[Bleach] Oral Fixation



A moment of silence as each sized up his opponent, trying to decide his likelihood of victory. After a quick check of reiatsu, it was determined that they were on par or at least close enough that victory wouldn’t be swift but long in coming after a painful and bloody duel. Not that either minded too much.

A jaw squared firmly. “The ladies enjoy rings.”

There was a scoff. “Who cares about chicks?” came the dismissive response. “Tattoos look cooler.”

The blond man balanced his sword on his shoulder, narrowing his eyes in thought. “I can change how it looks.”

“Mine hurt more.”

Another impasse.

The taller male leaned down until he was nearly eye to eye with his opponent. “My blade has two sides.”

The other rolled his eyes. “Now, you’re just changin’ the subject.” He paused and then considered, “I’ll bet mine’s longer.”

There was a bark of laughter. “What’s with the coat?”

“What’s with the spoon?”



And they were back to square one.

“Tell ya what,” began the shorter of the two as he waved his hand over his face, a Hollow’s mask appearing. “What do ya say, winner’s right?” he suggested, voice taking on a low, echoing note.

“I’ll kick your ass any day, overbite.” A smile stretched wide across his face, and he licked his lips, long tongue proudly displaying inked black lines.

“You’re one ta talk.” Eyes glowed briefly behind a white, Egyptian-style mask. “Bring it on, spoon-head. Bring it on.”

On the ground, watching the ridiculous spectacle above her, Hiyori rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. “Idiot,” she muttered under her breath.

It was difficult to tell which person she meant.

Nevertheless, she settled in to enjoy the show. It didn’t matter that they had been arguing over the trivial point for the past three hours. One would think that a hatred for the Shinigami would bind the two, Arrancar and Vizard, together. But then again, no one had ever accused Shinji of having any brains, Hiyori especially.

Besides, it would probably do him some good to get his ass kicked once in a while. Watching it was almost as good as doing it herself.



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