[Bleach] Biting

“King might not be, but I’m perty good wit my mouth,” Shirosaki said, his voice like a Hollow purr that echoed in Sousuke’s bedchamber.

“Is that your final offer?” Sousuke asked, interested despite himself. Fascinating that one side of his adversary might hate his guts, but the other side showed a distinct sexual interest.

Very, very fascinating.

“Depends on what I get in return,” Shirosaki said, crawling onto the bed, fingers already plucking at Sousuke’s clothing.

Sousuke inclined his head. “That depends on what you want. And how well you convince me,” he said, and spread his hands, as though giving Shirosaki free rein. “But no biting.”

Shirosaki grinned with a raspy, Hollow’s chuckle. “Aw, come on, boss. Ya take all the fun outta things.”

Sousuke bit back a grimace, coiling his fingers in white hair. “I’m rather fond of my anatomy.”

“Aren’t we all?’ Shirosaki stared at him, golden eyes dark and dangerous, as he lowered his head an inch, warm breath ghosting over Sousuke’s eager cock, which seemed unfazed by the threat of those white, white teeth.

Any one would else would probably be terrified at the moment. Sousuke, however, felt only a mild agitation, one that echoed in the throb of his groin. A sense of eager anticipation, his fingers pressing against Shirosaki’s scalp in flagrant encouragement.

“I’ll be even more fond if you’d get started,” Sousuke said, the wet breath teasing him with possibilities.

Shirosaki’s response was to bite him on the inner thigh, a short, sharp nip with his teeth that made Sousuke startle and heat flash through his entire body. Shirosaki laughed.

“Thought ya didn’t like biting?” the Hollow asked, his tongue sliding lasciviously over his lips, taunting Sousuke with what he could be doing and not what he was actually doing.

Sousuke opened his mouth, fully intending to respond with some acerbic, witty retort, until Shirosaki chose that moment to wrap his lips around Sousuke’s cock and short circuit the overlord’s brain. After that, Sousuke wasn’t really thinking of much else.


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