[Bleach] Sugar and Spice

Gin had always heard that little girls were made of sugar and spice and everything nice. But as far as he could tell, Rangiku had only ever been made of sake and laziness. And she was the closest thing to a girl he had ever known before entering the Shinigami Academy and the Gotei-13 soon after.

There was something about Kuchiki Rukia, however, that made him recall the phrase once more. Aizen-taichou preferred to associate it to his vice-captain, but Gin wasn’t convinced. Hinamori wasn’t sugar and spice; she was insanity and obsession all wrapped into an adorable little package. She was something Gin didn’t dare touch, not even with his near suicidal sense of bravery.

Rukia though was a different story.

From the moment Gin had seen the little sad-eyed girl, looking so much like her dearly departed sister, he wanted to poke her. He wanted to taunt her and watch the fear creep into those large blue eyes. He purposefully found moments to speak with her brother when she was present, purposefully let his reiatsu leak from him with just enough effort to steal her breath.

His lips found themselves widening into a larger smirk, and he even entertained thoughts of opening his eyes. Just so he could see her reaction to the blood shade and the other emotions glimmering within them.

She was this delicate little thing, like precious glass, her limbs thin and pale. Her waist tiny enough that he could probably wrap his long-fingered hands completely around it. Perhaps even with room to spare. Painfully polite and very withdrawn, her very aura screamed of uncertainty. And no matter what he said to her, she didn’t dare bite back. Gin knew it was because she didn’t want to disappoint her new brother, to lose her place at his side. And it amused him to push her and prod her, to see the spice.

It was a very unhealthy obsession of his, though he was loathe to name it that since it put him on the same level as Hinamori. He couldn’t help but seek out Rukia like a moth drawn to a flame. And if her brother noticed, he never said anything. Just narrowed those cold Kuchiki eyes and continued with his glacial Kuchiki politeness.

It didn’t stop Gin in the slightest. He found himself wanting to run his tongue across her skin, that pale and dainty flesh. He wondered if she tasted as sweet as she looked, if the shiver of fear he always caught would have the same rhythm as a shiver of pleasure. Unsettling her became one of his greatest amusements when he wasn’t caught up in his plots with Aizen-taichou.

It was a fixation that never bore any fruit for Gin, who had left Soul Society before ever actually acting on anything. But he never forgot leaving her on that bridge, giving her an ounce of hope, only to tear it away at the last moment. The look of despair on her face had sweetened the moment, and her scream of anger and pain sent shivers up his own spine. It was a rather lovely parting gift.

He would have killed her simply because Aizen-taichou had commanded it; Gin obeyed whenever Aizen-taichou asked anything. But a small part of him was pleased when her brother appeared out of nowhere like some damned knight in shining armor and took the blow intended for her. It would have been such a shame to pierce that lovely skin.

And when she appeared in Hueco Mundo, Gin watched her fight against Aaronierro with great interest. He knew that the ninth Espada was no match for her, and the smile never left his face as he watched her emerge victorious in the end. What a pity that her brother had to appear and save her again before Gin could lay claim to the battered and broken form.

Aizen-taichou had often teased him about his fixation on the Kuchiki girl. Gin had always returned with that he simply couldn’t resist the lure of sugar and spice, such a contrast trapped within one seemingly delicate woman. All he had ever wanted was one taste.

Such a pity he hadn’t ever managed to accomplish that.


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