[Ouran] Thunderstorm

Haruhi might fear thunderstorms, but Kyouya actually enjoyed them. Anticipated them even.

He opened his balcony doors wide, stepping out into the wet, noisy night. Wind and rain whipped across his face, pelting the bared skin of his chest. It was cold and wet; his skin pimpled. The thunder rolled directly overhead, echoing through his body and in his chest. Kyouya closed his eyes, feeling it rumble straight through him.

Lightning flashed beyond his eyelids. The wind howled. The danger was there, prickling across his skin. Sometimes, it was the only way he felt alive.

Warm arms encircled him from behind, a body pressing against him. Lips grazed a heated path over chilled flesh.

It’s that element of danger, Kyouya supposed, that drew him to the Hitachiin twins as well.

Teasing palms skirted down his abdomen, resting over the hem of his shorts. “You going to stay out here all night?” Kaoru purred, or at least Kyouya believed it to be Kaoru. He had a slightly deeper voice, harder to pick out with the rumbling thunder.

“I was considering it,” Kyouya replied, opening his eyes and looking out at the storm-tossed seas. Hmm. Which action to take? Enjoy the weather or enjoy what was surely waiting for him within his room.

“He says we’re not enticing enough, Hikaru,” Kaoru called over his shoulder. “How insulting.”

Kyouya was not one to be swayed by such demonstrable reverse psychology.

A silky chuckle from the doorway behind Kyouya announced Hikaru’s presence. He could just imagine the other twin leaning against the frame, all languid sensuality. “Kyouya-senpai’s sulking is what it is. C’mon, Kaoru. We don’t need him to have fun.”

Kyouya was also not one to be swayed by petty jabs at his pride.

Laughing, and nipping a parting kiss at the back of Kyouya’s shoulder, Kaoru drew away, and took the warmth of his body with him. “Mmm. So you say, Hikaru.”

No, Kyouya was not one to be swayed by their obvious manipulations.

He was, however, one to be convinced by the prospect of curling up in a king-sized bed with warm, twin terrors while lightning flashed overhead. Kyouya wisely went inside.


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