[Bleach] Bulletproof Heart

The smell on the wind is ash and death, it clogs in his lungs and rattles through the air with the vibrant force of one hundred Shinigami. He can feel the impending clash in the air, the way the atmosphere quivers with anticipation.

Sousuke smiles because he bears it all with little trouble, hand casual and relaxed around Kyouka Suigetsu’s hilt. To him, the air tastes of victory. A citrus tang and a sweet aroma and the caress of warm hands and the familiar presence of victory at his side.

Soul Society is so very foolish, has always been, and Sousuke is glad to pick up their pieces, glad to take their cast-off refuse and polish it to diamond. To something rarer and richer and far, far more valuable. He feels as if he has been waiting his whole life for their mistakes to culminate into something irreparable.

Now, this very moment, Sousuke believes he’s found that victory.

No. Sousuke knows he has acquired it. He’s certain, without the smallest inch of disbelief. His reiatsu is a calm ocean within him, tide in and out, brimming with satisfaction.

He’s done it, he’s won, and gained the greatest treasure in the process.

Sousuke can’t wait to see Yamamoto weep, to fall to his knees, his fire nothing more than cinders and ash. He waits to watch Kuchiki bow before him, humbled despite his pride. Others will follow, bowing and scraping, begging for the smallest crumb of mercy. Which Sousuke will provide, of course, he considers himself a gracious leader, one who knows the value of things.

“Is it time?”

Sousuke looks at Kurosaki Ichigo standing beside him, resplendent in white, his eyes burning with a fury all his own. White really does suit Ichigo, in much the way that his maturity does as well.

Once, the both of them had been imprisoned by actions all their own. Once, Sousuke had been Soul Society’s prisoner and Ichigo had waded through the Living World.

Now, they would be Soul Society’s rue.

Sousuke smiles, resisting the urge to kiss his lover here and now – that sort of celebration can be saved until after they bring Yamamoto to his knees. “Make them weep.”


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