[Bleach] Clothes Shopping

“What about this one?” A stringy, lacy, see-through bright confection is lifted to Ichigo’s view. Something meant to be worn but hide nothing underneath it. Something that is more tease than protection.

Something that turns Ichigo’s ears red and makes his face flame. He looks away. “It’s… uh… all right I guess.”

“Better than the last one?”

Ichigo gulps. The last one, which was lacy and sheer and black, barely more than strings held together with thin nylon and interesting small buckles. “It… uh…”

He can feel himself getting hotter. Why oh why did she have to drag him here? Couldn’t she have asked Rukia or somebody who, ya know, didn’t get ridiculously embarrassed in a situation like this? The only men who stepped into these stores were either as humiliated as Ichigo or perverts. Or both.

“Well?” Neliel asks, eyes big and round and quite possibly mischievous. Oh, she knows how much he hates this. Which is why she’s doing it. “Come on, Ichigo. Which one?” She holds both negligees against her body, as if to showcase them to him.

Why did Urahara-san have to make her gigai so faithful to her Arrancar body? Worse that he gave her clothes that barely fit, making her ample bosom strain at its confines, hugging every curve in ways that made Ichigo’s own clothing get a little tighter.

He shoves his hands in his pockets and hastily looks away. “Either’s fine,” he says, his mind already full of images.

They look almost innocent on their hangers, just bits of string and lace, but just the thought of Neliel wearing them later – for him – isn’t making his concentration any easier.

From the corner of his eye, he sees Neliel’s lips form into a playful pout of disappointment. Does she want his opinion that badly?

Ichigo scratches at his nose. “Just get both,” he suggests, still trying not to look at the barely-there lingerie that Urahara-san suggested to spice things up. Not that they need it or anything, but Urahara-san happened to mention it to Neliel who got it in her head that it is what Ichigo wants and therefore, she had to buy it. “You’ll look good either way.”

Apparently, he’s said the right thing because Neliel’s eyes light up and she drops both pieces of lingerie to hug him there and then, planting a deep, wet kiss on his lips that makes Ichigo’s ears burn brighter, and his jeans uncomfortable. Not that he’s complaining or anything. Not one bit.


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