[Bleach] Oblivion

Kisuke laughs, cupping Kensei’s head and dragging the other man down for a brutal kiss, one that tastes sweet like sake and salty like the peanuts at the bar. Kensei growls into the kiss, hovering over Kisuke like a predator waiting to pounce, his earrings gleaming in the half light. A warm body presses against Kisuke from behind, hands roaming to Kisuke’s belt and fumbling at it.

They’re all a little drunk, but that’s not stopped them before, Kisuke muses to himself. He can hear Hisagi’s heavy breathing, can feel it as the younger Shinigami nuzzles against Kisuke from behind, just as hungry and desperate as the rest of them. A young man’s desire is such a heady thing.

Kensei quickly takes control of the kiss, ruthlessly swiping his tongue inside Kisuke’s mouth as though determined to claim every inch of him. He explores cheek and teeth and the roof of his mouth, each touch a flitting swipe of his tongue that makes Kisuke moan and grind against Shuuhei’s fumbling fingers.

Shuuhei makes a noise, a sound of frustration, and Kisuke takes pity on him, loosening his hold on Kensei to help Shuuhei. Kensei takes this opportunity to reach past Kisuke, fisting his fingers in strands of black hair and jerking Shuuhei toward him for another possessive kiss. In the midst of unbuttoning his pants, Kisuke freezes, watching with bated breath as the two men kiss. It has always been one of the most erotic things Kisuke has ever seen. Now is no exception.

Kisuke jerks open his belt and slides open his button and zipper, hastily pushing his pants to his knees. He’s all for getting naked in a hurry, and reaches for Kensei’s pants, quickly doing the same. His eyes, however, never leave the arousing sight of Kensei and Shuuhei kissing, the latter’s cheeks darkening in an aroused blush visible in the half-light. Within moments, Kisuke wraps fingers around Kensei’s rigid length, drawing a long stroke down the heated cock.

Kensei breaks off the kiss with a dark look in his eyes, hips bucking forward into Kisuke’s touch. His body trembles, like a large, restrained beast.

“What say you we get this party started, shall we?” Kisuke purrs.

Teeth nip at his ears. “I’m for that,” Shuuhei responds, pressing against Kisuke with seductive intent, emboldened by the sake stirring his veins.

Kensei drops a possessive hand to Kisuke’s hip, squeezing pointedly. His actions need no words, and Kisuke shivers with anticipation. This is one night none of them will regret.


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