[G1] Cotton Candy

It only came in pink and blue.

Starscream narrowed his optics – eyes, humans called them eyes – and wrinkled his nose. “Pink,” he finally said.

Did that make it taste sweeter? He didn’t know. But he’d found himself enjoying the more sugary human foods so maybe sweeter was better.

“Anything for a pretty girl,” the greasy creature behind the counter said with a wink.

Starscream shuddered and gamely handed over the paper currency in exchange for a bagful of the lacy-looking treat.

The humans called it cotton candy. Skywarp insisted that he try some. He said it was delicious.


Starscream walked away from the food stand, ignoring the whistling behind him, and untied the ribbon. A syrupy sweet smell floated toward his nose. It wasn’t unpleasant at the least.

He reached in and pinched off a small amount. It came away very fibrous, like spun filament. It seemed to double in size when he did that, too. He gave it a cautious sniff, but it had little odor.


Well, Starscream was not Air Commander for nothing. He popped the fibrous treat into his mouth, where it instantly turned to goopy sweetness on his tongue. What the frag?

Starscream rolled his tongue around and then made a face as the filamenty sugar turned to gritty sludge.

Ick. Ack. Blech.

This was terrible!

Starscream stomped over to the nearest trashcan and shoved it all in there. It tasted like stale rust sticks, all sweet and gritty and why was it so gritty in the first place. It was soft and fluffy and then it turned to grit?


He made a beeline for a beverage vendor and shelled out a ridiculous amount of money for a bottle of water. He didn’t care. He simply had to wash the taste out of his mouth. Skywarp was probably cackling right now, the brat.

Delicious, my aft! Starscream seethed internally. He sucked down several gulps of the water. His fingers were sticky, too. The cotton candy had left the tips stained pink.
How did humans not die from eating this stuff?

Starscream shuddered.

He didn’t know if he dared try the candy apple next.


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