[TFP] Patience

Shockwave considered himself a patient mech. Logic dictated that rushing the precise steps of the scientific process often resulted in failure or unexpected consequences.

Therefore, Shockwave had learned to be patient.

Starscream’s current behavior, however, was stressing the limits of that patience. He was – well, not disconsolate – but certainly distracted as of late. He was hampered by emotion – a blend of anger and loss and outrage.

It made Starscream prone to error. To long bouts of either moping or muttered tirades. Usually said tirades were directed at the Autobots. Sometimes, they were focused on Megatron. Other times, they were thinly veiled criticisms of Shockwave himself.

He took no offense. At least, not for the insults, they were of no consequence.

What Shockwave could not abide was waste. Of time. Of resources. Of brilliance.

He had kept Starscream from making a poorly planned attack on the Autobots and an utterly useless dive after their fallen leader. He had done so for a reason. Starscream was more valuable alive. He was brilliant when he was focused and not hampered by his own emotional inadequacies.

There was work to be done. Work Shockwave could not complete on his own. At least, not efficiently.

He needed Starscream. He needed the Seeker to be functional and focused. He didn’t need this… this irrationality.

But Starscream was not ruled by logic. He relied on emotion. He could not be swayed by calm and considerate conversation.

Shockwave would have to invoke a different tactic. He would have to tame Starscream using means Megatron had never considered.

Shockwave would have to be kind.

The very thought of it rankled. It was distasteful. Inefficient. Bothersome.

But needs must.

So Shockwave crafted a plan. He gathered supplies sure to entice a grieving, angry Starscream and he tracked down his partner in crime. They were all who was left of the Decepticon empire.

And Shockwave would not see his labor go to waste.


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