[Bleach] Shopping Cart

“I like this kind,” Yoruichi says, and Kisuke watches as three brightly colored boxes of sugar-laced cereal tumbles into the shopping cart. A cart that is already overflowing with more food than Kisuke’s entire shop could consume in a year, despite his best efforts to keep things at a reasonable level.

When she turns around to admire shelves and shelves of other breakfast foods, Kisuke surreptitiously lifts two of the boxes out and puts them on the shelf. And then, after a second’s thought, returns the third one as well. At this point, he doesn’t think Yoruichi needs any more sugar.

“You’re only going to be here for a week,” Kisuke reminds her, though to be fair, he knows she’ll be back just as quickly.

Yoruichi grins at him as she tosses in a box of flavored pastries. “So?”

He leans on the bar of the cart, amused. “Perhaps a little restraint would be in order?”

“Restraint?” Yoruichi echoes with a laugh as she moves into the next aisle, prompting Kisuke to roll along after her. “Since when do you know anything about restraint?”

“Since I’ve learned one of us has to adopt it,” Kisuke replies easily, snatching the two bags of chili-cheese monstrosities out of her hand and putting them back on the shelf.

She huffs, not so much annoyed as amused. “And you volunteered to become the boring one?” Yoruichi asks, leaning against the side of the cart, looking hardly bothered by the fact Kisuke is steadily vetoing most of her recent choices. Her gold eyes sparkle at him.

“I can’t expect you to act mature,” Kisuke teases.

“Why would I bother with that?” Her eyes skip past him, and then her mouth curves into an impish grin. “Say grab that bottle on the shelf behind you.”

He turns. “Which one–” The words stutter in his mouth as he sees what Yoruichi is referring to. He knows, immediately, why Yoruichi wants this particular bottle.

“You won’t reject that one, I bet,” she purrs.

Kisuke doesn’t have to think twice about it. He tosses the bottle of honey into the basket, barely keeping himself from grabbing a second one.

“I think we’re done shopping for today,” he announces.

Yoruichi’s laughter follows him all the way to the check out counter.


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