[Bleach] Mistletoe

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Arisawa?” Soifon growled, performing a tug that was token at best. It didn’t even have any real strength behind it.

Tatsuki grinned, tightening her fingers around Soifon’s wrist and continuing to drag the uncooperative Shinigami behind her. “Trying to show you how to have some fun, lover?”

Soifon’s scowl deepened. Tatsuki laughed and paid more attention to her surroundings before she ended up bulldozing someone. There was music. There was food. There was laughter and dancing and decorations. There were all kinds of things like fun that Soifon would find time-consuming, pointless, and full of stupid.

Tatsuki, of course, was having the time of her life. More because she had convinced Soifon to come with her and had plans to convince Soifon to stay.

And well, it was nice to see Soifon in something other than her Shinigami captain’s uniform. The shihakushou was sexy, but there was something to be said about the dress she wore now, with its low, open back and a flared out skirt swishing around beautifully toned thighs. Tatsuki could feel herself drooling even now, and had to beat down inappropriate thoughts of pulling Soifon into the nearest closet and sliding her fingers up those creamy thighs, underneath the fabric of Soifon’s skirt just to see how wet she was.


Tatsuki scanned the crowd and decorations. Ichigo caught her eyes from across the room and lifted his glass to her, but didn’t wait for her acknowledgment, too busy trying to encourage his own stick in the mud to live a little. Kuchiki Byakuya was a hot piece of work, but he was a little too stuck up for Tatsuki’s taste. She liked ’em feisty.

“Arisawa, if you don’t explain to me what you are doing right now–” The threat in Soifon’s tone was clearcut but Tatsuki cheerfully tuned it out as she laid eyes on her prize and gamely dragged Soifon over to the entryway between the den and the kitchen.

She pulled Soifon to a stop there, whirling suddenly to yank the surprised Shinigami into her arms. “You mean it’s not obvious?” Tatsuki asked, gesturing for Soifon to look up with a tilt of her head.

Soifon’s cheeks flushed darker as she lifted her eyes and caught sight of the sprig of mistletoe on the frame above them. “This is a ridiculous and trite tradition that–”

Tatsuki slanted her mouth over Soifon’s, cutting the Shinigami off mid-tirade, and swallowing the sound of Soifon’s surprise. Soifon always did talk too much. And if the crowd broke into cheers and whistles, Tatsuki promised she’d grin and salute them later. But for now, she had a lover to kiss senseless.


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