[Bleach] Intrigue

“Lemme out!” If anyone asks, by the way, that is distinctly not a whine.

“No,” King says with that annoying firm tone he uses when he’s not inclined to give his Hollow anything he wants.

Shirosaki huffs, stalking back and forth across the side of a building, glass crinkling beneath his feet. “But I wanna play!” he says, tongue sliding over his lips. If he closes his eyes, he can see out through King’s. He can see the red-headed Shinigami as he and King spar, and not for the first time, Shirosaki is interested.

Poor King. He’s blind as a bat. Can’t see the interest the pineapple is giving him. But Shirosaki can, and he’s more than willing to reciprocate. If only King would let him out.

King ignores him.

Shirosaki can feel their reiatsu surging around him, can feel the brushes of Abarai’s reiatsu too. It makes him shiver, tingling from head to toe. Zabimaru sometimes shouts hello, though the baboon would rather talk to Zangetsu.

“He wants a challenge!” Shirosaki shouts to the sky, which is thankfully a bright blue today. Damn but King can be an angsty bitch sometimes. “Yer not givin’ him one!”

Zangetsu and Zabimaru clash with a resounding clang that vibrates up King’s arm and echoes in King’s head space.

King growls out loud and Abarai laughs, that fanged smirk making Shirosaki’s insides twist with heat. Damn but he wants to steal King’s body, throw himself at the red-haired Shinigami and make him beg. Bet he turns nice and crimson.

“Yer distracted Ichigo,” Abarai says, or taunts rather.

King chuckles, but it’s a darkly amused sound. “You’d be, too, if you knew how much Shirosaki wants to bend you over right now.”

Abarai’s eyes widen in surprise and King takes that moment of distraction to his advantage. He drives Abarai backward and the duel shifts back into King’s favor.

“That was a low blow, man. Mocking me like that!” Abarai curses.

King grins, a curve of his lips that’s not unlike Shirosaki’s own smirk. “Who said I was joking?”

Abarai nearly chokes on his next breath. Ah, sweet amusement.


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