[Misc] Don’t You Dare

Remus’ back hits the wall with a solid thump, not enough to hurt, but enough to call attention to him from their various classmates. He narrows his eyes, puts a warning note in his voice.

Sirius,” he says.

His best friend chuckles, hands planted firmly on Remus’ shoulders, laughter dancing in his grey eyes. The fact that everyone is stopping to stare, whispering amongst themselves, only adds fuel to Sirius’ mischief. He hadn’t picked the most populated section of the hallway for no reason.

A knee works its way between Remus’ legs and his fingers twitch for his wand, but he doesn’t want to hex Sirius. Not really. “Don’t you dare,” Remus hisses in a low voice.

Sirius grins cheekily. “But isn’t that the point?” he asks saucily. “The dare?”

Remus’ mouth opens to object, but isn’t given time to form words. Sirius swoops in and kisses him on the lips, there in front of all and sundry, to the startled gasps of their peers. To Snape’s disgusted sneer and Lily’s gasp of shock and James’ cackle of amusement.

Sirius’ lips are warm and sweet, and Remus stiffens like a rigid board against the wall. This is a dare, not something to be enjoyed, something for Sirius to get a laugh out of. Which he does, when Sirius ends the brief kiss and steps back with a triumphant look on his face, tossing his head.

Somewhere behind him, a cheer erupts in the crowd.

“Told you I’d do it,” Sirius says with a celebratory grin and a huff of pride.

Remus is too speechless to say anything. To hex Sirius or take away points or break out into an angered tirade. In fact, he doesn’t do much of anything at all as James claps Sirius on the back, congratulating him on his bravery and the rest of their peers continue on to class, observing that the show is now over.

His lips are tingling, but Remus resists the urge to reach up and touch them. Instead, he licks his lips, swearing he can still taste Sirius, that his best friend’s cologne lingers in the air. Pretending that it might have meant something more than just following through with a dare, more than a prank.

When he lifts his eyes, he catches Snape’s gaze, but instead of derision and mockery, there’s something else. Something Remus isn’t sure he can define. But in a blink of an eye, that emotion and Snape are both gone, leaving Remus alone in the hallway, late to class for the first time this year.


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