[Bleach] Dominance

It’s almost like being king of the world, or coming pretty damn close to it. At least, that’s what Stark thinks. The Shinigami would probably think otherwise. So would Barragan. But being this close to so much power, so much he can almost taste it, Stark can’t imagine a perch more lofty.

His knees press into hard stone. His fingers grasp the top of the throne above Aizen’s head. His hips move, almost in a rhythm of their own, breath escaping him in short pants. The throne room is cold, almost dismally so, but three points of hot fire help to chase that completely away.

Aizen’s hands on his hips, fingers digging into his skin, gripping him as he pulls Stark’s body down to meet each hungry thrust. Aizen’s cock as it pushes into Stark, full and deep, throbbing every time he so much as clenches.

Their reiatsu is a slow and steady pulse in the air, Shinigami and Hollow mixing in a way that would make those old farts in Soul Society have a heartattack. Aizen’s power is heady, a distinct buzz that rolls over Stark’s body as though it were a physical presence. It makes his body tingle, his own reiatsu rise to meet it, makes his blood surge and his cock throb.

He wants so badly to reach down, stroke himself, but that’s not the way things work. So his fingers tighten around the back of the throne and he groans, furiously trying to rock himself against Aizen’s well-muscled abdomen. Aizen’s grip tightens, however, keeping him firmly in place.

Stark feels a whine building in his throat, but he clamps down on it, refusing to offer such a plea. He knows Aizen wants to hear it. Which is all the more reason to keep it locked inside.

One of the overlord’s hand looses it’s hold on Stark’s hip and slides up Stark’s side, an almost caress that makes Stark’s skin prickle. He shivers, licks his lips, and moves desperately. It’s cold in the throne room, but Stark can’t tell considering the sweat that paints his body, makes his hair stick to the back of his neck.

Aizen’s watching him with an intensity that would frighten anyone else. But Stark’s not that easily intimidated. Aizen might be an all-powerful Shinigami traitor, but he’s still just a Shinigami.

He’s a Shinigami hungry for power, hungry for all the things Seireitei denied him. He’s come to Hueco Mundo to claim a throne no one ever wanted – save Barragan but he’s a psycho and a moot point. He’s built himself a palace, surrounded himself with enemies turned allies, but really, Aizen’s no different from Stark. In the end, he’s searching for the same utterly unattainable thing.


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