[AtLA] Shocker

The silence in the room makes Toph shriek with laughter, though Zuko is understandably mortified. She knows he’s struggling to tug the blankets up around his body, while Toph doesn’t give a whit. She just grins, laughs all the louder, and lets them stare. It’s their fault for walking in uninvited.

“I can’t even see your faces but I can imagine what they look like,” Toph says, between one breath and the next, her belly hurting from the force of her amusement.

Katara probably looks like she’s swallowed a whole basketful of lemons. Sokka’s about to faint, he’s such a freaking girl for crying out loud. Aang’s grinning like a fool, Toph will bet, and shooting thumbs up Zuko’s direction. Though he’s also studiously looking away from Toph’s nudity. Oh, and is that Suki here, too? Even better!

Toph’s waves a hand at them. “Really, guys, you can say something. I promise not to bite. You at least.” She bares her teeth pointedly, and behind her, Zuko groans out of sheer embarrassment.

He coughs into his fist, and there’s a rustle of blanket as he tries to hide, fruitlessly Toph might add because she’s used just a teensy bit of Earth-bending to snag the end of the blanket and prevent him from pulling it up too far.

“I…” Katara coughs politely, clears her throat like the Sugar Queen she is, and tries to sound like an adult. “I thought you were with Mai, Zuko.”

Toph knows, without being able to see, that her poor lover is probably flaming scarlet and not in a good Firebender-y way. “That’s a long story and frankly, I don’t think any of you are up to hearing it right now.”

“For the love of – Toph, put on a shirt or something. Please!” Sokka pleads and splutters, sounding like he’s choking on each word, or maybe his own spit. His arms are waving everywhere, and it’s kind of like half a decade ago and they’re nothing but a ragtag bunch of kids again. “You’re all… naked!”

Toph feels an evil laughter bubble up inside of her. “Yeah. People usually like to be undressed when they have sex. Or didn’t you notice?”

“Toph!” A chorus of chastising voices nearly deafens Toph’s senses.

Behind her, Zuko facepalms. Interestingly enough, Sokka does much the same seconds later.

Toph smirks. “What?” she asks innocently. “You can’t honestly tell me you didn’t see this coming, can you?”


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