[Bleach] Misguided Manipulation – Switch Up

“You know,” Ichigo says languidly, and just the half-curious, half-purr in his voice makes Stark tremble with eagerness. “I think it’s time we switched things up a bit, don’t you?”

Stark licks his lips. “Wh–” Embarrassingly, his voice cracks, so he clears his throat and tries again. “What did you have in mind?”

Lips curve into a smirk as Ichigo languidly drags his palm down Stark’s bare thigh, making his skin prickle. “You could let me take you,” he says, and dark eyes glance at Stark with lecherous intent, Ichigo easing himself between Stark’s legs.

Ah. Understanding floods Stark, and he feels his own lips curve with a grin of their own. “Is that all?” he asks, and is pleased to notice that Ichigo’s ears are starting to turn a bright red, a flush that’s slowly spreading to his cheekbones. Ichigo may act confident, but he can still act adorable at times. “Well, you should have said so sooner.”

Ichigo looks surprised, as though he expected an argument out of it. “… Seriously?”

Stark hums in his thraot, and then spreads his hands, leaning back against the pillows. “Do with me as you will, lover.”

Warm hands smooth up his thighs and to his hips, caressing Stark’s skin as thumbs stroke his hipbones. “Anything I want?” Ichigo asks, and there’s a heat in his eyes, one that makes shivers dance down Stark’s spine. Makes his belly twist with heat, and his cock fill with blood.

“Within reason,” Stark says, and lifts one hand, sliding it under the pillow to grope around for the bottle of lube he likes to keep accessible. His fingers close around the thin tube and he hands it over. “Just… be gentle. I’m delicate.” He winks, to prove he’s teasing.

Ichigo snorts, plucking the bottle from his hand and quickly pouring some of the colorless oil over his fingers. “Delicate? Spare me.” He leans forward, plants his clean hand against the bedcovers as the other teases Stark’s scrotum, making his balls all slick and slippery. “You want it hard and fast.”

Stark’s insides did another happy flip of arousal, and he bit back a groan. Damn Ichigo and his ability to be sexy without even knowing it. “That…” he pauses, gets a hold of himself, and swallows thickly. “That sounds good.”

Ichigo’s lips curve and he leans closer, his fingers also dipping down, brushing warm and slick over Stark’s puckered muscle. “I thought it might,” he murmurs, and closes the distance between them with a searing kiss that shoots jolts of want through Stark like an electrical current. Stark moans, cants his hips upward, and lets his lover take command without an ounce of regret.


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