[Bleach] Not That Innocent

Shuuhei’s hands were tied to the bedpost. It wasn’t an accident. He’d woken up like that. Bound to the bedpost by the wrist with what looked to be his own obi. He last remembered leaving it curled on the floor after removing his shihakushou.

He made a mental note to never sleep on his stomach again. Toushirou seemed to think that was an invitation of sorts. And he capitalized on it quite often. One would think Shuuhei would have learned by now. And warm lips pressed to the back of his neck. A hand traced down his side, fingers skipping over a couple of scars before palming his buttocks noticeably.

“Awake yet?” a very familiar voice questioned, practically purring in his ear.

Shuuhei was certain that if he ever told anyone of this, they wouldn’t believe him. They’d all think he was the pervert here and not Toushirou. Even though it was Toushirou who had him bound to the bedpost. And it was Toushirou draped over his back, naked by all indications that Shuuhei could feel.

He shivered, skin prickling with interest. All traces of sleep were purged from his mind, replaced by a sense of absolute want. “Yeah,” he responded, and it came out thick, heavy with desire.

Toushirou chuckled and drew back, leaving Shuuhei feeling somewhat bereft. “Thought so,” he replied as he moved aside but still remained on the bed. One hand patted Shuuhei’s ass. “Up.”

He was trained. Just like a dog, Shuuhei noticed. Just the sound of that command making his body warm in anticipation. He felt a hand smooth down his spine as he rose to his elbows and knees, the sheet sliding down to puddle around his bent knees. A nail scraped lightly down his back, raising goosebumps over his skin. He sucked in a breath.

“Word on the street is that you’re off tomorrow,” Toushirou purred into his ear, tongue slipped out to curl against the shell of it. “Means I could keep you up all night if I wanted.”

“Fuck,” Shuuhei moaned, knowing just what those words implicated.

Toushirou chuckled darkly, fingers tracing down Shuuhei’s cleft teasingly. “That’s the idea.”

Not for the first time did Shuuhei wonder just who this teasing person in his bed was. He had been shocked the first time Toushirou had become this sexual creature. Now… now, it just turned him on like nothing else. And he was glad that no one knew how Toushirou could be. Otherwise, he’d be fighting them off left and right.

The bed shifted as Toushirou leaned away from him, and Shuuhei turned his head, trying to see what his lover was doing. He heard the younger man digging around in one of the bedside drawers, where they kept their “toys,” and it sent a wave of heat through his body. His cock leapt in interest, already rock-hard from earlier thoughts.

It was to be one of those nights – or mornings rather since he could just see dawn making an appearance beyond the edge of the curtain. Though waking up tied to the bed post should have been his first clue.

A jingle of chains, that of light metal striking itself, floated to his ears. Shuuhei’s heart picked up a pace as he caught sight of a familiar item. And then, Toushirou was kissing him as his other hand deftly tweaked and plucked at Shuuhei’s nipples, his desire rising as they hardened into buds. Toushirou’s tongue slid into his mouth, tasting faintly like cinnamon toothpaste, and Shuuhei groaned into the kiss.

There was another jingle of metal before he felt the clamp around his nipples, Toushirou effectively distracting him with the kiss. Shuuhei hissed in pleasure, especially when his lover gave them a teasing tug. Toushirou released the clamps, setting the small weights on them to swaying. Every swing tugged on Shuuhei’s nipples, and his body tingled with desire.

A moan slipped past his lips, his head falling forward. Toushirou’s suddenly slick fingers slid down his back, pressing against each knobby spine and traveled lower. They dipped into his cleft teasingly, circling the rim but not entering.

Shuuhei had the realization that Toushirou was going to make him beg. And he was going to do it, too. Once he passed the point of no return, he didn’t care what he said so long as he got his release.

Without having to be asked, Shuuhei obediently slid his knees a bit farther apart on the bed. Cool fingers tickled at his scrotum, weighting and squeezing lightly. Toushirou made a noise of appreciation, scraping his nails down the back of Shuuhei’s thighs. The vice-captain’s skin prickled, a shiver of want drizzling down his spine.

“Tease,” he gasped.

“Of course,” Toushirou replied, a smug note in his voice. His fingers quested again, wrapping around Shuuhei’s arousal and giving it a few tugs.

Shuuhei arched his back, his wrists straining at his bonds. It felt so damn good that he desperately sought more. The weights swung from his chest, making a faint chime as they managed to knock into each other. A moan of desire slipped past his lips.

Behind him, Toushirou released an amused chuckle. There was a dip in the bed as Toushirou reached for something else, and then Shuuhei heard a rustle of fabric. Just as he turned to look, darkness fell over his eyes, and a soft cloth pressed against his face. He recognized this fabric in fact.

“Is this one of my scarves?” he asked, certain that he recognized the stitching he had glimpsed for a few seconds.

“Appropriate, isn’t it?” Toushirou murmured hotly in his ear as he knotted the scarf behind his head. His tongue slipped out, curling around Shuuhei’s ear.

“Pervert,” the vice-captain retorted, but it was the pot calling the kettle because he felt himself grow harder. He licked his lips in anticipation, heat curling in his belly.

Toushirou pulled Shuuhei’s ear between his lips, tugging on them before abruptly releasing him and shifting away. His sense of anticipation grew stronger, especially now that he couldn’t see what Toushirou was going to do next. Shuuhei flexed his fingers as he waited, hearing the sounds of Toushirou rifling about in his toy drawer once more.

Shuuhei didn’t even want to know how his lover had acquired the toys. The very thought of Toushirou walking into a sex store made his own face heat with embarrassment. To be fair, Shuuhei knew that he was probably entirely to blame for Toushirou’s perversions. Most of it was his idea to begin with, though the captain was the best at putting it into action.

A kiss was pressed to Shuuhei’s back, one of Toushirou’s favorite places to caress, reminding him that this just wasn’t about sex in the end. Not that Shuuhei had been worried. And then, he heard the sound of the oil bottle being flicked open. It was that much more arousing to hear than to see, especially since he didn’t know what was going to happen next.

Something smooth and slick pressed against Shuuhei’s entrance, and he forced himself to relax, a sneaking suspicion building inside of him. It coiled with interest, and he moaned lowly as Toushirou slowly pressed it into him.

“The best thing about this,” Toushirou murmured, voice a sexy purr in the otherwise silence of the room, “is that it doesn’t get tired. I could tease you all morning if I wanted to.”

“You want to kill me?” Shuuhei exaggerated, the sensation of being filled radiating through his entire body. His muscles unconsciously clamped down on the object.

A kiss was pressed to his hip, teeth nipping gently. “Just tease you a little,” Toushirou said against his skin, breath a warm and moist puff.

He felt the object withdraw and then push into him again very slowly. Shuuhei groaned, his body moving in unison with the toy. He was so hard that he ached, and he was certain he was dripping into the sheets. He didn’t know how Toushirou had so much control because he felt as if he were going to combust.

Shuuhei thought himself on the urge of begging, his hands curling into fists around his bindings. The headboard rattled as he tugged on it, and his breath came in sharp gasps. While one hand pushed the toy into him, Toushirou’s other hand was roaming ceaselessly, surprising him with flitting touches. The occasional tug to his nipples, where the light weights still swung with the rocking of his body.

And then, Toushirou flicked a switch. Shuuhei whimpered, a low curse filling the room. He heard the droning of a small motor, but mostly, he felt the slow vibration expanding through his nethers. Over and over, teasingly on that one spot, and he bit his lip, trying to hold back on the embarrassing cries. He really, really wanted to beg for Toushirou to fuck him. His pride was balking.

“Taichou!” Behind Shuuhei, the door slid open. “Time to get- Whoa! What the hell?” The voice was shrill. And very feminine.

Definitely not Toushirou.

Shuuhei went absolutely still, entire body locking up in mortification as it was plainly obvious someone had just walked into the room without prior notification. And they were given a full view of what was a very private affair. He recognized that voice, too, and he knew that Toushirou did when the room’s temperature dropped suddenly.

“Matsumoto!” his lover roared furiously, and the air smelled faintly of winter crispness. Toushirou had confirmed Shuuhei’s suspicions.

She was still standing there because he hadn’t heard the sound of her leaving, and Shuuhei felt an uncommon urge to cry. This was the most awkward position he could have been found in. And with his hands bound, his legs spread, and that thing up his ass, he didn’t have anywhere to go. No way to hide himself. He hoped that she couldn’t see his face, he really did.

“Sorry, taichou,” Matsumoto said, and Shuuhei swore that he heard her squeal. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.” And yet, she didn’t leave, still standing there and staring. “Wait… Is that Hisagi?

Shuuhei groaned, hanging his head in utter embarrassment. He didn’t even want to know how she could tell. He was just there, for all the world to see, and Toushirou was getting angrier. The temperature in the room dropped low enough that Shuuhei shivered, the heat stolen from his sweat-covered skin. He had the oddest feeling that Matsumoto was staring at him. It didn’t help that the toy was still vibrating, and Shuuhei was forced to bite his lip to keep from releasing mortifying cries.

“Matsumoto! Get out!” Toushirou growled, and the bed shifted, as though he had every plan to get up and attack her if necessary. He was furious, but he was also suitably embarrassed, too. Never a good combination.

She giggled loudly. “Good catch, Hisagi!” Matsumoto called out to him and then practically bounced out of the room with one last parting shot. “Hurry up, taichou. You don’t want to be late.” The door slammed shut behind her.

Shuuhei considered crawling into a hole and dying. He really did. He would never live this down. Matsumoto was the biggest gossip this side of Seireitei, her only competition being Ayasegawa of the eleventh.

Behind him, Toushirou muttered something under his breath, and the temperature in the room rose just a little to a more comfortable level.

“Dammit. She’s never done that before.”

Burying his face in the pillow, Shuuhei said something, but it was muffled by the pillow. He was trying – and failing – to ignore the massive hard on that had somehow managed to survive the embarrassing encounter.


Shuuhei’s head whipped up, halfway dislodging the scarf. “Should’ve locked the door!” he nearly shouted and then abruptly yelped when Toushirou pinched one of his ass cheeks. His initial reaction was to tighten down on the toy, sending a shudder of want through him. Damn his libido. It wasn’t practical in the slightest.

A palm slid over the tingling spot, as though to soothe him. And finally, Toushirou flicked the switch, taking out the toy and giving Shuuhei room to breathe. He hated that he still wanted his lover to push him down and fuck him silly. Anything to relieve the pressure that was building inside of him.

“Sorry,” the captain murmured, rubbing his back soothingly and deftly untying the scarf from around Shuuhei’s eyes. He leaned around him, kissing him fully. It didn’t help relieve his libido in the slightest.

“Toushirou,” Shuuhei moaned, the only coherent thing he could say at the moment. “Please.”

And there went his pride. But Shuuhei no longer cared. He hurt.

Toushirou smiled, kissed him again, and then reached for the bottle of oil. “As you wish,” he murmured.

And Shuuhei eventually gained his release. Though he was pretty damn certain he was never going to live this down.


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