[Bleach] Backstabber

“Do you regret it?”

Gin’s fingers pause in the midst of tracing circles on Kisuke’s back, an action which makes the shopkeeper growl in annoyance. “Regret what?” Gin asks.

Kisuke, head pillowed on arms folded under him, hums low in his throat. “Betraying Aizen.” His voice sounds conversational, but Gin knows better than that, knows Kisuke better than that. There’s something deeper here.

His fingers drag down Kisuke’s back, tracing the line of his spine, before he leans over and presses a kiss to the back of Kisuke’s shoulder, where a bite mark from earlier lingers. “Is it a betrayal if ya were never loyal in the first place?”

Kisuke chuckles, a small shiver racking his body as Gin’s fingers dip lower, across the curve of his back and heading toward the cleft of his buttocks. “Good point.”

Gin’s lips trace a scar, an old sword wound that’s become pale and thin over the years. “Ya believed it though. Didn’t ya?”


“That I was a traitor.”

Kisuke is quiet for a moment, and Gin’s fingers continue to roam over skin that’s both warm and soft, only slighter darker than his own. He traces the curve of Kisuke’s buttocks, dragging a finger down the crease and teasing Kisuke’s entrance.

He watches as Kisuke’s hands furl and unfurl against the covers, a sure sign of his building arousal. “You were just a kid,” Kisuke finally says.

“I was an adult where it matters,” Gin reminds him, letting his fingers rest on the ring of muscle, tracing the twitching pucker and causing Kisuke to push toward the faint touch.

Kisuke makes a sound of disgust in his throat. “And that’s where Aizen and I differ.” He turns his head, gray-green eyes dark with arousal and fiery with something else. “I’m glad you ripped his heart out.”

Gin chuckles and leans in, close enough that his breath puffs over Kisuke’s lips. “My aren’t we a bloodthirsty one?”

“Don’t pretend you don’t like it,” Kisuke says wickedly. “So you better make good on your teasing and fuck me senseless.” He punctuates his demand with a wet, biting kiss that makes Gin’s body throb, a demand that he doesn’t mind obeying one bit.


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