your responsibility to get more.”

A red head popped out of the shower, already sprinkled with water and sporting a very confused expression. He eyed Reeve warily.

“I’m not sure what you want from me.” Reno frowned before tilting his head to the side. “Did something happen today that I should know about, yo?”

“No. I just want you to stop using all of my toothpaste.” Reeve crossed his arms over his chest and glared.

Reno managed to keep a straight face for all of a few minutes before he abruptly laughed and shook his head, which only darkened Reeve’s irrational irritation further. “You’re being ridiculous, Reeve. Toothpaste? I mean, seriously.”

The executive pursed his lips before turning on his heels and striding from the room in a very prissy fashion, leaving his masculine pride to weep at him.

“This was not the way men fight,” it argued. “You’re only proving yourself wrong!”

He ignored it again. After all, what did it know? It had been buried for years!

He heard Reno curse as he scrambled to get out of the shower without hurting himself. There was a squeak of his wet feet across the tile as he moved as quickly as he dared across the bathroom floor and into the hallway where Reeve was muttering under his breath.

“Ah, wait, Reeve. I didn’t mean to laugh. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that your teeth were that important to you,” Reno attempted to apologize, darting forward and catching his lover’s arm, making him to draw to a halt. He grabbed him by the shoulders and spun Reeve around, forcing the older man to look into his eyes.

Reeve sniffed. “You’re dripping on my carpet,” he pointed out, staring deliberately past Reno at the very interesting wall behind him. It happened to be devoid of all paintings.

The Turk stared at him, simply stared at him for several minutes, gaze searching his face. His hands tightened on the older man’s shoulder.

“What’s this really about, yo?”

“I’m not a woman,” Reeve murmured, staring down at the floor.

Reno tilted his head to the side, blinking in confusion. “What?”

The older man gritted his teeth, feeling like a moron. “I said I’m not a woman!”

“I know that,” Reno responded before grinning. “I wouldn’t be with ya if you were.”

He loosened his grip, sliding his hands along the outside of Reeve’s arm as he tried to figure out what caused this sudden and strange argument. Over toothpaste of all things. But actually, now that he thought about it, sounded strangely familiar. Wasn’t there one other time when a seemingly irrational argument was hiding a deeper problem?

Reno frowned. “I don’t see what toothpaste has to do with it though,” he mumbled under his breath.

“Dammit!” Reeve snarled, shoving on the younger man’s arms and storming past him towards the bathroom. “It’s not about the toothpaste.”

His brow crinkled as he turned to follow after his lover. “Well, I can’t read minds, Reeve,” he put in shortly, beginning to get a little irritated himself. “And I can’t fix it if’n I don’ know what it be!” He slammed his palm against the wall as he stood in the doorway of the bathroom, watching as Reeve struggled out of his pants, obviously planning to randomly get into the shower.

His head swiveled as he turned to glare at the redhead. “I want to be on top!” he spat loudly before whipping back around and muttering under his breath, furiously working at the tie on his pants that refused to undo.

Reno blinked. Was that all? Such a silly thing to get himself worked up over. And he still didn’t see what it had to do with toothpaste. He shook his head and stepped into the room, laying his hands over Reeve’s and stopping the executive from his nearly crazed movements.

Amber eyes rose guiltily to his, and Reno offered him a smile. “That’s what this is about?” he asked. “You just want to top me?”

Reeve heaved a huge sigh, his shoulders slumping as he nodded, feeling every bit the fool.

“You’re so excitable,” Reno responded, shaking his head again. “All you had to do was say so.” He scraped his free hand through his hair when Reeve shot him a surprised look. “Sorry I didn’t think about offerin’ it sooner, but I just look at you and all I wanna do is jump you.” He put his hand on his chin thoughtfully. “I’m kinda surprised it didn’t come up sooner; now, that I think about it.” He tilted his head back down, regarding his lover with some amusement. “But I don’t see what it had to with toothpaste.”

The executive managed a sheepish look. “It didn’t really have anything to do with it. I just… I was thinking about it earlier today, and then, you said that, and I had just finished picking up your clothes. And I don’t know…” He shrugged. “It just kind of exploded.”

Reno hummed thoughtfully. “Sorry ‘bout the clothes,” he responded before a sudden, sly smirk broke out onto his face, and he tugged at the tie on Reeve’s pants. “So how do you want me, Reeve?” he asked, putting an extra purr into the executive’s name.

At the seductive question, Reeve’s mouth instantly went dry as his brain derailed, and his cock literally leapt in his pants. All those earlier unbidden images attacked him all at once until his pulse automatically quickened. He wasn’t sure what he wanted first; all he knew was that he couldn’t wait to feel Reno wrapped around him.

How tight; how warm? How much would he gasp?

He swallowed thickly.

Oh, the possibilities.

His hands rose of their own accord, settling on Reno’s bare waist as he jerked his younger lover towards him, crushing his mouth over Reno’s. His lips parted eagerly, allowing Reeve inside, and he pressed forward, crushing the Turk’s body against his. He could feel his lover, half-hard already, pressing against the cloth of his sleeping pants and a groan of desire rattled through him. His fingers flexed against a pale waist.

For once, Reno’s tongue didn’t fight against him, striving to keep his dominance. Instead, he merely relented to Reeve’s kiss, and inwardly, it made the executive’s blood stir hotter than it had ever before. A somewhat helpless growl of desire escaped Reeve’s mouth as he tugged on Reno and began pulling him out the side door of the bathroom, which led into the bedroom, leaving the water to run in the shower. It was the least important at the moment.

He was extremely glad that the bedroom was connected to the bathroom because he didn’t know if he would have been able to make it down the hall, not with the blood rushing through his veins. Not with this sudden desperate need to place his lips all over Reno’s skin.

His hands roamed upwards, thumbs tracing the line of his lover’s abdomen as they brushed over familiar scars. He deepened the kiss, swiping his tongue within Reno’s mouth and nibbling on the Turk’s lips with not-so-gentle nips. The redhead’s arms wrapped around his neck, and he somehow managed to keep his balance as they stumbled backwards towards the bed.

Reno tumbled to the bed, his older lover crawling on top of him, and that short reprieve was enough for him to catch his breath. He gasped, however, when hands immediately started running over his thighs, caressing touches that made his body stir. Especially when moist, hot lips quickly followed them. Reeve was certainly displaying no hesitancy this time.

“Shit, Reeve,” he breathed, fingers tangling in the nest of covers since Reeve hadn’t made the bed earlier. “You want me?”

A set of eyes stared up at him hungrily, desire gleaming within. “You have no idea,” the executive rasped before dipping his head, wrapping his mouth around the younger man’s cock with no hesitation. It had taken some time, but he was starting to get used to the feel of another man’s penis in his mouth.

Reno moaned as he arched off the bed when his arousal was encased in that liquid warmth, a tongue scraping along the underside of his cock. He had been taken completely by surprise, not that the pleasure already pooling in his belly didn’t enjoy it. There was something about Reeve being this demanding, this dominating that really stirred him.

“I’ve been thinking about this all day,” Reeve murmured, removing his mouth from Reno’s cock only long enough to go diving in the covers for the lube they usually kept stashed in there. One hand busied itself with the search, while the other lazily caressed his lover’s body, pinching a nipple here or stroking a patch of pale skin there.

“I thought of you panting and moaning,” he continued, barely restraining a cry of triumph when his fingers finally enclosed about the tube of strawberry-flavored lube. So very appropriate.

“I couldn’t get the pictures out of my head.”

He made his way back between his lover’s legs, cutting off any reply Reno would have said by immediately taking the younger boy into his mouth once more. The Turk’s hand buried itself in Reeve’s hair, fingers tightening in the longish dark strands.

“Damn,” Reno breathed, heat beginning to pool already in his groin. “You’re good at this.”

Reeve didn’t answer, already uncapping the lube with one of his hands. He was aware that he was probably rushing, but a part of him was desperate. His heart beat loudly in his ears, his cock was already achingly hard, and he really, really wanted to be inside of Reno. He couldn’t help but be curious as to how it felt from the other end, and a part of him was excited at the prospect of being able to watch his younger lover come undone.

Strawberry scent filled the air as he squirted the goopy liquid into his hands, smoothing it over his fingers. He swallowed Reno down as much as he was able as he dropped the tube to the bed and reached forward, circling his finger over Reno’s puckered entrance. He swore that it twitched, and inwardly, he moaned with desire, his eyes shuttering closed as he pressed forward.

He swallowed reflexively on Reno’s cock as the tight heat encased his finger, and a flash of heat effused his body. He wanted… no, he needed to be inside his lover. Reeve knew that now. His own shaft jumped against his body, and he groaned, the reverberations causing Reno to moan in pleasure as he jerked his hips upwards, pumping into Reeve’s mouth.

Judging that Reno didn’t appear to be in any pain, Reeve eased in another finger, scissoring them gently before pressing in deeper and running the pads along Reno’s inner walls. He searched for that special place that made him moan in pleasure and was rewarded with a cry wrenched from the Turk’s throat as Reno arched his back when he found it.

“Shit,” Reno moaned, his fingers reflexively tugging on Reeve’s hair. “I’m close…”

Emboldened by that admission, Reeve stepped up his actions, rubbing his fingers along Reno’s prostate and tightening his mouth on the Turk’s cock. The redhead hissed and moaned before jerking his hips upwards and spilling himself inside of his older lover’s mouth with a barely muttered expletive.

Reeve swallowed him down, desire rushing through him at the feel of Reno’s muscles clenching and unclenching around his fingers. He could feel the precum seeping from him, and while Reno still shuddered and moaned beneath him, his face flushed so prettily, Reeve let his cock slip from his mouth and moved into position.

He leaned over to kiss the gasping Turk as legs settled around his waist, while one of his hands slathered oil all over his cock. He hissed at the much-needed stimulation and had to concentrate on not ending it before it even began. Reno’s mouth fell open under his kiss, his tongue entangling with Reeve’s and tasting far sweeter than any man had right to be.

“Hnnn,” Reno muttered against his mouth as the head of the executive’s cock nudged at his anus. “Fuck me, Reeve.”

“Kami,” Reeve breathed, shuddering in pleasure at the thought. He buried his face in Reno’s neck, sliding his tongue along the surprisingly soft skin. “I promise, I’ll make slow love to you some other time…” He could no longer wait as his words trailed off, and he thrust forward, pushing himself deep inside his lover.

Reno moaned, and blunt fingernails raked across Reeve’s back, sending a trill of pleasure through the executive’s body. A rumble echoed in the older man’s throat as his cock was consumed by tight heat when he seated himself completely inside the other man. It felt wonderful, greater than wonderful, and he knew that he was utterly and completely addicted with just one thrust.

Limbs wrapped around him, a body arched beneath him, and Reno’s groans and grunts echoing in his ear were all the seduction Reeve needed. He pulled out until just the head of his cock remained before driving in deeply and quickly. The resulting dig of fingernails encouraged him, and he was soon building a driving pace, sinking deeper and deeper just time.

Reno’s legs clamped tightly around his waist, changing the angle of thrust and causing him to unerringly slide over the younger man’s prostate every time. The redhead with the vigor of youth quickly hardened beneath him, his rosy, erect shaft brushing against Reeve’s abdomen.

Reeve had intended to be gentle. He had intended to take his time, but with the actuality of Reno beneath him, he couldn’t hold back. The dominant, almost animalistic side of him, flared to life. His teeth kept grazing over pale skin, leaving marks in his wake, and he pounded into the Turk as if he had been sex-starved for weeks.

The smell of sex was heavy on the air, and sweat dotted their brows as noises of pleasure echoed around them. Reno squirmed beneath him, face flushed an arousing color as Reeve’s tongue scraped across his skin.

“You feel so damn good,” the older man murmured, raking his teeth across a shoulder and leaving behind a bright, red mark.

Reno arched into his touch, hands tightening on his lover’s back and jerking his hips upwards to meet every ragged touch. An incomprehensible sound echoed in the Turk’s chest as Reeve shifted position. He put his hands on Reno’s thighs and pushing the redhead’s legs towards back towards his stomach, never ceasing his steady thrusting. His hips pumped, and his breath came in sharp pants as heat suffused his entire body, pooling in his groin.

He was so close; he could feel it. He was nothing more than a hot, tingling, seething mass of pleasure. It was all he could do to hold on.

Luckily, one of Reno’s hands dipped down between their bodies at that point and began to stroke himself furiously, chewing on his bottom lip in a very arousing fashion. A few strokes was all it took before he jerked and came, his seed coming out of him in a very weak stream since it was his second in a matter of minutes.

It was pure sweet bliss for Reeve, who gave into the consuming pleasure of Reno climaxing around him and spilled deep inside of his lover. His fingers tightened on the Turk’s legs, leaving finger shaped marks on his skin.

Reno collapsed against the bed, panting breathlessly as Reeve toppled over on top of him, all energy leaving his body as the last of the tremors faded. He curled his fingers in Reno’s hair as he tried to work up enough vigor to kiss the younger man. Their lips and tongues tangled messily in a sloppy kiss as Reeve shifted position so that he wasn’t crushing the taller yet lither man beneath his weight.

“That was hot, yo,” Reno mumbled when their kiss ended, moving to lazily lick his seed from his hand.

Lust darkened in amber eyes as Reeve watched. He stared at his younger lover hungrily before dipping his head and taking one of Reno’s fingers into his mouth, licking it clean.

“I think I’m going to make it a habit.”

The Turk grinned and opened his mouth to speak when the sound of a ringing phone echoed through the house. He winced when he recognized the noise of his PHS, the ring tone he reserved for work only. He debated answering it, considering his current position, but Reno knew that if he had been “home alone” like he always claimed, he would have answered it right away. Tseng didn’t usually make a habit of calling after hours if he didn’t have to.

“You better get that,” Reeve suggested, not sounding at all put out.

Reno nodded, reluctantly sliding from beneath his lover. “I’ll be right back,” he promised, padding naked across the floor.

The executive mumbled something in return, but he didn’t really hear it as he shifted out into the hallway. It was slightly chilly, so he flicked a finger at thermostat as he passed then hurried to the hall table and grabbed his phone.

“Yo,” he drawled, pushing it to his ear as he slowly began to walk back down the hall.

Rude’s deep baritone filled the speaker. “Partner, you up for another mission?”

The Turk winced. “Again? Can’t Ken do it? Or could ya get Maki off his lazy ass for once?” He pondered then added, “Or even one of them damn rookies?”

“Hmm.” Rude paused.

“I’m busy,” Reno mumbled as he halted just inside the doorway of the bedroom, raking his eyes over the tanned form of his older lover, stretched out across the bed. “And I’m fuckin’ tired, man.”

There was silence for a moment before a low chuckle filled the receiver, causing Reno to tilt his head to the side in confusion.

“I see,” Rude rumbled, sounding vaguely amused. “Then, tell Mr. Tuesti that I won’t bother either of you anymore tonight.”

“W–what? I… don’t know what ya mean–”

“We know, Reno,” Rude replied, still sounding faintly amused. “Both Tseng and I already now. Luckily for you, we’ve been covering for your sorry ass since you can’t keep a secret worth a damn. That and Reeve’s propensity to get drunk and spout everything in the ShinRa bar isn’t very helpful either.”

Reeve noticed that his lover was gaping and shot him an inquisitive look, but Reno merely shook his head as he struggled to find the words to say to his partner.

“I… I…”

Rude chuckled. “Goodnight, Reno. I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.”

With that, the phone went silent in the Turk’s grip as his partner hung up on him. Blinking, Reno clicked the phone off.


The executive’s quizzical tone brought the redhead back to reality, and he sighed, moving into the room. He dropped his phone onto the nightstand with a clatter before he slipped into the bed and into Reeve’s waiting, warm arms.

“Rude,” he mumbled, nosing into the other man’s neck and rubbing his pleased but not entirely sated body against Reeve. “Apparently, he and Tseng already know.”

The executive groaned, sliding his hand across Reno’s bare back. “I suspected as much.” He paused, tilting his head in consideration before taking a deep breath. “You know, I’ve been thinking…”

“Yeah, ‘bout what?”

He could feel the heat staining his cheeks as he looked away, staring resolutely at the wall as he tried to find the right words. “We should move in together,” Reeve suggested, finding it easier to blurt it out than speak carefully.

Reno blinked, lifting his head to look into his lover’s face. “What?”

“It’s just that a good bit of your stuff is here anyway, and you always spend the night here. No one could know of course, except maybe Rude and Tseng, but…” he trailed off.

All was silent for a moment as his offer hung on the air, and Reeve held his breath, waiting to see Reno’s reaction. They loved each other, didn’t they? So it shouldn’t have been such a big deal, and he couldn’t deny that there was a part of him that would feel much better if Reno lived with him.

Finally, just when Reeve was starting to get antsy, Reno made a move. He rolled Reeve onto his back and plopped himself on top, placing his hands on the executive’s chest. At Reeve’s confused expression, the Turk laughed and dipped his head for a consuming kiss.

“Of course, I will,” Reno said with a laugh.

Reeve shook his head as he placed his hands on Reno’s hips, running his fingers up the younger boy’s sides before he grinned. “You almost had me scared for a minute there.”

“I thought I told your dumb ass that I love you.”

“You did. And I believe I returned it.”

The Turk smirked before ghosting the pad of one finger over the flattened disc of Reeve’s nipple. When Reeve shivered, he shifted backwards slightly, brushing against the half-hard cock nudging his ass.

“Now how ‘bout a little fun.”

“Your wish is my command.”


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