[Bleach] Candy Hearts

“What are these?”

Tatsuki can barely hide her chuckle or her amusement. The disdain on Soifon’s face seems better reserved for a mortal enemy or a pile of dog crap as opposed to the basket of Valentine’s Day goodies that Tatsuki has thrust in her direction.

“There’s this little thing in the Living World that we call Valentine’s Day,” Tatsuki says, a mischievous gleam in her eyes. “You know, you really should get out more. You might even enjoy it.”

Soifon scowls at her, but doesn’t stop peering into the basket, one finger poking through the various gaudily wrapped packages as though they might jump out and bite her. “I’ve no need for human celebrations,” she says with a sneer, but she takes out a folded piece of paper anyway, cheeks darkening at the heartfelt message printed on the front.

Tatsuki reaches into the basket, pulling out a small box of candies that rattles as she rips it open and tips them into Soifon’s free hand. “These are my favorite,” she says cheerfully. “They are cheap and taste like chalk but for some reason, everyone loves them.”

Soifon’s nose wrinkles up in that adorable way that Tatuski love, a wrinkle that declares annoyance and death and actually shows just how touched she is but won’t admit it.

“Be mine,” she reads aloud, tone utterly avoid of inflection as her eyes roam over the little candy hearts sitting on her palm. “Kiss me.”

Is that an invitation? Why yes, Tatsuki thinks it is!

She leans forward just as Soifon is reading “My girl” and captures her lover’s lips in a sweet, sultry kiss. Soifon makes an mmmph noise against her mouth, but doesn’t protest, just jabs her tongue into Tatsuki’s mouth in an attempt to take control of the kiss as she always does. She tastes sweet, like the chocolate Tatsuki shoved into her mouth before handing over the chocolate.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Tatsuki purrs in a brief lull in their kiss, licking her lips pointedly. “Isn’t that the point?”

Soifon glares in a lovely mix of aroused demand and annoyed bluster. “You are an idiot,” she declares, but Tatsuki knows different. What she really means is I love you. She just doesn’t know how to say it yet.

Tatuski chuckles. “That may be true, but you love me anyway,” she says, and captures Soifon’s lips before her lover can declare otherwise. She just loves keeping Soifon on her toes. That astonished blush is the cutest thing ever.


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