[Bleach] Infinite

It was not unlike taming a tiger, Tatsuki remarked to herself. A thought taken with much amusement as she perched on the ground, legs stretched out over green grass, and watched her lover flip and twist through the air in practice.

Soifon had been wary at first, Tatsuki remembered. Though wary for anyone else would mean cautious eyes and slow movements and a tendency to heavily think over any action. For Soifon, wary was sharp words, bitter insults, and the tendency toward violence if startled without good explanation. But Tatsuki wasn’t so easily defeated, and so she pursued with the dogged determination of a lion on the hunt.

Catching her prey had been no easy feat. However, Tatsuki had always liked a bit of a challenge, and no one could argue that wooing Soifon was painless. In fact, she still had a few bruises on her arm and side to prove that it wasn’t painless at all. But also… very, very worth it.

Tatsuki grinned, watching as Soifon completed her routine and turned Tatsuki’s direction, finally acknowledging her presence.

“What is that smile for?” Soifon demanded, instantly suspicious as she strode across the grass. Her brown eyes were narrowed, even as she flicked the back of her wrist over her forehead, flinging away the sweat that had gathered.

Tatsuki’s smile broadened as she rose to her feet, brushing bits of grass from her pants. “Nothing bad,” she said. “I promise.”

Soifon sniffed as though greatly offended, shoulders straight and back, and if Tatsuki didn’t know any better, she’d think Soifon was one of those high-brow nobles like Ichigo’s boyfriend. But Tatsuki did know better, and knew that it was all part of Soifon’s front, her mantle of pride and strength.

“Are you going to stare all day or actually get some use out of this practice?” Soifon demanded, eyes flicking up and down Tatsuki as though measuring her physical prowess and dismissing it all at once.

Tatsuki rolled her shoulders, hearing bone crackle and pop challengingly, never once losing her grin as she came within an arms length of Soifon. “What’s in it for me?”

Confusion warred with frustration on Soifon’s face. Obviously, she was still new to this whole relationship and dating business. Which was okay, Tatsuki had always been a very good teacher when given a good enough incentive.

And judging by that blush creeping over Soifon’s cheeks – a sudden realization of what Tatsuki meant – the incentive here was very good indeed.


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