[IDW] Dirty Dancing

Starscream folded his arms and frowned. His fingers tapped against his armor. His wings twitched.

They were making a spectacle of themselves out there.

Starscream’s optics narrowed, but he couldn’t seem to tear his gaze away.

The music throbbed through the air and the floor. Multi-colored lights strobed across polished plating. It was so loud, Starscream could barely hear himself think.

He didn’t know what to call their behavior except that it wasn’t dancing. They were interfacing with their panels closed. They were flirting in front of everyone and groping each other shamelessly. It was positively indecent.

No, Starscream wasn’t jealous.

He continued to watch anyway as Blurr and Jazz bumped and ground against each other, as Blurr snagged Jazz and rolled his hips against Jazz’s aft. Or Jazz reached back, hooked a hand against the back of Blurr’s neck, and shimmied their frames together. Blurr grinned and grabbed Jazz’s jaw with his free hand, fingers sliding over Jazz’s lips. Jazz’s other hand reached back, grabbing a handful of blue aft.

And Starscream absolutely was not jealous.

His engine revved. His cooling fans rattled into a roar. He glared at them, wishing his optics shot fire.

–Should just join us,– trickled across his comm and he didn’t have to check the sender to know it was Jazz taunting him. A bright visor had slanted his direction and as Starscream watched, Jazz made lewd motions with his glossa, thoroughly treating Blurr’s fingers.

Starscream snorted. –I don’t know what kind of hedonist you think I am, but I am not becoming part of your display.–

Jazz’s laugh burst across the comm playfully. Across the dance floor, Starscream saw his lips move and then Blurr’s gaze shifted Starscream’s direction. His grip on Jazz’s hip slid inward, flirting over Jazz’s interface panel.

–Are you sure?– Blurr purred, the promise in his gaze enough to send a shiver down Starscream’s backstrut. –You look so lonely over there, Star.–

Jazz rolled his hips and suddenly broke his way free of Blurr’s embrace, whirling around and wrapping a leg around Blurr’s hip so that they could grind their panels together. One hand wrapped over Blurr’s shoulder as he tipped back, relying on Blurr’s quick grasp of his hips to keep from tilting. One blue hand dragged down Jazz’s thigh in full view of Starscream, teasing him.

The club was dark, the lighting erratic, but not even Starscream could miss the thin trickle of lubricant down the inside of Jazz’s thigh.

Primus. Did neither of them have any shame?

Starscream’s shoulders hunched. His faceplate burned. He tried to look away but their lewd dance was seared into his cortex.

They were taunting him.

–He’s not coming, babe,– Jazz said, his words meant for both Blurr and Starscream. –Guess we’ll have to finish this without him.–

Blurr smirked and leaned forward, getting a mouthful of Jazz’s intake as he slanted a glance toward Starscream. –His loss.–

Fragging Grounders. So that’s how it was, hm?

Starscream inclined his helm. His thrusters spat fire on the floor. He rolled his metaphorical sleeves.

Enough of this.

It was time to show those two what beast they’ve awakened.


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