[Bleach] Blame It On the Alcohol

Ichigo is quite possibly more than a little tipsy. The world is tilting left and right. His face is flushed and warm. He’s got a grin on his face that really doesn’t belong.

But then, Tatsuki doesn’t seem any more sober. She’s giggling of all things as she drapes against his side, stumbling a little down the sidewalk. No way she’s going to make it to her tiny apartment. Good thing she’s grown quite used to sharing Ichigo’s bed.

They may never be true lovers, but there is an affection of sorts between them. Ichigo knows that there’s a certain someone Tatsuki has her eyes on, and Tatsuki knows of the unrequited crush that Ichigo’s clinging to. So really, it’s win-win for both of them.

“I think you’re drunk,” Tatsuki says, laughing as Ichigo struggles to pull out his keys and let them into his apartment.

“I think I am, too,” Ichigo replies, and shoves open the door with his shoulder, both of them stumbling inside. “But so are you.”

She grins up at him, grip unrelenting and stronger than any woman’s ought to be. “Oh, I know I am,” Tatsuki all but purrs. “Which means anything I decide to do tonight, I can blame on the alcohol. Care to be naughty with me?”

Ichigo’s door slams shut behind him and he feels his face turn aflame. “Depends on what you mean by that,” he retorts with false bravado, unable to deny the twisting of interest in his belly, the wonderful way Tatsuki is rubbing up against him.

“Take me to your bedroom and I’ll show you,” Tatsuki replies, one arm curving around him, her hand unashamedly groping his ass through his jeans.

Like hell Ichigo’s going to say no.

“Sounds good to me,” he says, and in agreement, they half-stagger, half-bounce off the walls of the hallway, heading toward Ichigo’s bedroom.

Tatsuki’s of no help, her hands more useful in wandering, drawing a yelp from Ichigo when she shamelessly palms his groin. “Geez, Ichigo. Might as well be a virgin with that kind of reaction,” she teases.

The burning in his face must have become a bonfire and there’s nothing Ichigo can do to stop it. “Ummm.”

“Seriously?” Tatsuki’s grin is downright devilish. “Oh, this is going to be so much fun.”

Ichigo suddenly realizes that he might be in a little over his head. But what a way to go.


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