[Bleach] Chasing Cars

His geta clack across the ground. It is mostly bare this time of year, though a few hardy strands of grass linger.

“What are you doing?” he asks, voice soft and pleasant.

From the ground, grey eyes flicker towards Kisuke. “Lie down beside me and see,” Stark suggests and gestures to the empty spaces on either side of him.

The blond cocks his head to the side and admires the sight of his lover stretched out across the dirt. The length of his yukata barely covers his legs.

“Why does that sound perverted to my ears?”

“Kisuke, everything sounds perverted to your ears,” Stark says with a laugh as his gaze shifts back to staring above him. Seemingly uncaring to the strangeness of his position. In the semi-darkness of Kisuke’s yard, Stark is stretched out on the ground on his back with one knee pulled up.

The shopkeeper chuckles, hand briefly touching the rim of his hat. “How very true,” he says, coming to a halt just beside his lover as he looks down. “Seriously though, what are you doing?”

Stark folds an arm behind his head, flicking his eyes to the blond. “Lie down beside me and see.” He grins crookedly.

Sighing, Kisuke decides to humor the ex-Espada. He kicks off his geta and lowers himself to the chilly dirt beside Stark. He’s close enough that the Arrancar’s arm brushes against his, the heat from Stark’s body tangible. Laying back, Kisuke wisely removes his hat and places it on his chest for safekeeping. In this position, he has no choice but to look up. And when he does, he feels a smile stretch his lips.

So this is what has captured Stark’s eyes.

The darkness of night stretches far above them, and stars twinkle like diamonds in the endless black. A hazy mist of clouds streak across the sky, occasionally concealing some of the stars. But otherwise, providing a perfect counterpoint. Kisuke can even pick out a few constellations gleaming brightly.

It is quite the sight.

“And here, I thought this was just a new way for you to slack off,” the shopkeeper murmurs.

Stark chuckles, hand sliding over and brushing against Kisuke’s fingers. “I prefer to call it ‘sleeping with style.'”

A noncommittal hum vibrates in Kisuke’s throat. “It is beautiful.”

“In Hueco Mundo… the sky is always black,” Stark begins as a wind ruffles against them, stirring their clothing and bringing with it a chill and the faintest scent of the flowers from the garden. “Completely and utterly black with nothing but an unchanging moon to break the monotony.”

There is a hint of despondence in Stark’s tone. Not one of regret and longing but of lingering loneliness. The same which had driven him to Aizen’s clutches in the first place. And then ultimately away from them.

“And you like the sky here better?” It’s formed as a light inquiry, but somehow, Kisuke’s voice carries a hint of unease.

Fingers curl around the blond’s, slightly cold from Stark’s longer exposure to the elements. “Much,” he affirms. “Sometimes, I feel like I can lie down and sleep here forever.”

“And other times?”

Kisuke’s feels his hand being gently squeezed, warmth suffusing into Stark. “Other times, I can think of better things to do than sleep.”

A smile stretches Kisuke’s lips. And something skips ridiculously light through his chest, a lot like happiness.

“Once again,” he murmurs with a grin, “I’m hearing something perverted.”

Stark chuckles and rubs a thumb over his knuckles. “I meant it that time.”

Kisuke rises to an elbow as he looks over at Stark. There’s a teasing smile on the edge of the Arrancar’s lips, an open invitation if the blond ever saw one. He leans over, sealing his lips over another pair, tasting the candies Stark has grown fond of pilfering from his shop. Stark’s tongue slips out to meet his, touching Kisuke’s briefly before sliding along to deepen the kiss. One hand lifts, tangling in blond hair, refusing to let the ex-captain retreat. Not that he would have.

The hat slips to the dusty ground as Kisuke’s other hand skims across Stark’s chest, firm beneath the thin covering of blue yukata. The cloth has gaped a little, allowing the blond to slide beneath the fabric, palm pressing hot against Stark’s warm chest. His fingers gently explore familiar territory as something rumbles in the Arrancar’s chest and vibrates through Kisuke’s palm.

Hungry for more, his mouth abandons Stark’s lips, skimming over the brunet’s jawline before dimming lower. His lips travel over the white bone ringing Stark’s collar. It is always warm to the touch, as though it were mere skin and not bone. He elicits a moan from his lover, so familiar but so heartachingly wonderful at the same time. Kisuke’s teeth skim across the white bone and travel to the vulnerability of the former Espada’s throat, tasting lightly of sweat but otherwise sweet. Fingers slide through Kisuke’s hair until they cup his skull, less insistent and more permissive.

Stark chuckles. “I thought I was the Arrancar. Why do I get the feeling you’re the one going to eat me?”

The blond’s hand cleverly pushes aside more of the yukata, revealing a bare shoulder that calls to his lips as well. Kisuke breathes against Stark’s throat, his breath a warm puff that makes his lover shiver.

“Would you mind it so much?”

His response is low and vibrating, husky. “I’ve never really been into exhibitionism, but if that’s your kink, I’m willing to give it a try.”

Kisuke pauses mid-gnaw, his teeth grazing across tanned skin. “Exhibitionism?”

“Like the audience currently watching from the back porch,” Stark continues, amusement ripe in his tone.

“Oh, don’t mind me!” Kisuke hears Yoruichi’s bemused voice echo through the night. “I’m just waiting for it to get good.”

Kisuke groans, laying his forehead against Stark’s collar and very effectively ending his lusty advances. “I’m going to kill her.”

Stark snorts. “No, you won’t.”

“Maim her a little then,” he counters.

The Arrancar outright laughs then and abruptly sits up, the change in position bringing their faces wonderfully close. His grayish blue eyes are bright, even in the darkness. Stark’s tongue drags across his lips.

“You could do that,” he says and lifts a hand, pressing a warm palm against Kisuke’s cheek. “Or we could retreat to the privacy of your bedroom. Frankly, I’m voting for the latter.”

As Stark’s mouth falls over his, Kisuke couldn’t agree more.


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