[MTMTE] Oblivious

It took a month of almost tripping over Perceptor every time he turned around before Ratchet realized that it was because Perceptor had been a near-constant presence as of late.

And then Ratchet facepalmed because he’d been so blind that he hadn’t noticed Perceptor casually inviting him to share drinks in Swerve’s bar, or popping up when Ratchet least expected with an invitation to play a game or have a quiet night in.

He hadn’t realized how out of the loop he was until he realized that Perceptor’s soft smiles and more confident invitations had been his idea of flirting. And then Ratchet felt like an idiot for not noticing sooner.

So the next time Perceptor swung by the medbay, offering to look at one of the malfunctioning pieces of equipment that Ratchet could have repaired himself, Ratchet decided to be proactive.

“The other day you asked me if I wanted to get a drink,” Ratchet said as Perceptor peered at the damaged component. “Is that invitation still open?”

Perceptor paused and looked at him, helm tilted, reticular optic inscrutable. “I never rescinded the offer,” he said with a curve of his lips. “Though I was under the impression you are eternally… shall I say, occupied?”

Ratchet barked a laugh and shook his helm. “More like I’m an idiot. You could have said something sooner, Perceptor.”

The scientist set down the component and faced Ratchet fully, reminding him that they were of a height and mass. Which was kind of nice actually.

“I should have,” Perceptor admitted and it was with a little laugh. “But you have to admit, Ratchet, you can be quite intimidating sometimes.”

“I do that on purpose, you know,” Ratchet grumbled, though it was with humor and not true irritation. “These misbehaving fools constantly getting themselves into trouble. How else am I going to convince them to think before they act?”

Perceptor chuckled. “How true.” He paused and gave Ratchet a longer look. “About that drink… is now an acceptable time for you?”

“Aid has been harping on me to take a break every now and again.” Ratchet tilted his helm toward the door. “Let’s go. I think we both could use it.”

Perceptor’s grin only proved that Ratchet had made the right choice.


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