[Bleach] Scissors

Of all the weapons that have ever been aimed at Ichigo’s body – from zanpakutou to kido to cero – the idea of scissors being anywhere near the nape of his neck is what makes him cringe. What makes his shoulders hunch and his body slump in the chair, much to Uryuu’s annoyance.

“Sit up,” the Quincy says sharply, his tone of voice making Ichigo do so before he thinks twice about it, and then scowl once he realizes how quickly he obeyed.

The sound of the scissors snipping away makes Ichigo cringe, makes him twitch, his spine twisting with discomfort. He grips the arms of the chair, gritting his teeth.

“And sit still,” Uryuu adds, and there’s almost a touch of humor to his voice. He’s deriving far too much amusement from this.

“Easier said than done,” Ichigo grits out, and closes his eyes, tries to focus on calm and quiet thoughts. Anything other than the scissors that are close to his ears and his neck and how easily Uryuu could kill him from here, even if Ichigo knows he won’t do that. It’s a paranoia thing, and after that war and everything else it comprised, Ichigo’s not surprised he emerged a lot paranoid.

There’s a light clatter as Uryuu sets the scissors down, and then his hands land on Ichigo’s shoulders, a gentle and noticeable weight. “You act like I’m forcing you to do this,” he murmurs, fingers kneading and massaging, digging into tense muscle.

Ichigo sighs. “Sorry,” he replies with a wince. And he knows his much longer hair is brushing Uryuu’s hands, one of the reason he wants it cut so badly. It’s a reminder, a memory, of all the things Ichigo is trying to forget.

Uryuu’s the only one he trusts to cut out that memory.

“I know,” Uryuu replies and strokes a finger down the side of Ichigo’s neck, an affectionate light touch that makes the tense muscles in Ichigo’s body relax by a fraction. “So the sooner you let me get started, the sooner we can finish. Yes?”

“Yes,” Ichigo sighs, and sits up, ears twitching at the sound of the scissors being lifted and taken into skilled, Quincy hands once again. “So don’t cut it stupidly, all right?”

Uryuu huffs, in what could be taken as light offense or amusement. “Now what makes you think I’d do something like that?”

“Just a hunch,” Ichigo replies, and tries to relax, tries to let Uryuu’s fingers soothe him as he snips and cuts and trims away all evidence of the final battle, returning Ichigo to the much-desired before.


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