[FF7] Body Switch 05

Chapter Five : Build-A-Moogle

The door to Reeve’s apartment swung open before they could even raise their hands to knock, as if he had already known they were coming. With his cat, Cait Sith, perched on his shoulder, Reeve gestured them inside, smiling broadly.

“Welcome to my humble abode, Cloud, Sephiroth,” he intoned, clapping his hands on their shoulders as he directed them towards his living room. “Shall I make some coffee?”

Cloud shook his head. “No, that’s quite all right, Reeve. We just needed your advice.”

On his shoulder, Cait Sith purred and rubbed at his master’s neck. Reeve giggled and scratched the cat under the chin. “My help?” he repeated with some confusion. “I don’t see how but I’ll try. What is the problem?”

Plopping himself down onto Reeve’s plush couch and nearly getting lost in the thick cushions, Sephiroth looked around. “Where is Tseng?” He was already entertaining naughty thoughts in his mind.

Reeve waved him off. “Out,” he answered succinctly. “With his brothers if I’m not mistaken. Why? Were you looking for him in particular?”

Shooting his companion an annoyed glance for thinking with his dick and not his head, Cloud sighed. “No, actually. We came to see you.” He shifted in his seat, his nose twitching as it detected the light odor of some floral substance. He had the oddest feeling of deja vu. “We have a slight… problem.”

“Oh?” Reeve tilted his head to the side as he crossed his legs and leaned back in his plush seat. “What is it?”

Sephiroth snorted in disbelief. “Don’t tell me you haven’t figured it out!” he declared, his eyes widening when Reeve blinked at them in confusion. He gestured between himself and Cloud. “We’ve switched bodies, man!”

Reeve’s eyes switched between the two of them, an innocent expression on his face. “Really?” he questioned. “I hadn’t noticed.”

Cloud slapped his head before he could stop himself, groaning internally. “Why did I think you could help?” he asked.

The dark-haired actor shrugged. “Honestly, I don’t know either.” He scratched Cait Sith under the chin again. “I’m not a genius; I only play one.”

Sephiroth sighed. “Why did we come here again?”

“Why don’t you tell me everything and I’ll see what I can do,” Reeve suggested. “Sometimes you just need a fresh look at things.”

Exchanging glances, the two rivals decided to give it a shot. What did they have to lose after all? Nothing really. Considering all they had already gone through, one more effort wouldn’t matter in the end. So Sephiroth told the tale as quickly as possible, with Cloud adding in helpful hints from time to time. Reeve nodded interestedly, but it wasn’t long before his eyes began to glaze over, prompting both men to wrap it up.

“So basically,” Cloud finished, “We want to get back in our proper bodies.”

Amber eyes blinked, clarity returning to them as he tilted his head to the side in thought. “That sounds like a fairy tale I once read.”

Sephiroth groaned. “Reeve–”

But the actor cut him off, holding up a hand for silence. “Now, let me finish.” He cleared his throat and wiggled in his chair to get more comfortable. “These types of curses, because this probably is a curse of some sort that Trixie cast on you, usually require that the two involved get over their differences.”

Cloud pursed his lips, his brow furrowing as he considered Reeve’s proposal. It did make a vague sort of sense. And Rukia, the baker’s wife, had alluded to some similar answer. Not to mention that they had been fighting in the restaurant before Trixie had shoved the cookie in their mouths. There was a possibility that it was connected.

“I see your point,” Cloud replied. “So… what do you suggest we do?” He made a face before quickly adding, “And not screwing each other either!”

Reeve sighed. “That was going to be my first idea.” He flicked a hand through his hair as Cait Sith dropped into his lap, walking around in circles before curling up comfortably. He scratched his fingers behind the cat’s ear. “Ah, I’ve a better idea. How about bonding through the Build-A-Moogle workshop?”

Two sets of eyes blinked at him in confusion. Deciding to show them rather than explain, Reeve gently extracted Cait Sith from his lap as he stood, depositing the feline back on the seat. He then turned towards a closed door in the large room. As the two rivals watched him, half-afraid and half-curious, he threw the door open and gestured broadly inside, his arms spread wide.

Sephiroth and Cloud leaned to the side, heads tilted as they peered into the closet. Suddenly, the older male snorted and buried his face behind his hands, trying not to laugh while Cloud had the grace to keep a straight face, though it gradually turned red with the effort.

The closet, large enough for twelve men to stand inside comfortably, was shelved top to bottom. And lining each available space, some even dangling from the ceiling, were moogles of every size, shape, and color imaginable. And all of them had a unique star stitched somewhere on their bodies, the symbol of the Build-A-Moogle workshop.

Cloud bit his lip and made a face that was somewhat of a grimace from his efforts to contain his laughter. “That’s… quite a collection, Reeve,” he commented, looking vaguely pained. “You… uh… go there often?”

The actor grinned and nodded. “Tseng and I bond all the time. We go at least once a month. And our sex life? The best!”

A strange snorting sound emerged from Sephiroth but he kept his face buried behind his hands as his body shook. Amber eyes darted his direction. “Is he okay?” Reeve asked, obviously concerned.

Cloud twitched. “Yeah, it’s… asthma. He’ll be fine in a minute.”

Reeve smiled and turned around, closing the door to the closet with a quiet click. “So… you going to try it? I guarantee you’ll at least have fun.”

“It’s the better of the ideas so far,” Sephiroth managed to gasp out, though he still hid behind a hand. Blond spikes weaved comically on his head. “At least it doesn’t require us eating or smoking questionable substances.”

Reeve’s grin grew even wider as he clapped his hands together. “Excellent!” His hand dipped into his pocket, pulling out his wallet. He quickly flipped through the many cards and pictures, most of Tseng and his family, before selecting two bubble-gum pink cards. He handed one each to Sephiroth and Cloud.

Two pairs of eyes turned towards the horrendous items, brows raising when they realized exactly what they were. Two gift cards for free Build-A-Moogle at the workshop, and Reeve had had more in his wallet. Apparently, everyone knew about his moogle obsession.

“Build-A-Moogle on me!” Reeve explained, though really, the items needed no explanation. “And lucky for you the workshop is only a few blocks down. Maybe a ten minute walk at the most. You can’t miss it.”

– – – –

Reeve had been right at least, though it did take them a good twenty minutes to escape from the man’s grasp. He had offered them tea and then cookies and then lunch and any number of things he could grasp. Cloud had commented that he thought the man was lonely, Sephiroth was just certain that anyone would go loopy after spending all day with a cat and a closet full of stuffed moogles.

Either way, a short ten minute trek across the city without managing to kill each other later and they were standing in front of a huge, brightly colored building. Balloons streamed out of unknown orifices and cheesy, chirpy, circus music blared from the outside speakers. Children of all shapes, sizes, and noises were running across the premises, dragging along exhausted and strained parents wherever they went.

Cloud and Sephiroth exchanged fearful glances, unconsciously shifting closer to one another. “Are you certain you won’t try the whole fucking thing?” Sephiroth asked, gulping down a surge of fear as a trio of ice-cream covered children nearly ran him down. He absolutely did not like kids. They scared the shit out of him. All needy with their grubby little fingers…. he shuddered.

“It might not be that bad,” Cloud suggested tentatively, ignoring the images that Sephiroth’s proposition invoked. He was not gay, dammit. It was just his body’s influence seeping in on him. “Besides… they are only children….” His eyes slid over the entrance and he gulped noisily.

They stared for a few moments more.

“You first then,” Sephiroth muttered, shifting from foot to foot.

There was another moment of silence.


“I’m going!” he snapped. But he didn’t move.

Sephiroth flickered his gaze to his rival. Cloud seemed either deep in thought or petrified, he couldn’t be sure which. So he reached out with a finger and prodded the other man in the side with a sharp jab.

Cloud hissed and jumped. “Fine then!” he declared, striding forward purposefully with his head held high. “I’m going.” He stormed forward with a prissy huff, tossing his hair into the wind. Chuckling lightly before drawing his own courage, Sephiroth trailed after him.
Inside, however, it was much, much worse. The walls were painted in a blinding multitude of colors, a veritifiable gay rainbow worse than any parade Sephiroth had accidentally stumbled upon. Laughing, shrieking children were gabbing in their high-pitched voices and the music was even louder, pounding out of the speakers. Televisions with cartoons from the 70’s were on full blast, competing with the music pouring from the speakers and were scattered all over the place. Not to mention it was packed.

Within they could also see a few recognizable faces. Namine and her girlfriend Kairi were cooing over some sort of bright blue penguin, a paopu print dress dangling from its body. The threesome, Ukitake, Shunsui and Nanao were arguing over accessories in the far corner. Well, more like Ukitake and Shunsui were making kissy faces at each other while Nanao looked annoyed. Cries of Nanao-chan echoed amidst the rest of the noise and hustle.

Cloud and Sephiroth got in line to enter the actual workshop behind a woman and her two squalling children. The two rivals were painfully close to each other, strangely enough taking comfort from the other’s presence.

“Tifa wants kids,” Cloud muttered, his eyes darting about in a very terrified fashion. “I don’t want kids.”

Sephiroth chuckled. “Good luck with that. Tifa seems the type to get what she wants.” He leaned in closer. “Oops, she forgot to take her pill. Oh, silly her, how did those holes get in the condom? Darn.”

Cloud paled, making Sephiroth’s skin look nearly translucent. “You don’t really think she would… do you?” he asked, his voice barely louder than a whisper and causing the other to strain his ear to hear.

“Sirs? How can I help you today?” the attendant at the counter questioned, breaking into their conversation.

The two rivals blinked before turning to look at her. “We’d like to Build-A-Moogle,” Sephiroth said, once he got over the blindingly bright smile on her face. He whipped out the pink card and handed it over.

“Oooh! From Mr. Tuesti!” she squealed as she accepted it. “He’s one of our best customers.” She peered at the card as the two men shifted feet impatiently. “Hmm… it looks like the deluxe package. This means anything in the store you can use. Feel free to ex-plore and cre-ate!”

With that said she shooed them along, moving to the next customer.

The process went relatively smooth. They agreed on a color, a nice soft blue, before moving on to clothing. Cloud chose the pants, blue jeans, and Sephiroth chose the shirt, a nice button-down. Accessories were voted on and argued against until their moogle was mostly complete. Once they started, they didn’t even notice the crowds or the squalling children anymore. It was as if Reeve’s suggestion had worked, that they were finally starting to bond. Sephiroth seemed especially into the whole building process, making sure their moogle’s clothes matched and constantly grooming the soft fur. Cloud sort of thought he was kind of cute like that… if he squinted and pretended it wasn’t his own body acting in such a gay fashion.

It wasn’t until they got to the final stage that their rivalry came into play. The poor man at the registration desk had already taken cover out of fear for his life. The sad thing was, in his business, he was used to couples arguing at this stage. Only… most couples didn’t look strong enough to destroy the entire city.

“I want to name him Fenrir,” Cloud said loudly and possessively, his chin set with anger. He stood straight and glared down at the other male.

Sephiroth’s eyes narrowed. “I want to name her Jenova,” he declared even more loudly, the papers scrunched in one hand as he clenched tightly to their moogle.

“And I want to name him Fenrir,” Cloud repeated. “How difficult is that to understand?”

“That is a dumb name,” Sephiroth muttered, growling through gritted teeth. He squared his shoulders, blond spikes waving dangerously on his head.

Cloud snorted, sensing a fire of determination burning in his belly. He was going to win this fight, that was for certain. “We’re not naming our moogle after your dead mother,” he stated imperiously, his fingers tightening selfishly around the arm of the doll.

Sephiroth grabbed the other arm, giving it a sharp and warning tug. “Now it’s our moogle?” he snarled, a bit of hysteria seeping into his tone. “When did we have kids?”

“Shut up! I’m not naming him Jenova!”

“Well, I’m not naming her Fenrir!” Sephiroth gave another tug to the moogle, only vaguely noting that they were beginning to form a crowd. The children were watching in awe, candy-stained mouths agape as the parents fretted in the background. Even the televisions had gone quiet as each employee waited to see the outcome of today’s fifth name argument.

Cloud jerked on the moogle, yanking it closer to him. “Your mother was an insane, cow-humping alien from Nevada. We’re not subjecting him to that fate.”

His rival shook his head, wondering what Nevada had to do with it… and then wondering what and where Nevada was. He had never heard of it. “Well… Fenrir is just a stupid name. She is a she and she wants a girl’s name. Not some half-assed, muscle-brained, washed-out wrestler!”

Cloud narrowed his eyes, shooting ocular ice from his green eyeballs. “Take that back,” he warned lowly, frost licking at the edges of his skin.

Sephiroth tugged on the moogle once more before pushing his face directly into Cloud’s, their noses nearly touching. “Apologize for what you said about my momma!” he spat, spittle flecking from his lips.

“Humph!” Cloud’s nose turned in the air. “It’s the truth,” he responded with a twitch of his eyebrow. “And I’m not about to lie–”

“ARGH!” Before anyone could say or do anything, Sephiroth dove forward and tackled his rival to the floor. The moogle bounced out of their hold, flying into the air only to be caught by an innocent, bystander child. The girl squealed in joy and took off running, the unintentional gift caught tightly in grape-sticky fingers. Jenova-Fenrir echoed a cry of dismay that reverberated through the walls as he/she disappeared from the store.

But neither of he/she’s owner’s heard it. They were too busy scuffling about on the floor, rolling over old candy wrappers and exchanging blows. Cloud’s hair was yanked, a few more of the silver strands floating to the floor. Sephiroth took an elbow to the sternum, leaving him gasping for breath. They rolled around a bit more, morsels of gum and candy sticking to their bodies.

Blood flowed as Cloud bit his lip when Sephiroth snapped his head into the other man’s chin. A solid punch landed on Sephiroth’s shoulder, sending a throbbing pain shooting down his spine. He whipped up a knee, determined to make Cloud pay for that when suddenly, arms pulled them apart, all stronger than either man hoped to escape from on their own.

Cloud flailed and fought until he realized whom it was, suddenly slumping in defeat. The Turks, or more precisely, the triplets and their younger sister, were notorious for beating the shit out of people for no reason. And Cloud rather liked living. So he relented to being shoved down onto the floor and promptly being sat upon by Rude, though that didn’t mean his anger faded in the slightest.

To the right of him, a few feet away, Sephiroth was being held down by Tseng and Reno, each grabbing an arm and shoving it to the floor.

“What the hell is going on here?” Tseng demanded, roaring in Sephiroth’s ear and sending a spray of spittle over the other man’s face.

Fury boiled over until it left him senseless. “Ask that son of a cow-humper!” Cloud hollered. “Oomph!” He attempted to coil into a ball when Rude bounced on his stomach and Elena cuffed him across the head. He whined, but wisely fell silent.

“I repeat,” Tseng said again, his tone dangerous as he tightened his fingers around Sephiroth’s arms enough to leave marks behind. “What the hell are you two doing in our SPECIAL PLACE!”

Silence descended as most of the other patrons scattered, the Turks anger well known in the area. “It was Reeve’s idea,” Sephiroth began in a very small, timid voice. He might have played a General but that didn’t mean he was as strong as one.

Aquamarine eyes flashed as Reno roughly pinched the tender skin of Sephiroth’s arm. “Yo, don’t be talkin’ shit ‘bout my bro-in-law, yanno?” he warned.

“I’m not, I’m not, ow!” Sephiroth inserted hastily, tears forming in the corner of his eyes. “But we asked him for help and he said come here. It’s not my fault somebody couldn’t agree on a name.”

Tseng stared at him for a moment, head tilted to the side, before he responded. “I’m not even going to ask what’s going on,” he finally responded as he released Sephiroth’s arm, only to plop himself down on top of the man. He straddled Sephiroth’s belly, causing the other man to wheeze, and whipped a phone out of his back pocket. “I’ll just call Reeve and ask.”

He flipped the phone open while Sephiroth stared at him in admiration, taking the opportunity to openly ogle the very attractive Turk. He wondered if Reeve and Tseng would be interested in a foursome. Zack was kinky, so he knew that his boyfriend wouldn’t mind. And while Reeve was giggly and goofy, a gag would fix that. Sephiroth had to do the same for Zack from time to time. Either that, or Sephiroth could just occupy his mouth with something much, much better.

Either way, Tseng’s face remarkably brightened up when Reeve finally picked up the phone. “Hey, sweetie,” Tseng crooned as Elena play-gagged from where she knelt, her hands clasped firmly over Cloud’s mouth. Tseng shot her a glare before continuing. “Did you send Sephiroth and Cloud over to the workshop?” He paused and listened, occasionally nodding his head.

Sephiroth found he rather liked that look on Tseng’s face. Cloud couldn’t say either way, he was just struggling to breathe.

“Ah, I see sugarpie. Well, it didn’t work. I caught them arguing over the name, honeybuns.” Tseng paused and listened some more before giggling softly, hearts shining brightly in his eyes. “I know. I’ll be home early tonight. I promise, baby. Smooches.” He made kissing noises with his mouth before grinning and hanging up the phone, a soft, happy sigh escaping his lips.

With that done, the hard look returned to Tseng’s eyes. He slipped his phone in his pocket before crossing his arms over his chest and glaring down at Sephiroth. “What am I going to do with you then, Sephiroth?” he asked, making it clear that he knew he was not sitting on Cloud.

“Tie me up with handcuffs and fuck me silly?” Sephiroth suggested hopefully. His pants were beginning to grow uncomfortably tight and Tseng perched upon him wasn’t helping either. His seme personality was goading him to flip them over and rip Tseng’s clothes off. Cloud made a muffled sound of protest. After all, it was his body that Tseng was sitting on.

Reno leered from beside his brother, raking his gaze over Sephiroth’s form lasciviously. “I could if yer really interested,” he suggested, winking.

“Back off horn dog!” Tseng snapped, shoving a palm in his brother’s face and forcing him to rapidly backpedal. “We’re trying to get them out of each other’s bodies, not put more things into them.”

The redhead tilted his head to the side as everyone else considered the statement. Another muffled noise emerged from Cloud’s direction but it remained unclear. Elena seemed to be having too much fun attempting to silence him. Reno rolled his eyes.

“Well, I’ve got my suggestions, bro,” he explained, folding his arms behind his head.

Tseng made a come hither gesture with his fingers, shooting his youngest triplet an annoyed look. “Cough them up then Reno. I promised Reeve I would get home early tonight.”

In tandem, his siblings made a whip crack motion with their hands, following it up with the telltale sound. The dark-haired triplet glared furiously, eyes narrowing in annoyance. “At least I’m not single,” he put in smugly before turning a full-on smirk towards Reno. “And at least I haven’t been turned down twenty times by the same man.”

Reno shrugged offhandedly. “What can I say? Kadaj is hot. He’ll come around eventually, yanno? But most importantly, let’s get these two on the road, yo,” he commented, jerking a thumb towards the two prostrate rivals.

Rude nodded, bouncing a bit on Cloud’s belly. “I agree,” he responded, speaking for the first time since the Turks had shown up. Cloud made another muffled noise that was ignored.

The only female snorted, waving a dismissive hand. “I think they should just screw,” she declared, wrinkling her nose. “It’s obvious they want to.”

“While that is a valid opinion and one everyone seems to share,” Sephiroth interjected with a heavy, heartfelt sigh, “Cloud refuses to cooperate.” A pout found its way to his expression.

Aquamarine eyes flitted between the two rivals before Reno shrugged. “Suit yourself.” He put his hand on his chin and started pacing around the completely empty workshop, picking up a randomly finished moogle and tossing it back and forth in his hold. “Reeve had the right idea with bonding at least… but I don’t think everyone has his moogle kink so this probably wasn’t the best place to do it.”

Tseng loosed an insufferable sigh. “Get on with it, Reno,” he stated warningly. “I don’t have all night.”

The younger triplet flopped a hand at the elder. “Chill, bro. I got this.” He crouched down between the two men, unable to resist the urge to poke at them since they couldn’t retaliate. “Go on a vision quest together,” he suggested as he jabbed a finger into the fleshy portion of their sides. “Best damn shit in the world, I promise, yo.”

“A vision quest?” Sephiroth repeated, admitting that the idea sounded intriguing. Again, the lack of required eating was promising and he did rather enjoy looking at the stars. There were so many different constellations above Gaia, especially his favorite, Masamune.

“Good idea, bro!!” Elena gushed before suddenly launching into the explanation. “A vision quest is when you go out and meditate in nature, attempting to converse with the universe to find your purpose. It puts you in complete harmony. It’s the perfect way to bond.” With that, she finally removed her hands from Cloud’s mouth, letting him gasp for air.

“Let’s do it!” Cloud grunted, glad to finally get a word in. “I’ll take anything over sex with that… person.”

The only female smirked. “Whatever you say, blondie.” She leaned closer, putting her lips near his ear. “But that hard on says otherwise.” He glared at her but she countered with a chuckle, pulling back.

Tseng looked down at the man below him, who despite having his arms free, seemed perfectly content with the oldest Turk sitting atop him. “Are you in accord with this decision?” Tseng asked, folding his arms over his chest.

Sephiroth nodded and Tseng climbed off of him, offering a hand down to help pull his former captive to his feet. “Good. We’ll give you a ride in the helicopter then.”

“So long as Rude isn’t piloting,” Cloud mumbled as Rude hauled him off the floor and set him on his feet. His comments were ignored as the siblings automatically turned to their elder for further instructions.

“You three take them. I’ve got to get home,” Tseng was saying as he walked towards the door, gingerly picking his way across the floor littered with child detritus.

But Sephiroth still hadn’t asked his question. “Wait!” he called out, darting forward and grabbing the dark-haired man’s arm. “You and Reeve wouldn’t happen to want to try a foursome would you?” he asked hopefully, licking his lips suggestively. He ignored Cloud’s sound of disgust from behind him.

Tseng looked Sephiroth in the eyes, a smirk tugging on his lips. “I’ll get back to you on that,” he answered as he dislodged Sephiroth’s grip. He signaled a two-finger salute to the forehead before turning away, strolling out the door and whistling “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”.

Despite all that, Sephiroth was left grinning like a fool. It hadn’t been a ‘no’ and that was good enough for him. Zack would be ecstatic. Blood started to thrum through his veins as lecherous thoughts cascaded through his mind, one right after the other. He and Zack had so many toys they hadn’t the chance to use yet that the possibilities were endless… and he wasn’t concerned about anything either. He loved Zack and vice versa. But neither minded sharing. It was perfect.

“Let’s go lecher!” Cloud suddenly barked, interrupting Sephiroth’s lusty daydreams. He sounded very put out, smarting over being restrained and silenced by Elena’s hands.

Still very much enthused, Sephiroth merely grinned and followed.

The Turks dropped them off in the middle of nowhere as the sun set on the far horizon, turning the once blue sky to a multitude of orange and crimson shades. They hadn’t even bothered to land the helicopter, just pushed the two rivals off from ten feet above the ground. They had been lucky to land on their feet.

After standing and dusting themselves off, they managed a good look around the area. The Turks hadn’t even specified where they had taken them. Just dumped from the helicopter and that was the end of it.

Brushing some pieces of grass from his hair, Cloud frowned slightly. “Well… this is quaint,” he commented lightly, flicking his eyes around the landscape. It was nothing but rolling green hills, with purple-topped mountains in the distance. It really was beautiful… and strangely soothing.

Sephiroth nodded his head agreeably. “I rather like it,” he added in, taking a deep breath of the clean, fresh air.

The two exchanged glances, a sudden bout of nervousness attacking them. “So… uhhh… I guess we better get started, huh?” Cloud suggested, unable to understand the strange uneasiness.

“Right,” Sephiroth agreed. They paused a moment, eyes meeting before he finally gestured to the ground. “Well… have a seat.”


They plopped down on the ground and sat cross-legged while facing each other, as Elena and Rude had taken turns explaining while they were in the helicopter. Their eyes slid closed as they placed their palms on their knees. A wind stirred, rustling their hair and carrying with it the light scent of gardenias.

“What was the song again?” Cloud asked.

Sephiroth frowned, tilting his head to the side. “Barbie Girl? Wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re right.”

And then the humming began, an extremely slow version of the popular pop song from ten years ago. Cloud was pleasantly surprised to find that their tones not only managed to match harmoniously, but that Sephiroth actually had a good voice. Their hummed tunes drifted into the air, creating a melody that enveloped them and their bodies gradually began to relax until it felt as if they were drifting away, despite the fact that Cloud was certain they were still sitting on the ground.

The world went black… before it suddenly started graying around the edges, flashes of images filling their consciousness. Almost like glimpses of the future, of what it might hold for them.

… A bed with three bodies in it, naked among rustled covers and the sun shining brightly through an open window….

…. Banter over bacon and eggs, toast and blackberry jam breakfast between Cloud and Sephiroth, loving glances shared between them before sex commenced on the kitchen table with an interesting use for jam….

…Spaceships flew by the window outside, one right after the other, multi-colored and gleaming in the sun…

…Lingering kisses under the moonlight, hands wrapped around each other and smiles of pure joy stretched across their faces…

…Gasps of pleasure, the scent of musk thick in the air, someone crying out in ecstasy and flashes of black, blond and silver hair…

…Three moogles, all uniquely done, lined up on a shelf above a massive bed, large enough for three entwined male bodies…

The visions flitted away with the coming dawn, leaving lingering mixed feelings behind and making them wonder if they had only dreamed in their unintentional sleep.

Sephiroth was the first to awaken, blinking sleepily in the brightness of the encroaching dawn. The fresh scent of morning and dew filtered to his nostrils as remnants of the dream played over and over in his mind. He felt as if he could still feel his hands gliding over sweat-slick skin, could still hear the echoes of pleasure-filled moans. And his dick seemed to agree as well since it was as hard as a rock in his pants.

Well, it seemed as if Cloud suffered from Morning Woody Syndrome as well.

Straining his ears, he caught the sound of Cloud’s quiet, even breathing. He couldn’t see the other man, his back currently to Cloud, but he knew he was there. His cock throbbed in his pants and Sephiroth knew he couldn’t just ignore it. So he slowly, ever so slowly, slid his hand down and quietly unclicked the button and pulled down the zipper.

Cool air washed over the heated erection as he wrapped fingers around the straining flesh, only momentarily realizing that it wasn’t really his cock he was grasping but Cloud’s. That made it all the more arousing and his breath caught in his throat as he rubbed a thumb over the seeping head. He planned to have this problem taken care of before Cloud awoke, though he didn’t really care if the other man did or not.

His hand grasped the swollen arousal firmly and began stroking, up and down, strong and quick strokes determined to bring him to a quick finish. His mind automatically drew up all of the arousing images he could, and with his hentai collection, there were a good bit of them. He bit his lip to hold back any noises, images of a bound Zack or even a panting Tseng filling his brain. Then, unbidden, thoughts of a sweaty, blushing Cloud took precedence, pleading for more as he arched beneath Sephiroth.

Now that was a vision worth jacking off to.

He sped up the pace, blood rushing through his veins. One hand crept up to his shirt as he pinched a nipple through the cloth and a low groan escaped him before he could stop it.

Suddenly, a voice floated out of the quiet.

“You had better not be doing what I think you’re doing over there,” Cloud muttered crossly.

Sephiroth raised a brow, but didn’t stop. He couldn’t, not when he was leaking all over his hand. It would have been too painful. “It depends,” he replied with a slight pant. “What do you think I’m doing?”

There was a moment of silence and Sephiroth tried to breathe slowly, his hand moving faster and faster, sending sparks of pleasure up and down his spine. The dream kept playing over and over in his head, the vision of three bodies entwined on his bed something he wanted desperately to try.

“What do you think I think you’re doing?” Cloud asked after a second, half-afraid to turn around and look. His mind, however, was being vivid enough for the both of them. It kept conjuring up image after image, causing his own groin to twitch. But since he wasn’t gay, he figured it was because he was currently inhabiting a gay man’s body. That whole osmosis thing.

Sephiroth sucked in a shallow breath as he bit back a moan. “What do you think I think you think… ah…. I’m doing?” he finished, panting slightly though it was becoming increasingly harder to think.

The other man snorted in annoyance. “This could go on all morning,” he replied shortly, wincing as he shifted on the ground. A rock was currently digging into his hip. “Just stop doing what you think I think you think I know you are doing.”

“Umm, there’s no stopping now,” Sephiroth panted, a low moan escaping him as his hips began to move in tandem to his strokes. He was already so close, lingering there on the edge.

Cloud cursed and rolled over, his eyes going wide as his gaze fell on the masturbating man. “I knew it!” he exclaimed, even as he felt the hot burn of embarrassment spreading through his body…. as well as the subtle burn of another kind. “You are doing what I thought you thought I thought you thought I thought you were doing!!”

Sephiroth smirked but wasn’t about to cease. He was gay and Cloud was hot… or his own body was hot… however, he wanted to picture it. Either way, he didn’t care. Besides, he was a bit of an exhibitionist and Cloud couldn’t stop caring. It didn’t even seem that Cloud cared either.

“Mmm… want to help?”

Cloud’s eyes widened until they were green saucers. One hand reached out before he realized what he was doing. “No!” he managed to splutter, jerking his hand back as if he had been burned.

The other man eyes him disbelievingly. “It’s too late to stop now. It’s just your body, you know. Think of it as really intricate masturbation.” His gaze flickered to Cloud’s groin, noticing the very obvious bulge. His smirk widened.

Cloud shook his head rapidly, fast enough to make his eyes roll around in his skull. “No!” he declared as he leapt to his feet and strode a few feet away. “Just… finish. I’ll wait over here.”

His rival shrugged. “Suit yourself.” Sephiroth dipped his free hand into his pants and cupped his scrotum, rolling his balls around as he continued to jerk himself off. His body was already desperately seeking release and it wouldn’t be long.

Cloud twitched, pretending like he couldn’t hear all the arousing noises from behind him. Every pant and moan was silence… that was what he kept telling himself. And when Sephiroth finally came, with a breathy moan and sigh of pleasure that nearly sounded like someone’s name, Cloud huffed in relief. Now his own groin was aching but he wasn’t about to follow Sephiroth’s example.

He turned to see Sephiroth zipping himself up one-handed, casually licking his other fingers clean. Cloud’s cock surged at the sight, dripping precum onto his boxers but he planted a look of distaste on his face. He was such a good actor.

“That’s disgusting,” he commented, wrinkling his nose in the perfect picture of revulsion.

Sephiroth smirked, a flushed haze to his face and recent orgasm glaze to his eyes. “Never knock it until you try it.” He rose to his feet and started to brush bits and pieces of grass and such from his clothes.

The other male snorted and folded his arms over his chest, turning away again. This time it was so Sephiroth wouldn’t see the telltale blush on his face. “We’re still stuck in each other’s bodies, which means Reno’s remedy didn’t work,” he commented unnecessarily, missing when Sephiroth rolled his eyes. “What are you going to do about it?”

“You’re going to blame me for every screw-up in your life until the day you die, aren’t you?” Sephiroth demanded, but before the argument even got a chance to get good and started, they were distracted by a most odd sound.

It was very difficult to describe. A cross between a ring, a squawk, and a honk, the sound was piercingly loud in the morning peace and made even the grass around them cringe. It took several seconds before Sephiroth jumped in shock, realizing that the terrifying sound was coming from his ass. He groped around in his back pocket, pulling out a ringing, vibrating cell phone. And if the noise weren’t enough, it was also flashing neon colors in alternate shades.

Only, when he read the number on the display, a look of horror crossed his face, all lecherous thoughts completely abandoned. Then, holding the phone between his forefinger and his thumb he tossed it to Cloud with a look of disgust, his motion clearly saying, ‘you take it’.

Raising a brow, Cloud caught the phone with one hand and glanced at the display, only to laugh in surprise. “Scared of women, Sephy?” he taunted.

Sephiroth shuddered. “Only that one.”

Shaking his head, Cloud laughed again before flipping the phone open. “ ‘ello?”

A screech echoed through the receiver, nearly deafening Cloud. He was forced to pull the phone away for a brief moment before returning it to his ear. Not that it was necessary, the voice emerging from the speaker was loud enough for people to hear it all the way on the moon… if people even actually lived on the moon.


Wincing, Cloud quickly responded, “Tifa… calm down. Cloud is with me. We’ve been…. working out our problems.” He waited for it, knowing it was coming, and gritted his teeth for the inevitable noise.

A moment of silence passed, fooling Cloud into believing his ears were safe, until what could only be described as a fangirl screech echoed through the speaker. “Really, Sephiroth? That’s great! I’m so happy to hear it. What’s Zack think about it?”

And so the conversation began, a gossip-fest that a group of gabbing teenage females would be proud of. Cloud and Tifa jibber-jabbered back and forth for a solid ten minutes, the male even giggling like a adolescent for several minutes as he waved his hand back and forth. The animated conversation dragged on and on until Sephiroth stormed forward and snatched the phone from Cloud’s hand.

He was bored damn it.

Shifting his feet from side to side had gotten old after a minute. He had contemplated masturbating again but Tifa’s voice killed any and all libido he might have had. He stared at the sun to see if he would go blind, but that got boring after three minutes. He had played tag with a bird… the bird won and that was no longer fun. He had picked a bouquet of flowers and then realizing he had no one to give them to, tossed them in the air just to see a petal ‘rain’. He tried tasting the grass when his stomach growled but found he didn’t like it. He yawned and stretched, that took a good thirty minutes, and then finally, attempted to scrape all of the stains off of his clothing before giving up at the mysterious blackberry stain… which he was uncertain of how it got there since they had been nowhere near blackberries anywhere in their journey.

Anyways, Sephiroth was bored so he took matters into his own hands. “I’ll call you later, Tifa. Smooches,” he barked into the phone before clicking the phone shut and shoving it into his pocket. Seconds later, he extracted it once more, turned the entire phone off, then shoved it back down.

“Let’s go,” he ordered, shooting his rival a stern glare. “We’ll visit Aeris. She’s into mystical shit, right?”

Cloud gaped, staring wide-eyed at the other male who was looking half-crazed at the moment. He had been in a really important conversation, after all. Tifa was catching him up on the soaps they had missed.

Sephiroth nodded, taking Cloud’s blank stare for a yes. “That’s what I thought. Let’s go.”


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