[Shattered] Boundaries 08

Part Eight – If You Could Only See

He was panting, the longer strands of his hair sticking wetly to his forehead as sweat dotted his brow. But that didn’t stop him from moving restlessly atop Reno, his hips rising and falling in a steady rhythm as his hand worked quickly over his erection. His thumb rubbed over the head of his arousal and he gasped as Reno bucked up beneath him, pushing himself deeper inside of his lover.

Reno’s hands settled on Reeve’s hips, directing the motions as he rolled his hips and continued to thrust, keeping the rhythm that was beginning to take on a note of both desperation and fear. Reeve gasped, his muscles clenching tighter on the intrusion as a low and throbbing warmth began to spread through his limbs. His muscles trembled as he felt his release building up inside of him.

Amber eyes forced themselves open and he looked down at his younger lover. His gaze caught the bandages, startling white against the already paleness of Reno’s skin. On his right arm, across his forehead, the gash in his left side… that cold fear began to build up inside of him once more and he was instantly glad that Reno’s eyes were closed, an attractive blush spreading across his cheeks.

It had been far too close. Something that Reeve hadn’t considered until that point earlier today.

Six months after their official decision to be together and the bastards who had been threatening Reeve still weren’t caught. Thus, the executive had been forced to continually endure his bodyguards, not that he minded Reno’s presence too terribly. He hated being on edge, however, and wished dearly that the perpetrators would go ahead and make a mistake so that Tseng could find them.

Nevertheless, it was a typical day for them, no different than any of the others, when he and Reno left his office for the evening. For once, he had managed to get all his work done and was quite pleased that he would be taking no extra work home with him.
Reno laughed as he nudged his lover with his shoulder. “Where did you find such a sour-faced woman anyways?” he asked, referring to Reeve’s new secretary. Roxanne had found love and promptly quit her job, forcing Reeve to find a new replacement and quickly.

Melinda, while very adept at her job, did not have quite the same bubbly personality as her predecessor and her appearance left much to be desired, not that Reeve was looking anymore anyways. Or at least, he wasn’t supposed to be.

The executive shrugged. “She was sent over by the agency. I hoped to find someone I wouldn’t have to replace anytime soon. Besides, she’s well qualified.”

Reno snorted. “She glared at me,” he insisted as they walked out the front door of ShinRa headquarters, being met with the low light of the sun as it began to set. “And I swear, she sniffed her nose at me, yo.”

Amber eyes rolled. “You’re being ridiculous.”

“That’s what you–” Suddenly, Reno drew to a complete stop, his senses flaring to high alert. He couldn’t explain it but he knew that something was wrong. He felt eyes watching him and danger sizzled on the air.

Reeve’s brow furrowed. “Reno, what’s–”

“Shh,” the Turk hissed in a commanding tone. “Quiet.”

A bit taken aback by the obvious order, Reeve would have argued if he weren’t slightly disturbed by the look in Reno’s eyes. The Turk was clearly agitated by something, and his aquamarine gaze was swiftly scanning the area around him. His hand twitched and the Electro Rod slid deftly into his hand, fingers enclosing about the handle with deadly accuracy.

Suddenly, just as Reeve was about to question the boy again, Reno turned and tackled him to the ground with little gentleness. They hit hard, seconds before something exploded very near to where they were, forcing one of ShinRa’s expensive flowerpots to burst into pieces and shatter them with ash and debris.

Dust filled the air, and the heat of the explosion seemed to emanate from that one spot. The ground trembled and Reeve coughed, the air having been knocked out of him from the force of Reno’s tackle. He struggled to draw air into his lungs, sucking in ash-clogged breaths, as Reno hissed something to him again. But his ears were ringing from the explosion and he could barely make out what they were.

It all happened so fast and yet, as he watched, he seemed to register the events in slow-motion. He felt as if he were frozen in place, watching it from outside his body and unable to do anything but stand by uselessly.

Reno reached for his phone, grabbing Reeve and dragging him behind the relative safety of a parked vehicle with the other hand. He started to bark words into the phone, his eyes never ceasing their relentless scanning of the area around them. In the far away distance, probably too far away for their liking, sirens screamed loudly, announcing their slow approach.

“It’s those fuckers,” Reno intoned. “They finally made their move, boss.” His free hand wiped at his forehead, smearing a fresh flow of blood down his face.

When had he been injured? Was it the explosion, or the fall? Reeve couldn’t quite remember and he wasn’t given any time to ponder or even ask. The moment Reno clicked his phone shut, the darkened forms appeared out of the concealing grey smoke, the intent to kill in their movements.

Reno leapt to his feet, his phone clattering to the ground. He quickly took out two of them, Reeve counted eight. He shoved the heel of his palm into the nose of one thug, instantly shattering it and sending the man stumbling backwards, the sickening crunch echoing around the all-too-still front area of the ShinRa building. He jabbed his Electro Rod into the other’s mid-section, easily dodging an unskilled and slow swipe.

Something flashed out of the smoke as Reno turned to defend an attack from his left. A knife emerged from the darkness, sliding across his waist, ripping through the cotton of his suit jacket and slicing into the skin beneath. He growled angrily, eyes flashing as he whirled, kicking at one opponent before bringing his Electro Rod crashing down on the head of the other.

“Where the fuck is Tseng?” Reno snarled, backing closer to Reeve who was finally forcing himself to rise from the ground. The executive wished that he kept his daggers on hand, and wondered if his old training was still with him. He had been lulled into a sense of security when nothing had happened during the past six months.

And now he couldn’t even guess if they would survive the day.

More forms emerged from the chaos. Something exploded near them. The ground shook and a column of ash and grey smoke rose into the sky. Reeve’s gaze swept around him as he whirled, pushing his back up against Reno’s only to come face to face with an opponent of his own.

The man’s face was shadowed, concealed by some type of fabric but he could still his eyes clearly. They were bright and determined. Reeve’s own face grew hard as he prepared to defend against the attack.

The man darted forward and instinct kicked in. He dodged the flailing blade, stepped to the side, and grabbed his arm. The other man’s momentum became his enemy as he tumbled to the ground, his short blade dropping uselessly to the ground and clattering away.

His heart thudded in his chest and Reeve reacted, quickly punching the guy across the face and knocking him out. He heard footsteps, boots across the ground, pieces of debris skittering away and he jerked his gaze up.

Time froze, his stomach leapt up into his throat and fear gripped him. It was happening so fast there was nothing he could do stop it, instead watching with the type of frozenness that comes from complete helplessness as the naked weapon headed straight for his lover’s back.

He would have called out, if the words weren’t stuck in his throat.

At the last moment, Reno turned, face darkening with fury as he threw a wicked punch, knocking his assailant’s head back so far that a sickening snap echoed around them. Blood sprayed into the air from a busted nose, and a look of smug satisfaction filled the Turk’s face. He raised his gaze, his eyes catching the look of fear on Reeve’s face, only to suddenly dart forwards.

They collided crashing to the ground as the sounds of gunshots erupted around them, peppering the vehicle they had been using for cover and spraying the pavement. Flecks of cement rained down upon them as the two smashed with twin grunts of pain, Reeve landing on the bottom. He could feel rocks digging into his back and knew that he would have bruises tomorrow.

But that thought faded when he felt it. Blood, warm and definitely not his own dripping onto his fingers. Amber eyes widened in horror as he stared at the injury on Reno’s shoulder, a deep bullet wound. The Turk smirked as more bullets echoed around them, but this time, not aiming for them at all.

Back up had finally arrived and not a minute too soon.

Reeve snapped out of his momentary flashback when Reno suddenly tightened his hold on Reeve’s hips and effortlessly flipped them over so that he was back on top. He laid his body over the executive’s, covering him with his warm flesh as he sought out Reeve’s lips, kissing him soundly. The executive gripped onto the younger man’s arms, his mouth falling open beneath the press of Reno above him.

The Turk’s tongue slid inside his mouth, swiping across his own tongue before delving deeper. He pulled out of Reeve until just the head of his cock remained before sliding slickly back in, pushing himself to the hilt. The executive arched as a very erotic noise echoed in his throat, caught between a growl and a moan. He shifted his hips down to meet each thrust, feeling the warmth pool in his belly.

Reno’s lips left his mouth, trailing a wet path across his jaw before settling on his neck, scraping his teeth gently on Reeve’s tanned flesh. His tongue snaked out of his mouth, sending tingles down the executive’s spine as his fingers tightened enough to leave a bruise on the younger man’s arms.

There was an echo of desperation to his moves, a hint of a need to remind him that they were both still alive after coming so close. In Reeve’s mind, he could still see the flash of the blades, could still hear the sound of the bullet and feel the warmth of the blaze.

“I’m alive. You’re alive,” Reno gasped, as if sensing his lover’s thoughts. His warm breath ghosted over Reeve’s flesh. “That’s all that matters.”

The executive’s legs wrapped around Reno’s waist and drew the younger man deeper inside of him. “It’s not that simple,” he murmured, hating how vulnerable the words came out when he hadn’t meant them to. There really was no reason for him to be reacting this strongly… so why was his heart thundering so painfully scared inside of him?

Above him, Reno blinked before suddenly stilling in his movements, prompting a noise of discontent from Reeve. He remained seated inside his lover as he lifted his head, looking Reeve directly in the eyes. “It’s my job. It’s what I do,” the Turk stated, rising up to his elbows.

“Yeah, but…” Reeve sighed, squirming beneath him as he wished for Reno to move or simply do something other than nothing. “I never knew exactly how dangerous it was… until now.”

Aquamarine eyes rolled as the other man shook his head. “Give me some credit, yo,” he countered. “Punks like those are nothin’ compared to the streets.”

“You’re so damn flippant!” Reeve growled, his own eyes flashing irritably as his fingernails dug crescent shaped marks into Reno’s pale skin. “And reckless, as well. You are going to get yourself killed.” Unconsciously, his legs slid from around Reno’s waist, falling back comfortably against the bed. Their argument, one he hadn’t intended to start or even continue, began to take precedence.

“Well, I’m not quitting!” Reno snapped, face flushing with anger.

The executive’s lips formed a thin line. “I’m not saying you should. I am just–”

“Just what?” The younger man interrupted lowly, his tone sharp and cold. “I’m not some damn woman who ain’t never seen blood. I don’t need to be protected, yo.”

Reeve jerked, scrabbling a few inches backwards and wincing only slightly when Reno slipped from his body though they remained close, nearly nose to nose. “You should be telling yourself that!” he snapped, propping himself up on his elbows as he glared at his lover. “The first thing you did today was shove me down and tell me to stay put!”

“Did you forget the part where they were there to kill ya?” The younger man snarled, fingers curling into fists against the sheets beneath them. He was still propped up on his hands.

“That doesn’t mean you have to throw yourself in front of a damn bullet!” Reeve argued, an irrational anger beginning to grow inside of him. He hadn’t meant for them to fight and maybe it was just an aftershock to the situation earlier, for him especially. But he could still remember how bright Reno’s blood looked and how scared he had been when he thought that his lover was going to die.

It was unlike anything he had ever felt before.

Aquamarine eyes narrowed. “I’m your bodyguard. It’s part of the job description.”

Reeve shook his head. “And if I hadn’t humored Tseng, I wouldn’t have bothered with one in the first place. I can take care of myself.”

“Like you sure did a good job of dat today?” Reno demanded sarcastically. “I saved yer goddamned life, yo. The least you could do is show a little gratitude.”

Amber eyes blazed as the words fell from his lips before he could stop them. “And if you had died, what would I have done then?” His eyes widened in surprise.

There it was, the truth of the matter. He had been scared for Reno… not only that, but scared of losing him. Six months, only six months and yet, it had felt like so much longer. The boy was as much a part of him as was his next breath. The thought of losing Reno to a bullet, especially one that was meant for himself, was breathtakingly painful and Reeve wasn’t sure how to react to that.

Either way, his words made Reno pause, his expression turning from thunderous to mildly thoughtful in the blink of an eye. “What?” he asked, tone significantly calmer than before.

Reeve growled, slightly annoyed with his sudden realization and the argument itself. “Never mind,” he muttered. “Get off me.”

The other man shook his head, sensing he was onto something, perhaps even the root of the argument. “No. What’d you mean, Reeve? Explain.”

The executive reached up to push Reno away, his hands instantly settling on the pale and scarred chest. “I said, get off me,” he insisted, giving his lover a nudge.

But Reno remained stubborn. He grabbed Reeve’s arms and pushed them down, using his weight to keep the executive pinned. “And I said, no.” He leaned in close to his lover, until their noses were almost touching and they shared the same air. “What. Did. You. Mean?” He asked again, enunciating each word.

Beneath him, the executive had stiffened as he turned his head away, refusing to say another word. He wasn’t ready to admit the truth he had discovered in himself, not just yet. He had only yet to realize it and a part of him was terrified to admit it aloud. As if that was the final blow to what he once was. He didn’t even understand it himself, yet.

“Che,” Reno spat. “You not talkin’ to me now?”

Amber eyes lay locked on the ever-interesting wall opposite from him. It was white, he noticed, and vastly in need of redecorating. He had been so busy with his job that he hadn’t even added many personal touches to his apartment. It was somewhat sad.

“Drop it, Reno,” he muttered, as if the turmoil inside of him were nothing to be concerned about.

Reno’s eyes narrowed and his face darkened considerably. There was a moment of silence where his fingers curled tightly against Reeve’s arms before he suddenly released the executive and clambered off of the bed.

It was not exactly the reaction Reeve expected and he frowned, turning back towards the man. “What are you doing?” he asked. A sudden chill struck him then and he grabbed the edge of his sheet, throwing it over his naked body.

The Turk was pulling on his clothes with hurried, jerky movements. “Wha’ do it look like?” he murmured rather coldly, with his back to the executive. His belt snapped into place with a loud clack of metal on metal.

Reeve could tell he was angry, his accent slipping. He had been out of the streets for a while now, but when he wasn’t paying any attention and he was especially pissed over something emotional, it slipped.

“You’re leaving.”

Reno snorted. “Yeah. Didn’ think it would take ya that long to figure it out.”

The executive frowned, hating the unsettled twisting in his belly, and thought to respond, but Reno was already heading out the door with little ceremony. He supposed the proper thing for him to do would be to chase after him, or call for him or something. But he remained silent, flinching only when he heard his front door slam shut.

He scrubbed a hand over his face and sighed. “That went well,” Reeve mumbled, shivering slightly when an unnatural chill swept over him. Without Reno’s warmth in his bed, it suddenly felt strangely and uncomfortably empty. Nor could he get the echoes of gunshots ringing out of his ears.

– – – – –

Reeve brooded on the matter for several days while Reno kept his distance. Now that he no longer needed a bodyguard, he found he missed the silent presence at his side and in his bed. He had gotten used to Reno’s idle chatter and now, it felt empty, both his office and his home. It wasn’t as if the Turk was gone for good but still, the absence made Reeve consider what the Turk actually meant to him.

He had certainly never expected to fall in love with Reno. And not only had he fallen, but he had hit the ground hard. He knew it, too. Yet, for some reason, he hadn’t been able to say it that night.

The words bubbled up on their own, spurred by the events, and he was barely able to restrain himself from spilling out his secret. After all this time, it didn’t make any sense that he would fall in love with a man. He had been waiting for the fascination, the strange wanting to fade. Instead, it had only gotten stronger and deeper.

Reno was nothing like he had expected.

He was remarkably mature for his age and his eyes held a silent knowledge that made Reeve wonder. They hadn’t talked about their pasts yet, but Reeve had learned that Reno grew up in the Midgar slums, the roughest part of them. The tattoos and the scars, Reeve had never asked because a part of him didn’t want to know. It was a world he had never experienced.

Besides all that, there were other reasons. Reno had a quirky sense of humor but also the ability to sit back and relax sometimes. They shared some of the some interests, surprisingly enough, and when he looked into aquamarine eyes, Reeve felt a sense of completeness. That the something he had longed for had finally been fixed.

He supposed he shirked away from admitting it because he was still clinging to his heterosexuality It was hard to give up a twenty-something year tradition, after all.

And yet, he couldn’t shake the flash of hurt on Reno’s face from his mind. Perhaps it was time he officially gave up his old self and finally admitted what he really wanted. Or maybe it was just time for a drink.

Five o’clock Friday afternoon found him at the bar, the usual place despite the fact that it was so close to where he worked. He didn’t plan on getting as terribly drunk as the last time that Tseng hauled him out, but then again, he hadn’t always been the best at holding his liquor. It was a safety mechanism of sorts, since he knew Laris was a former Turk and could hold secrets, as well as being an old hand at helping Reeve out. Especially since the executive tipped so well.

And ten o’clock Friday afternoon found Reeve already slipping past his desire to not get so desperately drunk. He had decided to try something new. Tequila. Straight from the bottle, shot after shot, the pleasant burn easing away the confusion inside of him until it all became so startling clear. And though he tried to explain his sudden clarity to Laris, the bartender didn’t seem to understand him too well.

It might have had something to do with the fact he couldn’t really form a coherent sentence or that his words were slurring beyond his own perception. Or maybe Laris, who still looked like a Jimmy, didn’t care. Actually, the latter was probably more plausible.

So when midnight rolled around, Reeve was officially sloshed. He was beyond gregariousness, to the point where he simply slouched on his stool, leaned on the counter and stared into his glass as if it held all the answers. He mused to himself on the color of his alcohol. It was so clear. Gongaga sure knew how to make fine tequila.

He supposed that he should have really been musing on his current predicament and idiocy involving his relationship with Reno, but after telling everyone in the bar in a fit of drunken stupidity, he really didn’t think he had much more to say. So instead he slouched and stared and contemplated finishing that last little bit.

He wondered if Laris had already called someone for him.

As if on cue, the door to the bar, he never could remember the name of it once he got sufficiently sloshed, swung open, admitting a flush of warm and sticky air. Twelve at night and it was still humid outside. Reeve hated the warm weather, yet another reason he never returned home. The executive didn’t bother to check and see who it was. He really didn’t care so long as they didn’t bother him.

The seat beside him screeched, but no one sat in it. Confused, Reeve tilted his head to the side, blinking when the motion sent a dizzy spin through his head. Bleary amber eyes settled not on a familiar Wutaiian and disproving facade, but instead on a vaguely amused and concerned redheaded Turk. As the executive blinked stupidly at him, Reno tilted his head at the bartender.

“ ‘Sup Laris.”

“Evenin’ Reno. The boss busy tonight?” Laris answered evenly, swiping a clean rag through one of his glasses. His gaze was continuously flickering throughout his establishment checking for trouble, not that anyone was stupid enough to fight in a former Turk’s bar.

Reno chuckled, his eyes momentarily sliding towards Reeve before nodding. “Yeah, sent me to get him this time.” He leaned against the bar, tapping one boot against the floor while Reeve continued to blink stupidly at him, mouth falling open a bit in surprise. “How long and what’s it been?”

A smile tugged at the corner of the former Turk’s mouth. “Tequila since he walked in the door at five. You’re going to have fun tonight.”

The redhead groaned as he took a deep breath. “Thanks, Laris. Don’t know what he’d do without ya.”

The other man simply waved him off, already heading down to a customer who was waiting patiently for something. “At least, he’s a pleasant drunk.”

Reno laughed again before shaking his head and turning towards his lover. A smile broke out onto his face as he reached forward and used a finger to close Reeve’s mouth. “What do you think you’re doing?” he asked the executive, leaning lazily against the counter with one hip.

The older man flushed, turning back to his drink. The world really was doing this strange spinning thing and he wasn’t sure what to think about that. And he was certain that Reno was an apparition because only Tseng came to pull him from the bar and Reno was still mad at him. Therefore, there must have been something in his Tequila. Reeve stared at it, convinced it was tainted.

“M’not done yet,” he slurred finally, after realizing that Reno had been waiting for an answer for a good few minutes.

The Turk shook his head again. “That’s not what I asked.”

“S’what I answered.”

“Hopeless,” Reno murmured as he took a step forward and gently laid a hand on the executive’s arm. “C’mon let’s get you home before you say something you regret.”

Reeve blinked, clearly confused as his eyes darted between those gorgeous pools of aquamarine and back to his clear, yet possibly tainted Tequila. “Tseng’s eyes sure are pretty this time,” he mumbled. “How’d you do it?”

“Not Tseng, babe. Reno,” the Turk corrected, leaning closer so that no one could hear their conversation. His breath was a warm puff of air against Reeve’s ear. “Now, it’s time to go home.” He gave a tug, pulling the inebriated and somewhat loose-limbed executive off the stool. It was a clear-cut sign that all was not sober in the world of Reeve.

Reeve sighed but allowed himself to be dragged off the stool, leaving behind his half-empty cup of Tequila which probably contained a poison or something. “Can’t be Reno,” he argued stubbornly. “Reno’s mad at me.” He wobbled precariously as he stood, and the Turk was forced to keep a hand on his elbow, not that he minded, so that the wobbly executive didn’t crash to the floor.

Reno shook his head. “I’m not mad, Reeve,” he answered in a low tone. “We can’t talk about this here, okay?” He spoke as if he were talking to a child, which was probably the best for the situation.

The older man nodded dumbly. “Lemme just finish payin’,” he mumbled, hands already digging into his pocket. “Still think you’re mad at me,” he added as a few gil was placed on the counter, more than enough to pay for his drinks. “See you later, Jimmy.”

Reno rolled his eyes as the bartender waved a hand at the departing duo. “Good evening, Mr. Tuesti. I hope you and your girlfriend make up.”

Amber eyes immediately and blearily turned to Reno but luckily, the Turk was already dragging him out the door and into the relative safety of the parking lot, where there were no prying ears to overhear. Reeve was an unsteady presence at his side, already wobbling dangerously and leaning heavily on the taller man’s shoulder. Good thing he wasn’t particularly heavy.

“I’m not mad,” Reno repeated, more to fill the silence than anything else. He doubted that Reeve would remember anything tomorrow. And it was true. He wasn’t mad anymore, if he even was in the first place. Just frustrated and a bit confused. Sometimes the executive tended to brood over the most ridiculous things.

For a long moment, Reeve didn’t respond. And luckily, Reno had parked relatively close to the bar. Honestly, he had parked right up next to curb, daring someone to tow him away. He led Reeve to the passenger side and propped him up against the car while he worked the door open. Just as he got one arm around the executive to get him inside, Reeve chose that moment to speak.

“I love you, no matter what they say,” he muttered, trying to narrow his unfocused gaze on Reno.

The Turk blinked but smiled, sincerely hoping that Reeve would remember come morning even if he knew it was highly unlikely. “I love you, too. Now get in the car.”

Reeve readily complied and Reno felt a surge of relief for that. He buckled the executive in with little difficulty. “Watch your fingers,” he ordered, feeling as if he were speaking to a child as he moved to shut the door. The older man nodded and obediently tucked them underneath his thighs.

The Turk rolled his eyes and worked his way to the other side of the car. Honestly, Reeve was an insult to all men. His alcohol tolerance was pathetic.

Reno climbed into his Turk-issued vehicle, since Reeve still hadn’t thought to procure another and got all buckled in. The car started with a quiet rumble and purr that was quite satisfying and from the other side of the car, Reeve was being unusually silent. He still sat on his hands, which meant he was still pathetically intoxicated.

It wasn’t until they were already on the road that Reeve even seemed to realize that they were moving. He had been blinking with a certain air of owlishness out the window but halfway down the street towards his home, he turned towards his lover.

“Where we goin’?”

Reno rolled his eyes. “Home, Reeve.”

“Home.” The executive mulled on this for several moments, his face beginning to look a little green. “… You see the purple-spotted elephants?”

The other man’s brows rose to nearly his hairline. “What?” he questioned with a chuckle, turning his head only slightly to look at his lover.

Reeve blinked before his face suddenly drew into a very unfortunate frown. “Urk,” he groaned, one hand going to his head. “I don’t feel so good.”

Reno’s foot immediately pressed harder to the accelerator. “Tseng warned me about this,” he muttered under his breath before reaching with one hand to clasp Reeve’s own hands over his mouth. “Hold it in!” he ordered, shooting his lover a stern glare as if he were nothing more than a child.

The executive nodded dumbly, giving him a wild-eyed, bleary stare and Reno couldn’t help but shake his head. Luckily, the alcohol remained in his belly and by the time they returned to Reeve’s house less than ten minutes later, the executive had already passed out in the seat. It would be far more difficult for Reno carry him but at least he wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning puke out of his car.

– – – – –

He woke up to a vile taste in his mouth with his head pounding in his skull. And then he realized he was lying face down on his bed, absently gnawing on his sheet. With a curse, Reeve jerked straight upwards. Only to fall forward once more when something exploded in his skull and he swore that he saw stars. Reeve groaned and collapsed, moaning piteously as both his stomach and his head sought to rebel against him.

What on Gaia had possessed him to drink Tequila of all things? It was his one weakness…. well, one of several. But it was the worst of them.

After several moments of swearing that his heart pounding was far too loud for him to take, Reeve rose slowly from his bed and stumbled into the bathroom. He operated mostly on automatic, swallowing down some aspirin, brushing his teeth, looking at his pathetic complexion in the mirror and generally making the same promises to never do it again. His stomach roiled unpleasantly and he grimaced. He really hated vomiting…

He stared into the mirror, trying to remember exactly what had happened last night. It was fuzzy but a bit of it was beginning to filter in. More would unveil itself the longer he was awake, Reeve was certain. Which meant that he needed coffee, and he probably needed to call Tseng and thank him, as well as apologize and offer to clean if the taste in his mouth had been any indication.

Reeve groaned again, scraping a hand over his face as he left from the bathroom and stumbled down the hall towards the kitchen. He was such an idiot.

He fumbled around in the kitchen, making all sorts of clattering and curses as he attempted to get the coffee pot to brew for him. It was several repeated tries before he succeeded and the wonderful scent of roasted coffee began to fill the air. It helped clear his head some and more of the night before started to filter through. He had called Laris Jimmy again. That was no surprise. And he had finished what… eight? Nine, maybe? Perhaps it was even ten of those Tequila things he was drinking, he couldn’t remember what they were called.

His stomach gurgled again and he inwardly vowed never to touch the vile substance again. He asked himself what had brought upon this particular bout of necessary intoxication, only to remember the argument he had with Reno. Over something essentially ridiculous, or in truth, it wasn’t even about anything but actually hiding a deeper issue that he had refused to speak on.

It was stupid of him; he knew that now. It wasn’t such a bad thing to care for Reno and he realized that it was going to be hard for them. Between his parent’s pressure, having to hiding it from ShinRa, and dealing with the age gap… Reeve shook his head. He was far too hung over to think about it clearly right now.

The pot gurgled to a stop and Reeve poured himself a cup, dumping great amounts of sugar and milk into it. He sipped at it cautiously as he wandered into his living room, significantly more clear-headed than before. And his head was finally starting to throb a little less.

It wasn’t until he actually looked around that he noticed his couch was occupied. He paused in confusion, wondering why his lover had relegated himself to the couch. And hadn’t it been Tseng to find him last night. Reeve frowned behind his cup of coffee, trying to recall the night before.

Aquamarine eyes were staring at him with some amusement. “So…” he began, if only to ease the uncomfortable silence. “About those purple spotted elephants…”

Reeve tilted his head to the side. “What?”

The Turk shook his head, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. “I don’t know,” he replied as he shifted about in his makeshift bed, knocking a pillow down to the floor. “You were the one mumbling about them last time.”

The executive groaned and rubbed a hand across his forehead, staring at the floor with embarrassment coloring his features.

“You should be,” Reno continued. “You can’t hold your liquor for shit. Why were you drinkin’ anyways?” He cracked his neck and stretched, working out some of the kinks in his body.

The older man went silent as he moved into the living room, flopping down on the couch next to his lover. “I needed to think,” he responded, staring blankly at his television. His coffee plopped down on the table, half-empty and steaming.

The Turk raised a brow. “Alcohol doesn’t really help for that.” He paused, tilting his head to the side as he had a sudden recollection. “D’you remember anythin’ about last night?”

Amber eyes watched Reno from the corner of his vision. It was hard to focus on his thoughts and not the pale chest visible. Reno had slept in just his boxers and his hair was a perfect contrast to his ivory skin. Despite his hangover, Reeve could feel parts of himself starting to become very interested.

“Yeah, most of it,” he replied, a sudden desire to just kiss Reno rising up inside of him. “Except the purple elephants.”

A smile curved the corner of Reno’s mouth as a strange silence sat between them. Suddenly, Reeve shook his head, muttering something to himself before he turned and grabbed the startled Turk, dragging Reno towards him. Their mouths met immediately and he kissed Reno, something inside of him melting.

He had made the right decision, after all.

Reeve ended the kiss with much reluctance, but their lips remained only inches apart. “I love you,” he admitted, his breath ghosting across the other man’s mouth.

Reno blinked as if he had suddenly forgotten what language was. “What?”

“You heard me,” the executive replied with some amusement. “I said it last night, too.” His raised his gaze, amber eyes searching his lover’s confused gaze.

“Yeah, but…” Reno trailed off as he took a deep breath. “You were also seeing purple-spotted elephants so I thought–”

The older man shook his head, cutting off his lover’s words. “I’m sorry for earlier,” he murmured, dragging the tips of his fingers over Reno’s exposed collarbone. The Turk shivered under the touch. “I was being… stupid.”

“Is that what you were hiding, yo?”

The executive was silent as he ducked his head, a bit of an embarrassed flush staining his cheeks.

Reno laughed. “Dumbass. Gettin’ all worked up over something like that. Only you, Reeve but that’s why I love you.” He leaned forward and kissed the executive, a brief press of their lips but it still managed to make Reeve instantly desire more. “I know how hard it was for you to say, though.”

The older man sighed. “You have no idea,” he muttered, absently rubbing a head that truly no longer ached.

The Turk leaned forward, his lips brushing across the tanned flesh of Reeve’s neck. His tongue snaked out of his mouth, tracing a nonsense pattern and leaving a spit-slick path behind him. “Mmm, I missed this,” he murmured as his fingers crept towards the half-hard bulge barely covered by Reeve’s sleep pants. “How about we finish what we started a few days ago?” He suggested with a leer.

The executive smiled. “I can agree to that,” he whispered, already reaching to drag his lover down for another Gaia-shattering kiss.


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