[G1] The Art of Fear

It was funny at first.

There wasn’t a mech on the Ark who hadn’t been a victim of one of Sideswipe’s pranks at one point or another. And most had once been party to one of Sunstreaker’s sharp verbal lashings or even faster punches to the face. The Twins could be hard to like. They cultivated that on purpose because they were so insular.

So when Sunstreaker froze in the face of danger and Sideswipe turned tail and ran the other direction, dragging his brother with him, well, many Autobots laughed. It was kind of ridiculous, wasn’t it? The Terror Twins afraid of something the Decepticons could cook up? They laughed in the face of freefalling to their death.

But this? This scared them? Scared them enough that they hid in their room and wouldn’t come out or answer the door? Primus only knew how they were getting their energon because no one had seen them in the rec room. Not even Ratchet could get them to come out.

Some said it was because they were embarrassed. But Bluestreak wasn’t so sure. He’d seen Sideswipe shrug off embarrassment before. And Sunstreaker never let himself get embarrassed by anything, not even his brother’s antics.

Bluestreak knew fear. He fought fear every night in his recharge. He battled intangible monsters and woke up scarred. And what he’d seen in Sideswipe and Sunstreaker’s optics had been sheer, unadulterated terror.

Once he realized that, it was a lot less funny.

He told everyone else that much, at least those that would listen to him. But once people stopped laughing and paid attention to what he was saying, realization dawned in them, too. It spread quickly. That was one thing about the Autobots and the Ark, rumor and gossip spread like wildfire.

Some refused to listen. They remained stubborn. Probably cause they didn’t want to admit they were wrong, or the idea of Sunstreaker and Sideswipe having a weakness, a genuine fear, unsettled them. It was easy to laugh at two mechs who were hard to like. A lot easier than understanding where they were coming from.

Come to think of it, that was probably why the war had lasted for so long and kept continuing. It was a lot easier to hate than it was to understand the other side.

But that was something else to think about.

Right now, Bluestreak just wanted his friends to know they weren’t alone. He wanted Sideswipe and Sunstreaker to know it was safe to come out of their quarters. That they didn’t have to cry out in fear and deal with it on their own. Because Bluestreak had been there and he knew how much it hurt.

With Jazz’s help, Bluestreak organized a show of support. He didn’t know if it would encourage Sideswipe and Sunstreaker to come out, but he was determined to try. It was the effort that mattered. Because if they didn’t stand up for each other, who would?

They were Autobots, weren’t they?


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