[IDW] Delicate Touch

Rung’s spark was one of the most beautiful things Whirl had ever seen, especially post-overload. The way it kind of glittered gently at him, sated and content, it made him feel kinda warm and gooey inside.

That Rung trusted him enough to play with it might have had something to do with it, too.

“You okay, Eyebrows?” Whirl asked as he carefully unhooked the blindfold from around Rung’s optics.

Taking away the goggles had helped some, but Rung wanted complete sense dep and so Whirl had obliged by acquiring some accessories that even he, in his claw-like state, could use. The audial dampeners were the first to come off though, that way Rung could gradually turn up the gain.

Yeah. Brainstorm helped a little. Not that Whirl would tell Rung that. Brainstorm could make non-dangerous things when he wanted to and when he concentrated!

There were a few clicks as Rung reset his vocalizer before his lips curled in a soft smile. Static emerged first, before Rung’s familiar voice filled the room. “Yes, Whirl. I am fine. Thank you.”

He tilted his helm, peering at Rung with all the curiosity he could put into his one optic. “You’re sure? Cause if you’re not, and you’re just pretendin’ you are to spare my feelin’s or somethin’…”

Rung lay a hand on his arm with a soft pat. “I promise, Whirl. I am well.” His free hand closed his chestplates, tucking his spark away.

Until next time, Whirl hoped. Maybe he’d done good enough that he’d get a second try.

“You did not hurt me,” Rung continued, squeezing Whirl’s arm gently. “In fact, if the tingle in my circuits is any indication, you did very, very well.”

Whirl’s spark fluttered. He was not going to get embarrassed or flustered. No, he was not.

“Well then, good,” he said, and he didn’t flutter with pride either. Nope. Sure didn’t. “You really like that stuff, huh?”

Rung’s smile turned coy. “Yes, I do.” He hopped off the berth, which only highlighted their height difference. “And I especially like ‘that stuff’ when you are on the other side of it. You have a wonderfully delicate touch.”

Whirl’s engine went ker-thunk. But he wasn’t flustered. “Oh, um, thanks. I guess.” He looked at Rung’s hand, still on his arm, though a little more awkwardly now that Rung wasn’t of equal height with him. “So you should get energon now, yeah? You said afterward you’re usually low so…”

He fished around in his subspace, hunting for the cube of mid-grade he’d stashed in there earlier. He finally produced it after shuffling aside some percussion grenades and offered it down to Rung with a flourish.

“See? I remembered.”

The shorter mech’s mouth curved upward. “Indeed you did,” he said as he accepted the cube. “I knew you would.”


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