[FF7] Body Switch 07

Chapter Seven – Babes in Toyland

He woke up fuzzily, everything out of focus and feeling as if bits and pieces of his memory was missing. Sephiroth groaned and sat up, naked as the day he was born and propped up on a bed of pillows. He raised a hand to his head, brushing strands of silver… hair… out of his…

Wait a minute. Silver hair?

His eyes widened in shock? Was he truly back in his own body? With a start, Sephiroth leapt to his feet and looked down at himself. Long legs, pale skin, a thatch of silver hair at his groin and that tattoo that he had gotten a long time ago when he was a foolish seventeen… yep, it was all there. He was back after all.

A great sigh of relief escaped his mouth and he couldn’t help but shout and dance a very, very short jig. And then he realized he was naked and started scouting around for some clothes. It wasn’t until he was tying his hair back, fully dressed, that he realized he should not have woken up alone.

Yet, the room, completely carpeted in pillows and blankets, was devoid of all other person’s. Cloud was gone. Sephiroth found that ironic. The one thing they vowed not to do, ended up being the true cure after all. Imagine if they had listened in the first place. They wouldn’t have gone through half the drama.

And my, wasn’t it an exhilarating experience? Sephiroth felt a trill of pleasure run through his body at just the reminder. He wanted to screw Cloud again, as soon as possible. He wanted to taste him this time. And he definitely wanted a go at Cloud’s ass. Fair was fair after all.

Honestly, what had started that whole body switching mess in the first place? Sephiroth couldn’t even recall anymore. Everything had been replaced with memories of the night before. And Sephiroth didn’t feel guilty. Zack wouldn’t be angry. He would pout cutely that he missed the chance to see it, and then promptly jump Sephiroth, wanting a replay.

Sephiroth smiled at the thought before he decided he would rather like getting out of the room now. He glanced around, raising a brow when he caught sight of the handy-dandy ladder just propped up and waiting for him beneath an open trap door. Perhaps Miracle Max knew that he would be awakening soon and had let Cloud use it earlier.

Either way, Sephiroth was more than ready to climb out. Squaring his shoulders and stretching his muscles, he began the short and easy climb, popping his head above the line of Miracle Max’s floor.

It was silent there, no one present but the old man himself, puffing on a pipe as he perused the daily paper. The headline was obscured by a haze of smoke but Sephiroth clearly thought he detected something about madness and mayhem in the moogle workshop. Though, he could have been mistaken.

“Ah, so you’ve finally arisen,” Max spoke around his pipe, casually turning another page. “I was beginning to think you’d sleep all day.”

Sephiroth clambered out of the trap door and climbed to his feet, glad to be out of the small room. It was comfortable, but somewhat stifling. He regarded Max suspiciously. “Cloud–”

“–has gone already as you can see,” the elderly man finished for him, without even bothering to look up. “The remedies are always simple. It is the stubborn fools who refuse to listen that come to me.”

One of his hands left the paper and groped at his side, producing an enlarged picture that Sephiroth immediately recognized. There was a huge, familiar scrawl along one side of it. Max slid it towards the silver-haired man, tapping a pen down beside it.

“Sign it for me and your payment will be complete.”

Sephiroth blinked. “Payment? But you didn’t do anything.”

Max slowly lowered his paper and peered at him in that way that old people generally do over the edge of the newspaper. “That aphrodisiac is no picnic to bake, Mr. Hojo. Sign the picture.”

Shrugging, Sephiroth decided to do just that. After all, Miracle Max’s was, by far, the best solution and the process wasn’t too bad either. He figured he owed the man. So with a flourish, he signed his name across the picture from Cloud’s before taking a moment to admire their kiss. It was quite passionate, making him hungry all over again.

Then the picture was snatched out from under his sight, rolled up, rubber banded and quickly deposited beyond his capacity to see it. “Pleasure doin’ business,” Max mumbled around his pipe. “I’m sure I don’t have to show you the door.”

“No, I don’t suppose you do,” Sephiroth responded. He bowed lightly to the man. “Thank you for all the help. I can see everything much more clearly now.”

With that said, he turned on his heels and exited the shop. After all, he had been away from home for two days now. Surely Zack was terribly worried and worse… terribly horny. Sephiroth had the feeling that his dick was going to be sore for several days.

– – – – –

Cloud ended up walking home. Not that he minded. It gave him plenty of time to think and boy, did he need it. After a night like that, he really had to reconsider his sexuality. It was, plainly put, fucking hot and made Tifa seem like a cold fish. Not that she wasn’t sweet and sultry in her own way but damn, Cloud really wanted to try that again.

Which put him in quite the quandary. Where once he had felt nothing but seething irritation for Sephiroth, he now found there was another use in the man. A wonderfully erotic use that he would like to explore more of. He couldn’t shake the images from his head, plus it just seemed right to have Sephiroth panting and moaning beneath him. The man was beautiful in his own way.

And Cloud was damned tired of being that woman’s pet. The pet names had to stop. Not to mention he was certain she was running around on him behind his back. He couldn’t prove it but she did act sketchy from time to time. It was just that they had been together so long and he was loathe to lose that.

Still, Sephiroth had been hot. And just thinking about it was getting Cloud’s pants uncomfortably tight again as it had been all morning. Even after the spell had worn off, since Cloud had realized it was an aphrodisiac, he still wanted to roll over and spear Sephiroth again. The man’s body was both warm and soft, curling accommodatingly around Cloud’s own. It sucked that he couldn’t have stayed to test out a few more of his theories.
He had been gone for two days, after all. Tifa was bound to be worried about him. Not that Cloud could be sure. Somehow, someway he had lost his phone and he couldn’t be certain where or when. Nor, for some reason, did he really care. Actually, he just wanted to jump back into that bed with Sephiroth.

It was an exciting prospect. Perhaps he wasn’t as straight as he wanted to believe. And maybe, just maybe, he didn’t hate Sephiroth so much either. Stranger things had happened.

Cloud sighed and dug into his pocket, pulling out his keys. They rattled slightly as he stuck them in the lock before shoving the door open with a weary creak. Inside his shared apartment, all seemed silent. Which was strange considering the time. Tifa should have been home since it was laundry day.

Curious and confused, Cloud stepped inside, ears cocked and listening. He checked the living room and laundry room. Nothing. He walked into the kitchen, dishes were gleaming in the dryer. He headed towards the back bedrooms and then he heard it… the sound of moaning and murmured voices.

His eyes narrowed.

Technically, he couldn’t get angry since he had been with Sephiroth. But arguably, he was under the influence and it had been done to break the body switch curse on them. At the time, he hadn’t wanted to. He couldn’t be blamed for that part of his beliefs changing after the fact.

Either way, Cloud crept to his own bedroom and listened at the door. Yep, definitely the sound of moaning. And since it was his own home, he had no need for knocking. He pushed the door open and strode in as if he owned the place, which truthfully, he did… only to have his mouth gape in surprise.

And his cock twitched in his pants which proved he was at least bisexual.

Tifa was not alone as he had suspected. And there definitely was someone that wasn’t him between her legs. That person’s mouth was presently very busy, tongue flapping like a wild flag in the breeze. And Tifa’s hands were tugging very insistently on that person’s hair, encouraging them with hearty moans.

Cloud smiled, wide and pleased. It seemed he wouldn’t have to worry about breaking it off with Tifa after all. And now he could seek out Sephiroth, just as he had been considering earlier.

“Hey Rinhoa!” he greeted loudly, certain to attract their attention. Both women looked up, startled but he merely waved at them. “I’m moving out, Tif. Decided I’m gay. See ya!”

With that, he turned on his heels and walked out the door, not even bothering to claim any of his possessions. Some he could get later, the rest of it he was rich enough to buy again another time. Their surprised splutters followed him out the door and he laughed, loud and raucous, as he stood outside his apartment.

The old, grizzled woman from next door stuck her head out her window and frowned disapprovingly. Cloud promptly stuck his tongue out at her and waved his hand in an obscene gesture. She harrumphed and disappeared back inside. The blond laughed again. It wasn’t like he had to live there anymore.

Feeling remarkably lightened, Cloud shoved his hands in his pockets and began to whistle, his destination already in mind. He only hoped Sephiroth was feeling much the same and had discarded their old rivalry. He had lusty thoughts to fulfill.

– – – – –

Ding-a-ling-dong, ding-dong!!

Sephiroth paused in his ravaging of his boyfriend’s mouth and tilted his head to the side. Had the doorbell rung? He listened again, shrugged and then got back to work, Zack making his cute, little whimpering noises of need against him. Hands moved to the towel draped around his boyfriend’s waist, determined to remove that obstacle as well.

Ding-a-ling-dong, ding-dong! Ding-a-ling-dong, ding-dong!

“Mrf nye ink a nerlkfjlm,” Zack mumbled, unable to form coherent speech with Sephiroth’s tongue jammed down his throat.

The silver-haired man pulled back. “What?” he questioned, slightly dizzy from a haze of desire.

“The doorbell,” Zack said, pointing in the vague direction of the door. “Someone’s ringing the doorbell.”
Sephiroth waved a hand of dismissal. “Ignore them–”

Ding-a-ling-dong, ding-dong!

“–or maybe not.” The silver-haired man heaved a big sigh before gently shoving Zack towards the bed. “I’ll be back,” he promised as Zack gave a little hop of joy and jumped towards the bed, bouncing on the firm mattress.

Sephiroth rolled his eyes at his ever energetic lover’s actions before turning towards the door, mumbling under his breath. Whoever was there would have to deal with his half-naked state because he was too aroused to care.

The doorbell was in the middle of ringing once more as Sephiroth reached forward, gripped the handle, and jerked it open. “Whaaaat?” he snarled, before he even set sight on the person on the other side.

Bright blue eyes looked up at him somewhat sheepishly. “Ummm, hi?” Cloud said, making it sound like a question.

Sephiroth furrowed his brow. “Cloud?”

The blond nodded. “Yep.” He rose on his tiptoes and peered past Sephiroth into the apartment. “You weren’t… busy were you?” he questioned, a faint blush staining his cheeks.

The other man grinned, leaning against the doorframe to accentuate his bare chest. “Care to join?”

Cloud blushed even further and twisted his hands together. “I… I think I might.”

This surprised the silver-haired actor. He hadn’t expected it. His eyes widened in shock as he blinked at Cloud. “You’re… not joking?” he asked, before he finally got a good look at Cloud. The poor blond was covered in sweat and still wearing the clothes from their whole Switch-Excursion. Even his spikes were drooping and he looked in desperate need of a bath.

Green eyes peered at his guest. “Have you even been home?” he added, amending his earlier statement.

Cloud nodded vigorously. “Oh yes. For about five minutes. Then I found Tifa boinking Rinoa and decided that ummm, we weren’t meant to be anymore.”

“So you came here because…?” Inwardly, Sephiroth was grinning like a fool. He knew it. Cloud was soooo gay. Or at least, bisexual. Then again, maybe Sephiroth was too, because for some reason, the minor picture of Tifa and Rinoa going at it stirred his interest. He wouldn’t mind watching.

Cloud blushed a deep scarlet, almost as if he were a teenager. It was really quite cute. “We aren’t enemies anymore, right?” he asked, sounding hopeful.

“I would like to think not,” Sephiroth drawled. “It seems most of my hatred is directed towards one sprightly waitress by the name of Trixie.”

From inside the apartment came a sound of distress. “Seph! I’m losing my erection here!” Zack whined, sounding very put out. “You’ve been gone for aaaaaaagggggggeeeeeeessssss!”

Cloud snickered at that. “Looks like you’ve got more than you can handle.” He smirked.

Sephiroth grinned maliciously. “Wanna give me a hand?”

“Well, since I decided I’m gay for right now, why not?” Cloud agreed, stepping into the apartment as Sephiroth moved aside.

The silver-haired man closed the door behind him, then placed his hands on Cloud’s shoulders, pushing him in order to direct him where he wanted to go. “But first,” Sephiroth began, steering him through the living room and down the hallway. “A shower. You reek.”

Cloud pouted rather cutely. “Well, I walked all the way home and then I walked all the way here. What do you expect?”

Sephiroth wrinkled his nose as he leaned past Cloud and turned the handle of the bathroom door, swinging it open. “And you smell like it, too.” He gave him a friendly shove inside. “Bathe. And if you’re still keen on giving me a hand, the bedroom is through that other door inside. If not…” Sephiroth shrugged. “Cable’s in the living room.”

And with that, he closed the door on Cloud. Sephiroth smiled to himself as he detected the sounds of clothes rustling to the floor, the shower curtain screeching open and the telltale squeaks of the water pipes as it was turned on. Sephiroth turned away from the door and padded back to his bedroom where Zack was pouting in annoyance on the bed, splayed out against the navy blue comforter with towel still on his lower regions.

“We have a guest,” Sephiroth informed him as he reached for the buckles of his pants, shimmying out of the faded blue jeans.

Zack rolled his eyes. “So I noticed,” he responded before idly trailing a hand down to one of his nipples, pinching and rolling it with two fingers. “I thought I was going to have to resort to my hand… again, Seph.”

“Apologies.” And he meant it. With the last of his clothing dropping to the floor, Sephiroth gleefully approached the bed. He snatched Zack’s towel and ripped it off him in one motion, revealing an arousal that had indeed lagged. Though now it was slowly stiffening.

Well, he would have to fix that.

With a hungry look on his face, Sephiroth crawled on the bed and dipped his head, lapping his tongue over the head of Zack’s cock. Predictably, Zack purred in enjoyment, fingers entangling in the comforter. Running his hands over and down Zack’s sides, Sephiroth continued to lave attention to his boyfriend’s swollen erection, growing thicker and longer with each passing second.

The salty taste of precum filtered through to his tongue as Zack begin to writhe beneath him, little moans of pleasure pouring from his lips. “You’re… good at that,” he panted, rubbing a thigh impatiently at Sephiroth’s shoulder.

In response, Sephiroth sucked on the head of Zack’s penis, sliding his tongue along the soft ridges. Zack’s hands moved to his hair, tugging insistently on the silver strands. But Sephiroth was vain about his hair and wasn’t too partial to the tugging. He growled warningly in his throat, but either Zack wasn’t paying attention or found the aspect of danger erotic.

Knowing his lover, it was more likely the latter.

Releasing Zack’s erection with a slight pop, Sephiroth rose to his hands and knees hovering over his lover who had a mischievous look on his face. “What have I said about my hair,” he growled playfully, sliding one knee forward to rub against Zack’s cock.

The other man shivered and gave another gentle tug to silver strands. “Not to pull on it,” he replied in a singsong tone as if he were a child getting scolded.

“That’s right.” Sephiroth leaned down and nipped on Zack’s neck, one hand sliding to his lover’s perfectly, proportioned rump. “I think that you need to be punished, don’t you?”

Zack moaned, nodding his head. “I do.”

With a slight chuckle, Sephiroth drew back and patted Zack on the hip. “Roll over,” he commanded as he slid backwards, giving his lover ample room to shift positions. He grinned lecherously as Zack did just that, propping his ass up in the air and leaning forward on his forearms.

He peered at Sephiroth over one shoulder, licking his lips seductively. Lust gleamed in crystalline blue eyes. Sephiroth reached forward and rubbed his palm down Zack’s back, gliding over the ridges of his spine. His lover arched like a cat, purring under the touch as Sephiroth trailed his fingers downwards before sliding teasingly down the crease.

“Seph, stop teasing.” Zack pouted.

The silver-haired man chuckled. “Penalty, first. Then pleasure,” he reminded his lover. He lifted his hand to provide the first blow when suddenly the door to the bathroom creaked slowly open and a head of blond spikes poked out, a slight blush on Cloud’s cheeks. Steam wafted from the open doorway. A towel was draped securely around Cloud’s hips.

Sephiroth’s lips pulled into a lecherous grin. He beckoned Cloud towards him with one hand. “Come join us,” he urged. Zack echoed his statement.

Bright blue eyes darted between the two of them before Cloud finally edged out of the doorway and into the room, closing it behind them. He appeared to be steeling himself before he took a deep breath and slowly crossed the room, moving to stand uncertainly beside the bed. His eyes, however, refused to stay still, openly ogling both naked men on the bed.

Then a hand whipped out and snatched Cloud, dragging him close. He moved, entirely startled as lips pressed insistently to his, a tongue jabbing past his lips and into his mouth. He belatedly recognized Sephiroth before he melted giving into the demanding kiss. His body pressed forward of its own accord until one knee was placed on the bed. Sephiroth continued to kiss him insistently, until Cloud felt as if he were swirling in a haze of desire.

Until he felt the bed shake slightly. “Sephhhhh,” Zack whined pitifully. Though he was enjoying the sight of them make out, he was feeling a little left out of the loop. He wriggled his body impatiently, letting Sephiroth know that he was very put out.

The silver-haired man broke off the kiss with a wet sound, grinning when he noticed Cloud looked slightly dazed. “I almost forgot,” he leered. “Zack still needs to be punished.” He accentuated his words by rubbing his palm over Zack’s ass.

Ah, here was something that Cloud understood. Thanks to his ex-girlfriend and her ‘Mistress Tifa’ sessions, master and servant games were very familiar to him. And Zack had a nice ass. He was certain it would look even better reddened. He could feel his cock lengthen beneath his towel the more he thought about it.

Zack nodded in agreement, wriggling his bottom enticingly. “Yes, I’ve been bad.”

Smack! Sephiroth’s palm slapped against Zack’s left cheek, leaving a reddened handprint behind. The effect was electrifying.

Zack’s entire body arched as a low moan of pleasure escaped his lips. His fingers curled against the comforter. “Uhnnn, another,” he pleaded.

Smack! Sephiroth obliged, this time striking the other cheek.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Three more in rapid succession, each in different places than the other. The pert flesh of Zack’s ass was reddening now, and warm to the touch. Sephiroth’s own palm tingled and he paused, rubbing his hand over the marked flesh soothingly.

Green eyes flickered to Cloud. “My hand’s getting tired,” he fibbed just a little. He hoped that he was being obvious enough for Cloud to understand.

And when the blond grinned wickedly, Sephiroth knew he had. Cloud brought his other knee up on the bed and as Zack shivered in arousal, already beginning to hump the mattress a little, Cloud made his move.

Smack! He brought his hand down hard and heavy, criss-crossing one of Sephiroth’s earlier marks. Smack! Smack!

“Gods!” Zack panted, brazenly rubbing his cock against the comforter. He was desperate for any sort of touch at this point. “I can’t take it anymore. Do something!”

Cloud and Sephiroth exchanged mischievous glances. They both knew that Zack could be pushed far further. He was at the threshold between pain and pleasure and only a few more times would push him at the edge. He wasn’t yet a whimpering mass of need.

The two rivals grew devil horns and in tandem, begin spanking Sephiroth’s lover, altering slaps so as not to strike each other. Zack panted and moaned, writhing against the bed as his ass turned bright red. Each spank sent a spark of pleasure racing down his body, a trill of desire straight to his cock. His muscles trembled and his body ached, fire rushing through his veins.

“Mnnnh,” Zack moaned, unable to find a coherent word. He was losing count now. Was it twenty… maybe thirty? He couldn’t remember anymore. All he knew was a haze of pleasure.

Then the bed dipped and his bottom stung, but the smacking had stopped. Cloud was urging Zack to prop himself up on his arms as he slid under the dark-haired man. He directed their lips together and Zack fell on him ravenously, desperate for some sort of release. He dipped his hips, determined to begin a steady grind until he felt hands on them, restraining his movements.

A whimper of complaint keened in his throat. Behind him, Sephiroth chuckled. “Patience, patience,” he murmured teasingly, rubbing his hands gently over Zack’s plump cheeks. His thumbs spread them, revealing the pink, twitching entrance.

A wash of cool air flitted across Zack’s reddened ass, which felt like it was on fire. He groaned, but it was swallowed by Cloud’s lips devouring his own. And Cloud’s hands were roaming over his body, something dangling in his fingers. It wasn’t until the biting feeling clamped down on his nipples that Zack even realized what it was. He didn’t even care to ponder when Sephiroth had retrieved them and handed them over to Cloud. More pleasure spiked through him and it was that moment that Sephiroth chose to swipe his tongue over Zack’s anus.

The dark-haired man purred, feeling as if he were in heaven. Now this was more like it. The neglect was gone, replaced by pure, unadulterated pleasure. He wriggled and writhed and moaned, driving both men, above and below, into a higher state of need. He kissed Cloud all the harder as Sephiroth’s tongue circled his entrance before dipping inside, licking him thoroughly.

Cloud moved enticingly beneath Zack, his hands in constant motion as they trailed over soft skin. He was so rigid that it hurt, desperate for any sort of friction. Zack broke off the kiss, trailing his lips over Cloud’s jawbone and moving to his ear. He curled his tongue around the delicate shell.

“Slide up,” he suggested in a husky tone, surprised at his own ability to form a coherent sentence with Sephiroth doing such wonderful things to his backside. “Let me put my tongue to good use.”

Cloud shuddered at the thought and immediately obeyed, scooting backwards and up until his back rested against the headboard. It put his straining, leaking arousal in direct line with Zack’s mouth. The dark-haired man wasted no time in dipping his head and taking Cloud to the hilt, deep-throating him with ease.

The blond gasped and tangled his fingers in dark hair, needing something to hold on to as unbelievable pleasure eclipsed his body. He watched through lust-lidded eyes as Sephiroth continued to lave his tongue over Zack’s anus. His eyes flickered between that arousing sight and the head bobbing up and down in his lap. A tongue flicked across the head of Cloud’s cock and he groaned, knowing he was getting close.

It was so damn good he wondered why he hadn’t decided to turn gay before.

Cloud’s hips jerked and pumped, Zack effortlessly taking his cock with each movement. The pleasure was indescribable, each time that he thrust into that warm, wet mouth that seemed to know every single one of his erotic zones.

And then Sephiroth swiped his tongue one last time over Zack’s anus and pulled back. He licked his lips seductively, leaving Cloud to wonder why he stopped but was distracted by Zack sucking on the head of his arousal. He missed the knowing look that Sephiroth sent his distraction, all coherent thought melting into mush at the feel of Zack’s very talented mouth. Cloud slumped against the headboard, his hips desperately straining upwards.

Then the bed shook, the headboard rattling against the wall. Bright blue eyes snapped open, catching sight of Sephiroth returning to the bed, an unidentified something grasped in one of his hands. He licked a line up Zack’s back, tracing the spine before his hands tangled in Zack’s hair, dislodging Cloud’s hold.

Sephiroth tugged on his lover’s hair in order to make him stop. Zack readily complied, obeying Sephiroth’s directions and pulled himself back into his lover’s arms, leaving Cloud panting with a straining arousal. Sephiroth directed Zack’s lips towards his, kissing over the dark-haired man’s right shoulder. Cloud watched all this through lidded eyes, one hand casually stroking his own erection. He wasn’t sure how he exploded yet except that he was certain there was a lot more to come.

He watched their tongues tangle together, sloppy kisses that he wanted to join. Sephiroth’s pale hand even drifted down Zack’s chest, tugging gently on the chain that joined the two nipple clamps. Zack moaned into the kiss, his body surging forward before falling backwards against Sephiroth’s. The silver-haired man grinned in approval before trailing his lips to Zack’s neck, sucking on the tanned flesh and raising up a red mark to join a few of the fading others.

Zack purred until Sephiroth broke away, licking his lips. “You taste good,” Sephiroth commented, speaking to both Zack and Cloud. His eyes flashed with desire.

The dark-haired man moaned in agreement before furrowing his brow in confusion when Sephiroth slapped something into one of his empty hands. He looked down, finding a decently sized dildo with a button. One that he well recognized.

Zack immediately smirked as Sephiroth gestured towards Cloud with one of his versatile eyebrows. In complete understanding, Zack shifted away from Sephiroth and stalked across the bed towards Cloud who was watching him both warily and hungrily. The room was warm with body heat, the distinct scent of sex and musk filtering through to Zack’s nose. But he had eyes only for Zack.

The dark-haired male grasped Cloud’s hips as a lecherous expression took over his face. He jerked the blond towards him, forcing Cloud to sprawl on his back on the bed. With that done, Zack crawled between his legs, dotting kisses over Cloud’s flesh whenever he encountered it until he was pressing their lips together. He entangled them together, swapping spit and rocking their bodies together. He ground their hips, eliciting sparks of pleasure in their veins.

Piercing green eyes watched them for several moments, admiring the contrasts of their forms. Zack trailed his lips from Cloud’s mouth, over the curve of his jaw and down the soft flesh of his neck. He dragged his teeth across Cloud’s chest, grazing a dusky nipple and causing the blond to cry out in pleasure before he sat back on his ankles. He appreciated the form spread out in front of him, red flushed with pleasure and trembling with need before reaching out and rubbing a finger over Cloud’s anus.

The blond shivered, well aware of what was coming next. Whether he was a virgin or not depending on how one wanted to see it, he wasn’t sure. With the whole body switching thing and the fact that he had been straight before, Cloud wasn’t about to argue semantics. Besides, Sephiroth looked like he had been having a good time. Cloud wanted to try it, too.

Lube went flying through the air but Zack skillfully caught it, shooting his lover a grateful smile. He uncapped the liquid with one hand, poured it over his fingers before tossing it blindly over his shoulder. He didn’t care to see where it landed before he was slowly inserting one lubricated digit into Cloud’s anus. Gripping heat clamped around his finger immediately. Cloud was so tight that Zack couldn’t help but groan in desire.

Sephiroth took that opportunity to crawl up behind his lover, lips and tongue devouring Zack’s neck and throat. He slid his hands around the dark-haired man, finding the chain of the nipple clamps and tugging them gently. Zack hissed in pleasure, choosing to slide the second finger into Cloud. Both blond and ebony-haired man moaned in tandem.

Zack momentarily paused in his stretching as Sephiroth began to grind against his ass, wiry pubic hair and smooth, leaking cock rubbing against Zack’s reddened, bruised buttocks, The mix of pain and pleasure was nearly stifling so Zack added a third finger, trying to move things along. He curled them, searching for that spot inside of Cloud that would make it all worthwhile.

He knew he had found it when Cloud suddenly gasped and nearly tore a hole in the comforter, his entire body straining as it accepted the pleasure. “Shit,” he hissed, lust-filled eyes falling on Zack. “Do it again.”

Zack readily obeyed, curling and separating all three fingers, applying consistent pleasure to Cloud’s prostate until the blond was a writhing mass of nerves. Then he took it up a notch.

Lubing up the dildo that Sephiroth had handed to him, Zack removed his fingers and replaced them with the sex toy, sliding it easily into Cloud’s lubed and stretched entrance. And then, he flicked the switch that turned a plain dildo into a vibrating one.

The effect was immediate. Cloud let loose a very unmanly whimper as he arched his back, muscles shifting beautifully beneath his skin. His hands scrabbled for something to hold on to. “Soooo goood,” he moans as Zack slowly withdrew the sex toy and pushed it in again, establishing a slow rhythm designed to drive Cloud crazy with want.

Behind Zack, Sephiroth was finishing up with leaving a rather sizeable mark on his boyfriend’s neck. He watched Cloud over Zack’s shoulder, as a wet, pink tongue slid across Cloud’s lips when he licked them. And suddenly, Sephiroth had an idea. He chuckled darkly before pulling away from Zack, letting him continue his pleasurable torture.

Sephiroth crawled across the bed to kneel at Cloud’s side. His eyelids were closed as he panted, keening cries echoing in his throat. Exchanging glances with his lover, Sephiroth brushed his leaking shaft across Cloud’s lips. Immediately, bright blue eyes flew open in shock.

“Now, I want to see how well your mouth works,” Sephiroth murmured smoothly, one hand dropping down to brush across Cloud’s erect nipple.

The blond hesitated however. He had never done that before and wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it. He could smell Sephiroth, smell the musk of his arousal. It was a scent that defined him as male and a part of Cloud still wanted to return to its heterosexual lineages despite the fact he was naked in bed with not one but two men. Some things were stubborn like that.

But then Zack struck that spot inside of him with the vibrating toy and Cloud’s eyes widened in surprise, a loud moan escaping his mouth. Sephiroth pressed forward in that instant. The first couple inches of his arousal slid between Cloud’s lips. Sephiroth groaned as the wet heat surrounded his head while Cloud chose that very moment to muse.

Hmm. It wasn’t so bad. Warm… hard… a slightly salty taste… he could deal with that. So he gradually opened his mouth a little more and let Sephiroth slide in another few inches but not too much. He didn’t want to gag. And then Cloud’s tongue started exploring. Up and down, around and around, he swirled his tongue around Sephiroth’s cock.

The silver-haired man panted, Cloud’s unskilled but dedicated attempts somehow more erotic because they were unskilled. He turned his head and watched Zack slowly push the dildo in and out of Cloud, his own need becoming apparent. They were all reaching that plateau, body’s streaming with sweat and hearts pounding a mad rhythm in their chests.

Sephiroth licked his lips in anticipation, mind already formulating many erotic positions as Cloud continued to suck on his cock. His body was trilling with pleasure, little sparks spreading up and down his spine. His legs trembled from the effort of holding back, trying not to choke Cloud by thrusting too far down his throat. But it felt so damn good…

The continuous sound of the buzzing in the background ceased as Zack clicked off the dildo and tossed it to the side, recognizing that Cloud was approaching the edge. The keening cries in his throat had gotten louder and louder, his body movements more rapid and jerky. Desperate for some attention himself, Zack placed his hands on Cloud’s hips and began to grind into him, rocking their cocks together and gliding slickly thanks to the copious amounts of precum.

“M-more,” Cloud stammered, letting Sephiroth slide from his mouth and mentally cursing both men. Every time, they brought him so close and then cruelly took it away. It was pure torture. Pleasurable torture, but cruel nonetheless. “Please!”

Sephiroth’s hand dropped to his arousal, stroking it casually as his hips surged into his touch. He raised his gaze, green eyes meeting crystalline blue and the two lovers came to some sort of silent agreement. Zack slid away from Cloud and off the bed, searching the ground for the earlier discarded lube.

Meanwhile, Sephiroth urged Cloud to sit up and scoot over on the king-sized bed, giving plenty of room for someone to lay down in the middle. He couldn’t resist running his hands over Cloud’s skin as he did so though, enjoying each shiver that raced through the blond’s body. Why, oh why, hadn’t he done this before? And what was that silly rivalry about anyways?

“Oh goody!” Zack exclaimed, well aware of Sephiroth’s intentions as he bounced towards the bed. He watched as Sephiroth’s hands left Cloud’s body and reached for the loops of rope attached to the headboard. “Bondage!”

Zack jumped onto the bed, causing it to bounce slightly before crawling between Sephiroth and Cloud. He handed the lube over to the blond as he flopped down on his back, offering up his wrists to his silver-haired lover. Sephiroth chuckled as he attached each wrist to a separate loop, effectively binding the dark-haired man.

Without even being directed, Cloud crawled to Zack’s cock, his pink tongue sliding out of his mouth to lick on the other man’s arousal as if it were a Popsicle. Zack shivered and purred, hands automatically straining to touch but unable to thanks to the bonds. He couldn’t escape, not that he wanted to.

Cloud’s ability improved with every passing second, his blond head bobbing up and down in Zack’s lips. Sephiroth watched this hungrily as he moved between Zack’s legs, hands already spreading lube over his aching shaft. He hissed in pleasure.

Draping Zack’s legs around his hips, Sephiroth surged forward, burying himself deep inside of his lover. Zack moaned and cursed all at the same time, somehow managing to fit Sephiroth’s name in amongst the expletives. Sephiroth gave him no time for adjustment, just pulled out before sliding in long and deep. He began a rhythm, slow and deep, making sure to slide along that inner nub of pleasure each time.

Zack’s toes curled, the twin stimulation pushing him closer and closer to the edge. But he wanted to see Cloud come as well. “Cloud…” he panted, struggling to form a coherent sentence. “Lemme have you.”

The blond blinked as he released Zack’s penis from his mouth. “Have me… like… be-with-me-have-me?”

Sephiroth rolled his eyes. Cloud’s dense behavior could get rather annoying at times. As if it weren’t obvious already… “Here we go again,” he muttered before releasing Zack’s hip with one hand and reaching forward, sliding a still slick finger down Cloud’s cleft. He made sure to trace the tip over Cloud’s stretched entrance.

“Have. You,” Sephiroth enunciated, sliding the first inch of the finger inside to make it perfectly clear to the other male. He would let Zack have Cloud the first time but the next… because Sephiroth certainly planned to have many more… the next would be his turn.

Understanding dawned in bright blue eyes. “Ohhhh.” He squirmed against the bed, feeling hot and lusty but a bit wary. “Doesn’t it hurt?”

“The toy didn’t… did it?” Zack managed to pant, his wrists straining against his bonds. He could feel the warm pants of Cloud’s breath over his cock with each word but it was like a teasing touch, there but not enough.

Cloud pondered this. “No,” he replied, somewhat musingly.

“Well then. Climb aboard,” Sephiroth urged, pausing momentarily in his thrusts. It took great effort to do so, his body straining to keep going since he was so close. He was practically trembling, every desire within him wanting to thrust, thrust, thrust!

After blinking a moment more, Cloud decided to go with the flow. He rose to his knees and straddled Zack. Then, balancing his waist on the other man’s chest, he positioned himself over the dark-haired man’s cock. Sephiroth helped direct him from behind and he slid in slickly, not an ounce of pain attacking him. Instead, Cloud shivered at the incredible feeling of being full. It was different from the dildo. Very different, but a good different.

Sephiroth’s arms wrapped around Cloud from behind as he took up the pace again, thrusting into Zack who in turn pumped his hips upwards into Cloud. One of Sephiroth’s hands dropped down to the blond’s leaking shaft, stroking him to the rhythm of their movements. His lips unerringly found Cloud’s neck, leaving a mark of possession there like he had for Zack.

The three began to move in tandem, all three straining and seeking the highest pinnacle of pleasure. Cloud tugged on the nipple clamps, causing Zack to gasp in ecstasy, straining his wrists against his bonds. Soon, the blond was developing his own rhythm, able to raise and lower his body on Zack’s shaft and rocking so that Zack’s penis rubbed up against his prostate each time.

The sounds of flesh slapping flesh and three cries and moans of pleasure filled the air. If the doorbell had rung, or the phone trilled its annoying tone, none of them would have even heard it, they were so lost to their desires.

Zack was the first to lose it, giving in to the triple pleasure being invoked on his body. He screamed a garbled mix of his lover’s name, something along the lines of Cloroth or maybe it was Sephoud, he couldn’t be sure. Either way, he clenched down on Sephiroth even as he spurted up into Cloud, the orgasm so intense that his whole world seemed to spiral out of control before crashing down to the ground again.

He pulled Sephiroth in with his climax, the clenching of his muscles too much for Sephiroth to contain himself. Unintentionally clamping down on Cloud’s shoulder with his teeth, one of Sephiroth’s hands squeezed Zack’s hip as he thrust one last time and spilled himself inside of his dark-haired lover. It felt as if his orgasm was endless, sparks of pleasure dancing over and over his body until he felt boneless. Yet, he never ceased stroking Cloud.

Hearing both men come, seeing the expression on Zack’s face and feeling Sephiroth’s teeth bite down into his skin were more than Cloud’s homosexual-virginal mind could take. He shuddered and moaned, spurting creamy white liquid over Zack’s chest as Sephiroth stroked him to completion. One of his hands squeezed Sephiroth’s arm, the other clung tightly to Zack’s side. His world pulsed and throbbed as he had the best orgasm in his meager life.

Cloud suddenly slumped to the side, feeling incredibly drained and Sephiroth gradually helped remove him from Zack and lay him down beside the other male. Cloud nuzzled into Zack’s shoulder, his body sated and still faintly trembling. His breath was coming in short gasps as he struggled to stop his heart from its mad pounding.

Sephiroth undid Zack’s bonds, allowing his lover to be free before dropping down on the other side of Cloud, languidly stretching on the bed. His skin tingled and his muscles felt strained, but it was a good feeling.

“That… *pant* … was great…” Cloud managed to say, lazily flopping one arm over Zack.

The dark-haired man agreed whole-heartedly. “We have to do it again sometime,” he suggested. “Like in an hour or so.”

Sephiroth groaned. “You never run out of energy,” he muttered, though secretly he was glad that Zack was so energetic. It made for an interesting life.

“Yeah,” Cloud murmured. “If gay sex is always like that, then count me in.”

Zack lifted up a hand, dangling it lazily in the air. He curled his hand into a fist, but left his pinky hanging out. “Pinky swear to be best friends forever,” he suggested.

The silver-haired man rolled his eyes. “You’re so silly,” he commented. But he lifted his hand and locked pinkies with the man anyways. He really was a softie at heart.

Cloud giggled, a strange sound but he was so drunk on lust no one cared to point it out. “Sounds good to me,” he chirped, worming an arm free and linking up his pinky with their pinkies.

They shook on it before dropping their arms down, too tired to hold them up any longer. Sephiroth promptly shut his eyes, knowing he would need a good rest for the rest of the day to come. He still hadn’t completely made up to Zack for his long absence.

“Good,” Zack murmured sleepily, a huge yawn accompanying his words. “Cloud, you’re moving in, right?”

The blond hummed in agreement, too tired to speak.

– – – – –


Cloud? Sephiroth? It’s me! The great ninja Yuffie! Sayyyyy, I heard you two were getting it on! Sounds hot! Did ya take pictures? I promise I won’t post them on myspace this time! Well… maybe just one. By the way, you guys left your wallets over here. Ooops. You probably need your driver’s licenses. Better come get them! Bye!

Click! Whirrrr. Beep!

Dude! Where are you, man? I’ve been calling for ages! It’s me! Reno! Call me back!

Click! Whirrr. Beep!



Oh, for Shiva’s sake give it here! Crackle. Snap. Thump. Yo! Vincent wanted to invite you guy’s over to dinner some time but he hates phones so… anyways, give him a call sometime. And let him know how things went, okay? Right, Vin?

Ha ha ha. Riiiight.

Click! Whirrr. Beep!


Guys? Hellllooo? Answer the phone! Tseng said no to the foursome but I’m still available. Call me! Oh yeah, this is Reno!

Click! Whirrr. Beep!


Hwa ha ha. Yeah. I’m trying to reach Cloud… or Sephiroth. Either one, it don’t matter to me. Or maybe even Zack. Ain’t ya’ll shacking up together now? Pah, whatever. Ha ha ha. Tell you what, come by for another strawberry shortcake sometime. Shera’d love to have ya. Bwa ha ha!

Click! Whirrr. Beep!

I hate these things. Cloud? Sephiroth? This is Nanaki. Umm, just one question. Where’s my truck?

…. By the way, don’t even bother to ask how I dialed this phone.

Click! Whirrr. Beep!

Reno again. Call me.

Click! Whirr. Beep!

Where are you guys?

Click! Whirr. Beep!

Reno here. I’m beginning to think you’re–

Sephiroth sighed in disgust and promptly smacked DELETE, erasing the rest of his thirty-three messages. They probably weren’t all from Reno but he wasn’t taking any chances. The kid just couldn’t take a hint. Besides, Sephiroth had his hands full with Cloud and Zack. He couldn’t handle another loud-mouthed brat.

He didn’t have enough gags.



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