[Bleach] Breakfast in Bed

She’s tired. More than tired, actually. Every muscle is sore and aching, her eyelids feel heavy. All she wants is to go home, crawl into bed, and get enough sleep to last through her shift tomorrow. The sun is rising on the horizon, a new day beginning, but for Soifon, it’s goodnight.

She arrives home and easily slides through the darkened hallways, feeling no need for any light. She knows her home better than her own division, even if the light layer of dust and disuse might prove otherwise.

Suzumebachi finds her home in her cradle, and for once, Soifon doesn’t care as she lets her captain’s haori slide to the floor, to be picked up much later. She steps into her bedroom, not wanting to bother with the light, when suddenly, it clicks on without her consent, illuminating the room.

Soifon blinks in stunned surprise to find that her futon has been laid out for her, but it’s not unoccupied. In fact, her lover is sitting there, grinning up at her, almost-nude if not for the sheer and lacy cloth on her well-muscled frame. It’s quite an alluring picture, one Soifon isn’t sure how to handle.

“What are you doing?” she asks dumbly, higher brain functions gone on account of no sleep and the thin fabric that doesn’t hide a thing.

Tatsuki grins from where she reclines on the pillow. “It’s breakfast in bed,” she replies, and one hand slides up her thigh, drawing the black lace up a bit further and revealing a tantalizing strip of pale skin.

Soifon unconsciously licks her lips. “I don’t see any food.”

Her lover rises to her knees, scooting to the edge of the futon. “That’s because I’m the main dish,” Tatsuki replies and she reaches out, grabbing hold of Soifon’s obi and dragging her a few steps closer.

“My poor captain,” she purrs, easily stripping aside Soifon’s clothing since she’s not putting up much of a protest. “You look exhausted. Maybe it would be better if you just went to sleep.”

Soifon scowls, even as warm hands flatten over her belly and then curve around, fingers pressing against her spine to pull her closer. “Are you implying that I’m too weak.”

“Then you do have the energy?” Tatsuki challenges, looking up at her with dark, desire-drenched eyes.

And somehow, despite herself, Soifon won’t say no to that promise.


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