[Shattered] Boundaries 07

Part Seven – Forgive Me My Weakness

His hand hovered over the phone for several moments as he contemplated whether or not he should even pick up the receiver. He couldn’t help the guilt that clawed at his belly either, and it was that emotion that kept his hand ridiculously hanging in the air over said telephone. But he knew that he had to, knew that he really didn’t have any choice unless he wanted to throw everything away.

Apparently, ‘until the morning comes’ was not a good method for solving problems of the romantic persuasion.

Because when Reeve woke up the next morning, Reno was still asleep. And when Reeve took a shower, he came out of his bathroom to find Rude sitting on his couch and watching some cartoon about kids playing with trading cards. In his usual manner, the Turk had explained that Reno had been called for a brief mission and had to leave a little earlier than expected.

Which meant that Reeve hadn’t been able to have the little talk that he had planned. So was he hovering over the phone with the intention of calling Reno? If only the world worked that way.

Reeve sighed and rubbed a finger over his forehead before finally telling himself to suck it up. He couldn’t continue to pussyfoot around. He picked up the phone, each beep ringing like an obnoxious bell in his ear. On the other side of his desk, Rude stood patiently at the window, staring out it almost as if he expected a terrorist to suddenly plaster itself against the glass fifty floors up. Maybe he was bored.

Anyways, back to the phone.

It wasn’t so much that Reeve wanted to speak to her, or even see her, he noted to himself as he listened to the first ring of the phone. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Reno or that he hadn’t liked sex with Reno. No, it was quite the contrary. The problem was in himself, in his future, in the likelihood that there was or ever would be anything more than just lust and sex between he and the younger boy.

There were too many factors and Reeve had been raised a practical man. He knew that their relationship wouldn’t be accepted by anyone around them. Not ShinRa, not Reeve’s family, no one. Besides, he had responsibilities to marry and produce heirs and generally be the successful Tuesti his parents wanted him to be. And on some small level, his pride was suffering a loss as well.

He wanted to believe that he still found women attractive and that, above all, he was still a man. Because giving in to Reno and finding himself on the bottom was not something he had expected to happen last night, or any other night. And though it was selfish of him to use her for this purpose, he felt justified because she had done her best to annoy the shit out of him during their entire relationship.

She finally picked up after the fourth ring. “Tousen residence,” came the cheerful tone, reverberating through the speaker.

Reeve winced and bit back a sigh. “Good afternoon, Cameron,” he greeted as pleasantly as he was capable. “Are you busy today?”

“Reeve!” She practically squealed and he imagined that she was jumping up and down, clapping her hands in joy. “It feels like we have been separated for far too long, darling. I will clear my schedule if need be.”

His eyes darted to the calendar, even though he already had his schedule memorized. “I’m leaving work early today,” he told her as if he had it planned all along, even though it was mostly a split-second decision. “Would you mind if I stopped by?”

She might have been annoying but Cameron wasn’t stupid. He only hoped that she got the obvious innuendo in his words.

He only half-listened as Cameron squealed in his ear, babbling out her current location so he could pick her up. He assumed she would send her personal driver home. Some small part of him felt smart to point out that denying it and running away was the coward’s way out. It was true, in a way, but Reeve ignored his conscience nonetheless. It was the only way, the only true path he could follow.

The tryst with Reno was something that simply couldn’t be and he was out to prove it.

“When will I see you, Reeve?” Cameron asked, her voice instantly distracting him and pulling him from his thoughts.

He blinked, eyes shifting to the clock on the computer. A little after lunch time. Hell, it wasn’t as if he had gotten any work done anyways. The papers and the plans would still be there tomorrow. Reeve sighed, rubbing his forehead with his fingers and hating the subtle migraine that was beginning to build. When had his life gotten so damn complicated?

“I could come now,” he suggested, knowing it would literally thrill her to death.

True enough, she practically purred in his ear, using the same cultured tone as always. He found himself missing Reno’s lazy drawl and dropped language before he even knew what he was thinking. “That would be perfect,” she cooed. “I’ll go ahead and send Thaddeus home now.” She sighed, a breathy moan that reminded him of the last time they had actually been together. His pants tightened in a comfortably familiar way. At least, he wasn’t gay… completely.

“Oh, Reeve, I am so happy that I get to see you.”

The sincerity in her tone was enough to make him wince with guilt. He could never quite be sure about Cameron when it came to feelings because she was so damn good at hiding them, much like most members of high society. Yet, another reason Reeve never really fit in.

He wasn’t sure what to say to her so he settled for pretending he hadn’t heard her last comment. He seemed to be getting pretty good at deluding himself lately. “I will be there shortly,” he promised.

They said their goodbyes and a few moments later, he was returning the phone to the hook, not ever realizing that he had been grasping the receiver with an almost death-grip. He released a slightly tense breath, closing his eyes for a moment as he rubbed at his forehead again. It was beginning to be a habit. Now he understood why Tseng pinched the bridge of his nose so often.

A subtle shift on the edge of his senses reminded him that his Turk bodyguard was still present. Rude must have recently returned from a brief scout around the premises. He had to admit, Tseng trained his Turks well. Not that Reeve felt he needed a bodyguard.

“Are you required to accompany me everywhere?” Reeve questioned without looking up, briefly glancing over the unfinished work scattered haphazardly across his desk.

“Yes, sir.”

That brought a smile to his lips. He raised his gaze, shooting Rude a bemused look. “You’ve been working with me too long for formalities, Rude.”

The bald man tilted his head. “Yes, sir.”

Well, at least one thing was a steady constant in Reeve’s suddenly tilted and dazed world. Shaking his head, the executive began gathering up the work he planned to take home and shutting down his computer.

“I am calling it an early day,” he explained. “Then I am picking up Cameron at the Plaza.” The brief thought that Rude was Reno’s partner flashed through his mind, but he shook it off. He didn’t believe that the two were that close.

“I go where you go,” Rude commented. “Though the Plaza is much too public. Boss won’t be happy.”

The executive stood, clicking his briefcase shut. “It is not necessary to detail everything to Tseng,” he replied, almost teasingly. “At least, not until later.”

Rude nodded, and for a moment Reeve thought he almost detected a smile tugging at the corner of the stoic man’s mouth. But then it quickly passed and he was back to the same. Still, he was determined to see some sort of emotion on the man’s face. Why, he didn’t know.

He rounded the side of his desk, briefcase clasped firmly in hand. “Let’s head to the Plaza then,” he suggested. “We don’t want to keep Cameron waiting any longer than necessary.”

Rude merely inclined his head in response.

– – – –

She had smiled brightly when saw him, and immediately latched onto his side, entangling their fingers together as she drug him around the Plaza. Reeve felt mildly sorry for Rude as the Turk was forced to follow him around at a fair distance and he seemed distinctly out of place in the overly priced shopping center. Cameron didn’t seem to mind his bodyguard all too terribly, simply pleased to be with Reeve once again.

After an hour of dragging him around where they did very little but window shop and speak of nonsense things that Reeve more or less let in one ear and out the other, Cameron finally suggested they return to her apartment. Reeve wasn’t enough of a man to say no, especially when he caught a familiar gleam in her eyes. He hadn’t really expected much of a struggle from her anyways.

The thought that his guilt before the deed meant that he shouldn’t go through with it had crossed his mind at some point. Flashes of bright red hair and lust-glazed aquamarine eyes kept him firmly on edge. But he merely set his jaw and sent Cameron his most charming smile, convinced that it was the better course for all of them. After all, Cameron was attractive and exactly the kind of woman his parents wanted him to marry.

And while it sounded shallow, it was the woman part that was most important to him. He had to admit that a bit of his masculine pride had been torn to shreds the night before, not that he was exactly the epitome of manliness before. His pores didn’t exactly exude testosterone. Not in the same way someone like Rude or Ken or Maki did.

Either way, with a woman, it was highly unlikely he would face the problem of who inserted what where. And Cameron was more than happy to accept his advances, sighing softly into his kisses and letting him take the lead. While it wasn’t exactly proper for them to be making out before they even made it to the bedroom, this far from the reaching claws of their parents, decorum lost its slight edge. Cameron still clung to her cultured tone, Reeve couldn’t shake his proper manners and upbringing, but they rebelled in their small ways, even if Cameron wasn’t intentionally doing so.

He supposed he should have been embarrassed from the way he was acting, but it was actually the farthest thing from his mind. He was vaguely aware of the fact that Rude had been trailing along somewhere behind them, and was now probably presently sitting in the living room with the television on. But Reeve pushed all thoughts of that out of his mind and concentrated on the task in front of him.

Cameron was soft lines and satin skin, like a woman should be, and he contented himself with rubbing his hands along her flesh. She arched and cooed and sighed in his touch, murmuring words of encouragement. He nibbled on her neck, traced his tongue along the outline of her collarbone and every echo of a moan in her throat made him harder.

But it wasn’t there, he noticed. That obsessive, maddening desire that had spurred his lusts the night before was missing. While he was attracted to Cameron and her looks were enough to make him aroused, it just wasn’t the same.

She tasted sweet to his lips, like honey or cotton candy, nothing like the harsh flavor of cigarettes and something manly that he had come to accustom with Reno. And her lips were pliant beneath his, opening up to him without fighting for dominance. He swept inside her mouth and she accepted his plundering, wriggling enticingly beneath him. Her skin was a perfect contrast to the silk of her sheets and she was beautiful, which was what had attracted him to her in the first place.

He buried one of his hands in her hair, tangling his fingers in long golden strands and tilting her head back for better access. His tongue roamed unceasingly over her throat and she practically purred, her back arching beneath him. It felt nice, this control, but it was startlingly different from the lust that had overwhelmed him. He found himself missing red hair before violently pushing that aside and wandering lower on her body.

It was women he wanted. The sweet and soft taste of Cameron’s skin, unmarred by life and battles. His lips unerringly found a nipple and he gently sucked and nibbled, ears catching each cry of encouragement. The warmth of her body beneath him was a pleasant and balmy sensation, but it was nothing like an all-consuming heat that made him feel like he was exploding. His blood pumped through his veins, throbbed in his cock and he wanted her, he did. But he couldn’t help but compare, like some sort of penance in the back of his mind.

When he sank deep inside of her, she easily accepted his thrusts, her channel already slick with her juices. She was so very hot and he shuddered with the sheer joy of the sensation. Her hands wrapped around his shoulders as she pulled him down towards her and they shared a lazy kiss. It was a steady rhythm, lacking in intensity, but enjoyable nonetheless.

She was beautiful, a light flush breaking across the bridge of her nose and atop her cheekbones. Her eyes shone and yet, a part of him was wishing that they were a bit bluer, and that they burned with lust and desire. That they hungered, because that was simply the best word that he could think of when it came to Reno. The boy hungered for more of everything.

Cameron writhed and sighed, her fingers pressing against his skin and he nibbled on one of her earlobes, shifting his angle of penetration. She arched her back, her hips sliding into an erratic rhythm and he could feel the blood throbbing in his veins. A familiar burn began to pool in his belly and he dipped his head, sliding his tongue along her neck before returning to her lips.

She gripped him all the tighter. He thought that this was how it was supposed to be; at least, for someone like him. His parents would be pleased.

She hit her peak first, clenching and cooing around him in such an erotic way that he had no choice but to be pulled along into his own orgasm. Their bodies slick with sweat, breaths coming out in uneven pants, he collapsed beside her. She immediately turned, nuzzling into his arms and he automatically held her. She was saying something that he wasn’t even hearing and he was wondering why everything felt so empty, why he couldn’t seem to hold onto his sanity anymore.

He wondered why his release had felt so hollow and why he couldn’t just be satisfied with her. Cameron was attractive and the right age and obviously interested in him, but Reeve still didn’t want to date her. He was lying in her bed, holding her in his arms, having just ravished her completely, and the only thing he could think of was how Reno would react. Or how different it would have been if it had been Reno in the first place and he had never called Cameron at all.

Guilt clenched, hitting him with the force of a jackhammer and he nearly recoiled from the ghost sensation.

Cameron murmured something; he didn’t pay her much attention. Words were roaring in his ears, his own lies to himself and how he kept trying to convince himself of things that weren’t true. He was a coward, when it came down to it. And his desperate need to please everyone around him left him with nothing in the end, didn’t it?

He realized with sudden clarity, that calling Cameron had been pure desperation after all. One last frantic chance to cling to the familiar, to find what he had had before Reno turned his life upside down. Maybe it was predestined, maybe it was fate, or maybe he was lying to himself all over again, but he was beginning to believe he had been lost from the moment he had caught an aquamarine stare from across the lobby over two years ago.


He stirred from his musings, finally realizing that Cameron had been talking to him. “Hmm?” he questioned distractedly.

“Will you be staying tonight?” It was an honest question and really, she deserved an honest answer.

He shouldn’t have done this.

“No,” he responded quietly, trying to soften the blow of his leaving with a gentle stroke down her bare back. She shivered. “I didn’t get much work done at the office, so I have to catch up at home.”

“Okay,” Cameron murmured as he gently extracted himself from her limbs and rose from the bed, gathering up his clothes. “Call me later?”

He snapped his belt buckle closed. “Of course,” he assured her. It wasn’t a lie, at least. He would call her, even if he didn’t know what to say.

“Talk to you later, then,” she called back to him with a gentle yawn, immediately covered up with a dainty hand. He knew she was preparing to take a nap and would probably get up later. It was the weekend and Cameron rather enjoyed going dancing and such with her girlfriends.

He didn’t reply to her, already slipping from the room. He had plans to head home, guilt already settling inside his chest as he wondered what he would tell Reno. Not that they had made any promises, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that he had betrayed his betrothed or something similar. Maybe it was because he had been betraying himself by denying what he really wanted.

Either way, Reeve knew what he wanted now. And while Cameron was everything his family wanted, she wasn’t what he wanted.

– – – –
The grin on Reno’s face was enough to make the uneasiness curdle in Reeve’s belly all over again. He rose from his position on the couch, taking in the younger man’s swagger and swallowed thickly. He felt like the biggest asshole on the face of Gaia and wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up getting punched. He probably would have deserved it.

“Miss me?” the Turk joked as he tapped his Electro Rod on his shoulder. His grin faltered; however, when he caught the look on Reeve’s face and he immediately sobered, eyes flickering to the dark form of his partner already slipping out of the door. Suspicion shadowed his features as he came to an abrupt halt, just inside the doorway to the living room.

Reno frowned, dropping his arm and allowing the Electro Rod to dangle from one wrist. “So it was true,” he stated flatly, voice sounding strangely hollow.

The executive couldn’t help but gape at the blunt statement. “What?” he managed, hating how strangled his voice sounded. “How did you…?”

The Turk shook his head, the look in his eyes darkening further as his frown deepened. “We almost got the bastards today. Tseng tried to call ya but couldn’t get through so he called Rude, yo.” Reno’s gaze shifted away seemingly locked on some unknown object. “Rude let us know ya were ‘occupied’.”

Reeve stepped forward, hating the large distance that was between them. He feared Reno would leave. “It’s not what you think–” But he was cut off before he could even finish.

“Then you didn’t fuck her,” Reno stated bluntly, wasting no time with mincing words.

The executive flinched. “No, I did. But that’s not the–”

“You fucked her,” Reno repeated brusquely, again interrupting the other male. His Electro Rod began to tap restlessly against his shoulder and it made Reeve want to think that he was suddenly looking for a way out.

Reeve winced at the abrupt statement. “It’s not like we made any promises to each other, Reno,” he responded quietly, looking at the floor because he knew he couldn’t look into those aquamarine eyes without being consumed by his own guilt.

“I tho’t after last night things was different!” The Turk countered, his voice sharp and cold. “But I see I was nothin’ but a fool from da beginnin’. I’m such an idiot.” He paused, his own disgust with himself plainly evident in his tone and causing Reeve to jerk his head up in surprise, finding that Reno was staring at the floor, face flushed with anger.

“I shoulda known it was one way,” he spat, turning on his heels with an angry clip to his step.

“That’s not what I’m trying to say!” Reeve argued, darting forward quickly and grabbing hold of the Turk’s arm. He had no illusions about being strong enough to keep Reno from leaving but if he could just delay him for a moment…

Reno’s shoulders tensed as he jerked his arm free. “Isn’t it?” he accused without bothering to turn around. “Isn’t that why you did it without even tryin’ to hide it? To prove your straightness and don’t want nothin’ to do wit’ me? Well, I ain’t stickin’ around ta be rejected like that.” He flipped his hand at Reeve with a very coarse gesture as he started forward once more, an angry set to his movements.

The executive growled. “You stubborn, stupid…” Words failing him, he trailed off and without thinking, he darted forward. He grabbed the departing Turk’s arm and jerked him backwards, the surprise enough to cause Reno to stumble in shock.

“You never listen!” Reeve hissed as he forced the other man to turn around and slammed him up against the hall wall, nearly knocking down one of the pictures that he never really liked anyways.

Aquamarine eyes widened but before Reno could say a word, Reeve was kissing him, thrusting his tongue into the younger man’s mouth and leaving him with little say otherwise. It was desperate and needy, deep as it overflowed with every emotion that Reeve was struggling to convey and all the insecurity he couldn’t seem to overcome. He had something to say, something to prove and it seemed his words were no longer working. But the stroke of his tongue over the other man’s, the press of his fingers into Reno’s bony shoulders as he shoved him against the wall, spoke more volumes than any of his cultured training from those expensive tutors.

Reno didn’t even struggle beneath him, opening up his mouth almost immediately to accept the affection as his eyes fluttered shut. The silent submission was enough to make Reeve’s own pulse race and he frantically deepened the kiss, almost biting on the younger man’s bottom lip in his efforts. There was a clatter as the Electro Rod tumbled to the floor, but Reeve didn’t particularly pay it any mind.

He kissed Reno until time lost its meaning, until they were both so desperate for air that he could feel the burning in his lungs. And it was there! That need, that burning desire that was missing with Cameron. The night before hadn’t been a fluke, he realized. He did want Reno, and now he understood, no one else would do.

With the lingering flavor of Reno’s blood on his lips, he had kissed him that hard, Reeve pulled away. He captured that aquamarine gaze quickly. “I didn’t hide it because I wasn’t going to lie,” he explained, words finally coming easy to him since they were the truth. “Being with her made me realize that I want to be with you.”

Reno’s eyes widened and he seemed genuinely shocked. He had been prepared for Reeve to tell him that was the one last kiss. “W… what?”

The executive turned and rubbed his forehead, a brief blush taking over his features. “I thought about you the entire time and I compared everything she did to you.” That amusing flush spread further across his cheeks. “In the end, I left without providing any sort of real explanation.”

“You’re not joking,” Reno stated, though it came out as more of a question as he regarded the executive somewhat suspiciously.

Reeve shook his head. “I don’t know why from the moment I saw you, I have been unable to get you out of my head.” He shook his head and turned away, still talking as if he needed to pace. “I didn’t know what to do with it at first. Hell, I still don’t but dammit, you made me gay!”

He whirled on his heels, pointing an accusatory finger at the Turk’s head. “It’s the hair, I swear it. Or maybe your eyes. Or something, I don’t know. But you made me gay! I was perfectly fine with women until I met you.”

“No, you weren’t.” Reno commented, quietly and Reeve faltered. “Admit it,” he continued. “Otherwise you would be married by now. Did you even like any of them?”

Reeve’s mouth clamped shut as he considered the Turk’s words. Before Cameron, there had been a string of other women, all of them insubstantial and his relationships never lasted long. And though he had been with Cameron for several years, he never really liked her. She was convenient.

He shook his head. “No, I suppose not. I put my job before everything… up until now.”

“Up until me.”

Reeve nodded. “Yes. I cannot explain it, and I am not going to even begin to try.” He stepped towards the Turk. “But I want this. I want you.” He grabbed the Turk’s suit jacked and jerked Reno towards him with little ceremony, sealing their lips together once more.

The Turk didn’t protest in the slightest as Reeve pushed him against the wall, devouring his mouth and jabbing his tongue inside. Reno’s hands came up, gripping tightly to the executive’s arms and yanking Reeve against him, so that the other man could feel the arousal straining within his slacks.

Reeve moaned and buried one of his hands in the choppy, red strands. He tightened his fingers, pulling Reno’s head back with little ceremony as he worked his other hand between their bodies. It was his first time actually initiating anything and he had to admit, that feeling of domination that he had felt with Cameron, was ten-fold with Reno pressed to the wall. Nimble fingers worked at the Turk’s pants and with a pop, the other man’s cock sprang free.

“Do you ever wear underwear?” he murmured, half-jokingly as his lips left Reno’s mouth, trailing nibbling kisses along a pale throat that was just begging to be marked. Flashes of the night before struck him and he went with his instincts, dragging a canine along Reno’s flesh.

The Turk shivered, especially when uncalloused hands wrapped around his arousal, giving him one firm stroke. At least in this, Reeve needed no teaching. It was not unlike masturbation.

“Not if I can help it,” Reno responded, his smirk ending abruptly when Reeve bit down lightly on his neck and a groan escaped his mouth.

“I knew it,” Reno muttered. “You’ve got kinks, don’t ya?”

Reeve didn’t answer, too absorbed with the feeling of his fingers on a cock that wasn’t his own. Reno was not as thick as him, but definitely longer, and the flesh of his manhood was silky soft as well as incredibly heated. It didn’t feel wrong in the slightest, and he found that every sound Reno made only caused Reeve’s own erection to worsen, straining desperately in his pants and wetting the fabric of his boxers. He stroked his fingers over Reno’s sex, the gasp the action ensued driving him to do more.

Reno’s hands slid between their bodies and started making short work of the buttons on Reeve’s dress shirt. Pushing aside the white fabric, he fanned his hands over the executive’s chest, a moan escaping his mouth as Reeve’s fingers explored his cock. A thumb rubbed across the leaking slit and his hips bucked forward helplessly, seeking more of the teasing touch.

“Reeve,” Reno purred, drawing out the symbols of the executive’s name as he arched his back. “Quit teasing,” he pleaded, running his hands down Reeve’s sides. The older man shivered as he chuckled lightly, loving the almost begging tone to the other man’s voice.

He dipped his head down, tracing a tongue over the line of Reno’s collarbone before returning his nibbles to the Turk’s ear. He tightened his fingers around Reno’s cock and began to stroke him in earnest, curling his tongue around the outer shell of Reno’s ear. The Turk shivered and thrust his hips forward, hands tightening in their grip around Reeve’s waist.

Reno could already feel his orgasm building his belly, even if it did seem very quick. Just the very thought that not only had Reeve initiated the sexual touch, but it was Reeve doing it was making him hot all over. The executive’s hand was moving just perfectly over his cock and every time Reeve’s teeth sank into his skin, he shuddered inside, fire flashing through his veins.

“You told me last time that you were going to make me moan and pant and scream your name,” Reeve murmured huskily, his voice sending shivers down the Turk’s spine as warm breath washed over his ear. “This time, I want to hear you scream mine,” he continued, fingers unrelenting in their hold of the younger man’s hair.

“Fuck,” Reno moaned, his head falling back against the wall with a thunk as he panted. Once held back, it seemed Reeve had finally thrown all caution to the wind.

Reeve smirked. “That’s not my name,” he reprimanded, biting down on the hollow of Reno’s throat and leaving a wonderful little, red mark behind. Fingers curled against the executive’s waist, digging into his skin but he didn’t mind it in the slightest. He could tell by Reno’s hitched breath that the boy was getting close, a very becoming cherry flush spreading across his face.

“Reeeeeeeve.” It was a long drawn out moan.

“Much better.” Reeve took that opportunity to kiss his lover, aggressively sliding his tongue inside the Turk’s mouth as he tightened his hold on the other man’s cock, rubbing a teasing thumb over his head.

Reno moaned against the forceful kiss and shuddered, spilling himself into Reeve’s hand with very little ceremony. Warmth splashed all over the executive’s palm but he couldn’t find it in him to care, every little sound escaping from Reno’s mouth so incredibly arousing that his own manhood strained painfully in his pants.

“Are you sure you’ve not been gay ‘for, yo?” Reno questioned as Reeve ended the kiss.

Amber eyes regarded him strangely before turning his attention to the clear milky fluid that now coated his hand. Insanely curious, and knowing he’d probably have to get used to the taste later, he tentatively stuck out his tongue and tasted Reno’s seed. He rolled the flavor around in his mouth. It was bitter, slightly warm, but not altogether unpleasant.

“Damn.” Reno growled, one hand snaking up and grabbing Reeve’s hand while he was still considering the flavor. “Do you have any idea how fuckin’ hot that was?” he questioned rhetorically.

The older man’s eyes turned to him questioningly but Reno took that moment to draw the soiled appendage towards his mouth, licking his fingers clean in quick, sure strokes. “Gah…” Reeve gasped, the warm tongue moving over his skin doing much to his libido. And Reno was right. It was hot.

He pressed up against the Turk, shoving him against the wall while Reno continued to lick his hand clean, grinding his neglected arousal against his younger lover while Reno’s pants sagged around his hips.

“I have to have you,” the Turk insisted, suddenly surging forwards and turning the tide completely around. Reeve was shoved against the opposite wall, his mouth being completely devoured by a hungry Turk tongue. He moaned as Reno’s hands started plucking at his clothes, shoving his jacket and shirt off of him with little grandeur.

The Turk ground their hips together, and Reeve was pleased to find that the younger man was half-hard again already. The kiss refused to end as Reno slowly directed them down the hall, both men shedding clothes like snakes until they were stumbling into Reeve’s bedroom and falling across the overly large bed, completely nude. Reno’s hands pinned Reeve’s arms above his head as he mercilessly devoured the older man’s mouth while Reeve’s head was spinning from the onslaught of stimulation.

This was what he had been searching for, his way to break away. He couldn’t explain it but he simply knew it without a doubt.

That warm mouth left his lips, not without protest from the executive, but then it began to work its way down. Reeve’s cock twitched in anticipation, remembering what happened the last time, those very same lips had traveled the same path. He panted, skin already slick with sweat as a tongue traced a line down his chest, stopping to nibble at a nipple before continuing.

“You’re torturing me,” he groaned, arching his hips forward as he was desperate for friction, any type of friction at all.

Reno chuckled, his teeth leaving a little mark on the soft flesh of the older man’s belly. “A bit impatient?” he questioned rhetorically.

Reeve growled, hands curling into fists as they were finally released. “You — nnghhhhh.” Anything he might have thought to say drowned in a blaze of hot white fire as his cock was suddenly engulfed in flaming, wet heat. Reno took him down to the hilt on the first pass and he bucked upwards into the warmth, only to pout when he realized hands were holding his hips into place.

“Reeeee—nnnghh.” He really tried to say the younger boy’s name, but Reno had chosen that moment to swipe his tongue over the executive’s member and he desperately wanted to thrust but couldn’t. His hands, desperate for something to cling to, buried themselves in bright red hair as he panted.

Fire, fierce and consuming, was pooling in his belly. One of Reno’s hands left his hips, not that he stopped restraining Reeve’s movements in the slightest. Before Reeve could even ponder the loss, he heard the familiar sound of something popping open. Then a finger, cool and slick pressed against his entrance and he unconsciously spread his legs further.

Reno’s jaw worked him mercilessly, and Reeve could do nothing more than pant and groan as his limbs trembled and his veins throbbed with arousal. The other man’s finger slid inside of him, and his body automatically reacted, remembering the sheer pleasure of the night before. His muscles clenched around the invader, but Reno merely added yet another finger, curling the digits until they brushed something electric inside of Reeve.

He groaned, hips jerking restlessly as unrelenting pleasure zinged through his body. Reno’s mouth took him deeper, the head of his cock pressed against the younger boy’s throat as he swallowed him down. Another finger joined the other two, rubbing and stimulating his prostate persistently. His muscles shook as his fingers clenched and a cry escaped his lips before he could stop it.
Reno’s tongue scraped over the head of his arousal in the same moment that his fingers brushed over Reeve’s prostate and the executive could no longer hold back. His orgasm crested over him and he spilled himself inside Reno’s mouth and down the younger boy’s throat. Reno swallowed him eagerly, his wet mouth riding out every bit of Reeve’s orgasm down to the last tremor.

The executive panted as he collapsed back against the sheets, sweat sticking to his skin and his limbs feeling like jelly. Reno let his softening organ slip from his mouth, but that didn’t stop him from settling between Reeve’s legs, his hands gripping the other man’s thighs as he shifted forward. The younger man was hard all over again, and had already slickened his cock with lube, and was now desperate to be inside of Reeve.

He leaned over, letting the head of his arousal sit at Reeve’s entrance as he pressed his lips to the panting executive’s. The kiss was hungry and demanding as he shared with Reeve the taste of his own seed. It was an erotic action that Reeve had never actually done before and he groaned, hands grasping tightly to the younger man’s arms.

Despite having just come, he could already feel the heat building inside of him once more. He wanted Reno with an intensity that startled him, almost as if he were a teenager once more.

Reno nibbled on his bottom lip before pulling back, nudging Reeve’s entrance with the head of his cock. “I’m going to take you,” he intoned, dipping his head and scraping his teeth over Reeve’s collar bone. “I’m going to press myself deep inside of you and make you scream.”
Reeve shuddered, his sated organ already beginning to rise as it twitched at Reno’s erotic words. “Gods,” he moaned, hands clenching tightly as his fingernails left crescent shaped marks in the other man’s flesh. “How do you do that?”

The Turk smirked. “A special talent, yo,” he responded and then with a sudden thrust, he shifted forward, burying himself deep inside of the executive.

Reeve’s back arched as his body accepted the intrusion, his muscles clenching and unclenching around the invader. The feeling of being full overwhelmed him as it always did.

“Shiiiit,” Reno breathed, drawing out the syllables as he sat back on his heels, slipping his hands under Reeve’s ass and kneading the tanned globes of flesh he found there. He began a lazy rhythm, pulling out nearly to the head before pumping all the way inside, filling him deep and throbbing each time.

“Ya have the perfect ass, yo,” he purred, fingers massaging the round flesh.

Reeve rolled his eyes at the other male. “Thanks… I think,” he commented, though it came out more of a pant as Reno’s cock slid along his prostate, sending sparks racing up his spine.

The smell of sex was thick on the air, the sounds of their harsh breathing echoing in the quiet. Reno’s hands slipped around from the executive’s ass to slide along the edges of his waist, rubbing a thumb over the tanned skin. He admired the flush that spread across the older man’s cheekbones, noting how Reeve looked younger and far more open than the usual strained and tired expression.

“Turn over,” Reno commanded, a sudden desire to see the other man in another position striking him.

Amber eyes blinked up at him, slightly confused as he was lost in a sensual haze. Reno resisted the urge to smirk and shifted backwards, pulling out of the executive’s tight cavern as he reiterated his demand. “Turn over.”

Sudden understanding dawned and Reeve complied, finding himself on his hands on knees on his comforter. Reno’s hands settled on his hips and he could feel the head of the other man’s cock nudging at his puckered entrance. A slight flush of embarrassment at the almost desperate position fluttered across Reeve’s face as he waited for Reno to do something. An aching was already beginning to coil in his belly and he just needed without really understanding why.

Fingers tightened on his hips. “Tell me you want this,” Reno demanded in a low tone.

Reeve’s hands curled on the bedspread as he groaned. “What?” he questioned as he turned his head, looking over his shoulder. He was nearly floored by the determination and the desire that darkened aquamarine eyes, dimming their mako glow and making him seem older, fiercer.

Reno’s cock pressed against his opening, teasing him but not entering. “Tell me you want this,” he repeated again. “Tell me you want me.” One hand left Reeve’s hip, fingernails scraping across his back as he dragged them down Reeve’s spine.

The executive arched his back and moaned, shifting his hips backwards. With the enunciation in Reno’s voice, he understood what the Turk was asking him.

“Reeeeno,” he groaned, dragging out the syllables of the other man’s name. “Fuck me,” he panted, having the dual feelings of hating how desperate it sounded and not caring so long as it did something to ease the ache inside of him. Reno could turn him on faster and fiercer than anyone else he had ever been with.

The Turk growled at Reeve’s demand and immediately rolled his hips forward, sliding home deep inside of the executive. He wasted no time in beginning a deep and fast rhythm that had Reeve growling as he arched his back and shifted his hips back to meet each demanding thrust. His body shook as fire spread up his spine, heat pooled in his belly and sparks of pleasure seemed to radiate from that one point as Reno’s cock slid over and over his prostate with startling accuracy.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” Reno panted, his manhood feeling as if it was being gripped by Reeve’s warm and clenching channel. Despite his recent orgasm, he could feel the curling and twisting of yet another building inside of him with almost startling speed.

“Gah,” Reeve groaned, unable to come up with something coherent in response. His own cock was aching and desperate for some relief. “Reno… nnngh. Touch me,” he ground out.

Reno growled, a deep rumble in his chest as he suddenly settled back on his heels, giving a yank to the executive’s hips as he did so, inspiring yet another change in his position. Reeve ended up on his lap, legs splayed on either side of Reno’s and his head lolled backwards on the Turk’s shoulder. Reno’s hand immediately came around the older man’s body, wrapping talented fingers around Reeve’s aching erection.

The Turk’s tongue snaked out of his body, tracing around the shell of one ear. Reeve shuddered, his hips caught in a desperate rhythm between thrusting forward into Reno’s hands and shifting backwards to take the younger man deeper inside of him. Sounds poured from his lips, unintelligible groans and grunts as he sought that higher pinnacle of pleasure. He could Reno gasping behind him, and he felt the puffs of heated air that ghosted across his ear, only adding to his arousal.

One of his hands dug desperately into the covers of the bed, the other snaked up and grabbed onto Reno’s hair, tangling within bright red strands. Reno didn’t seem to mind too desperately as he pushed himself deeper inside of the executive, the sound of flesh slapping flesh filling the air.

Teeth slid along Reeve’s shoulder blade and the sides of his neck. He shivered. Reno’s hand worked quickly over his arousal, driving him to a higher plane of existence until his world completely narrowed. All he could feel was the hand on his cock, the sliding of Reno’s manhood over his prostate, and the tongue on his skin, soothing over nibbled flesh.

Reno pumped his hips, driving himself so deep inside of the executive that he was mildly surprised that Reeve wasn’t crying out in pain. He didn’t know if he could hold on much longer; however, the other man’s growls and grunts of pleasure were nearly his undoing.

Reeve’s movements were more frenzied now as his body desperately moved, thrusting both forwards and backwards in jerky motions. Reno tightened his fingers around Reeve’s cock, stroking him hard in the same moment that he gave a particularly deep thrust. The effect was electrifying.

The executive’s entire body arched as his hand immediately clenched in Reno’s hair and he came, spattering all over Reno’s hand and dribbling down to the comforter beneath him. A deep groan of ecstasy which may or may not have been Reno’s name poured from Reeve’s lips.

The Turk let himself go then, his orgasm pulled from him by the rhythmic clenching of Reeve’s body. He jerked Reeve’s hips down against him with his free hand as he thrust up, spilling himself deep inside of the other man. His moan of release was muffled as he buried his lips against Reeve’s shoulder and blinding hot white fire flashed behind his eyelids.

Reeve collapsed against him, a sweaty, panting mass as Reno slumped, barely able to stay upright. His body trembled, weariness assaulting him almost immediately as he wrapped his arms loosely around the executive. He laid his forehead against the other man’s shoulder, waiting for his heartbeat to return to some semblance of normal as Reeve’s fingers finally detangled from his hair.

He hadn’t even noticed they were there.

It was several moments before they regained the ability to speak. “Need a shower,” Reno mumbled, his voice slightly muffled.

Reeve shifted and there was a slight twinge in his backside from the rather rough treatment. Not that he minded as it wasn’t altogether painful, just present. “Probably a good idea,” he agreed, though his voice was lazy.

Reno chuckled, pressing his lips to back of Reno’s neck before he unwound his arms from around him and slowly untangled their limbs. His pulse leapt as he caught sight of himself slipping out of the executive, a small trail of his own cum leaking from Reeve. If only the other man knew just how sexy that was…

He wondered if he had enough energy for another go round.

“We have to get out of bed for a shower.”

Amber eyes rolled. “I know that… just… give me a minute.” He shifted his body again, feeling another twinge in his backside. Okay, so he wouldn’t be walking without a slight limp for a bit. Not that he minded. It was a small price to pay for some of the greatest sex in his life.

Even if he wasn’t gay.

Reno laughed, laying his forehead against the executive’s back. He would give him all the time he needed.

– – – – –

Both years of living on the street and a recent life as a Turk left Reno a very light sleeper. He awoke the very same second he felt the bed shift. He didn’t move himself, however, slightly curious as to what Reeve would do this time. The executive slipped out of bed and less than a minute later, he heard the toilet flush.

Reno took that opportunity to peer blearily at Reeve’s alarm clock. The bright red numbers told him it was a little after eleven pm. They always seemed to crash so early. He would have to remedy that in the future.

Footsteps padded back into the room, instantly recognized when there was a thump and a muttered curse. Reno smiled and waited for Reeve to return to the bed, only the executive didn’t. He heard some rustling, a clunk, another muffled mutter, and then the door opening as Reeve slipped back into the hall with nary a creak, letting in a small sliver of light.

Curious, the Turk threw back the covers and slinked quietly to the door. Through the gap he caught Reeve standing in the hall with his back to the door. He had pulled on his pants but didn’t appear to be going anywhere. Even more interesting was that he held a cell phone in his hand. Raising a brow, Reno continued to observe. Reeve dialed a number he appeared to know by heart and something in the Turk’s gut tightened.

“Hello?” The voice was female and loud. Reeve grimaced and lowered his speaker volume, though it didn’t seem to help much. He glanced back to the door, causing Reno to quickly duck to the side before returning his attention to the phone.

“I apologize for calling so late. Did I wake you?”

There was laughter, soft and full. “Of course not, darling. It’s not nearly time for night life to cease in Midgar.” Reno was glad in that moment for her loud voice, because it enabled him to hear everything that was being said.

“How could I forget?”

She giggled and it made Reno wince. They sounded far too chummy and he couldn’t help but wonder if this was the ‘Cameron,’ Reeve had mentioned. He had thoughts to storm out there, rip that phone out of Reeve’s hands and demand to know what’s going on. But something told him to wait, if only for a few moments more.

“Reeve, this is unusual. Why did you call?”

The executive sighed and rubbed his brow, going silent for a moment. He shifted his weight before finally speaking. “I think that it is time we said our goodbyes.”

“What? What do you mean?” Her voice registered genuine confusion. Inwardly, Reno was crowing with glee, even if it was wrong of him to think that way.

“Our relationship, Cameron. I am ending it.” Well, that confirmed it right there.

She was quiet for a moment. “Why?”

He sighed again, one hand restlessly fiddling with the tie to his pants. “Do you want the truth or a lie that will save your dignity?” he questioned.

“How long?” Her voice was suddenly steely and Reno had to blink at the change. Was Reeve truly that transparent? Then again, the executive did tend to wear his emotions on his sleeve. He really was no good at either lying or hiding his thoughts.

“… Pardon?”

It was her turn to sigh, her tone coming out slightly reprimanding. “You’ve been distant for months. I am not blind or stupid. I just wish that you had told me sooner that you had met someone else.” She paused, before adding in a much quieter tone, so quiet that Reno almost didn’t catch it. “I love you, you know.”

“I am sorry.” There was true regret in Reeve’s words and Reno couldn’t be sure if it was because he returned her feelings or if he regretted breaking her heart. He frowned silently, shifting in his place against the door as he strained to hear the rest of their conversation, not caring in the slightest if it made him an eavesdropper.

“I am sure you are.” There was a rustle. She was probably shifting ears, or maybe even sitting down if she had been standing. Reno was getting pretty good at identifying sounds. “Do I even get an explanation?” she asked before quickly changing her mind. “No, wait. Do not tell me. I do not care.”

Reeve rubbed his forehead again, something that Reno now recognized as force of habit for the executive. Sometimes his head wasn’t even hurting. “I am sorry, Cameron. I really do not know what else to say.”

“And I do?” she snapped bitterly. He winced, his shoulders tightening and Reno instantly wished that the woman would just end the call. “Never mind. I am angry, of course, but there is really nothing that you or I can do about that. I hope that she is worth it. Honestly, I do. Because do not expect me to ever want to see you again. Goodbye, Reeve.” The phone clicked off without another word from the dark-haired man.
Reeve ended the call, letting his hand drop to his side though he remained silent. Unsure of the executive’s feelings, Reno chose that moment to slip quietly out into the hall, startling the other male when he wrapped his arms around him from behind. Reeve stiffened before recognizing the touch, immediately relaxing.

“Did you love her?” Reno questioned, after a moment of silence.

Reeve shook his head. “If I did, I wouldn’t be here with you. Cameron was just… familiar,” he explained. His free hand came up, patting gently on the pale arm around his waist. “How much did you hear?”

The Turk shrugged. “Enough.”

“You know,” Reeve began quietly. “We have to be discreet. If this gets out, both of our lives will be ruined.”

Reno nodded. “Yeah, I sorta guessed that.”

“That means I’ll have to date, Reno.”

The other male shrugged again. “Don’t fuck ‘em and I don’t care. I ‘spose I can understand it.” He leaned forward, sliding his tongue along the bared skin of Reeve’s neck before biting down. He grinned when Reeve shivered, unconsciously pressing backwards against him. “Let’s go back to bed, ne?”

“Is that a question?”

One of the Turk’s hands crept up the tanned skin, finding a nipple with unerring accuracy. He teased it into hardness, feeling his own cock slowly beginning to fill with blood. “More like a lusty request.” Reno smirked.

The executive chuckled before turning around in his lover’s arms. “I think I can fulfill that,” he murmured huskily as he kissed Reno.


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